A Dish Best Served Cold

Hey… I'm Melkor4, Melkor44's older brother. We don't talk much, but I've given him his ideas for this site… So anything he writes, I came up with the story idea. He writes Naruto stuff, and would write Rosario+Vampire stuff (it's more difficult for him than for most…*sigh*), and I'm now officially writing Pokémon stuff. Here's the plotline, in a nutshell…

Red/Green, Blue/Yellow (Green is BLUE'S SISTER, for those of you who didn't know…) Ash is the son of Red and Green, Daisy and Gary are the children of Blue and Yellow. While the children watch, hiding, their parents are murdered in front of them by none other than the big man himself… When they are able, Ash and Gary set out for revenge; Daisy stays behind to look after Professor Oak, whose health is slowly but surely failing. Armed with their fathers' two signature Pokémon, and one of their own, they set out to become the new leaders of the Pokémon League and to exact their vengeance on Giovanni. This will be Ash/Misty and Gary/Sabrina… (If anyone can tell me the name of the Gary/Sabrina shipping, I'll give you cybercookies.)

Ash will inherit his father's Charizard and Venusaur; he will still receive the Pikachu from Professor Oak… His complete team of six will be: Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Pikachu, Rhydon, and Kangaskhan.

Gary will inherit his father's Blastoise and Alakazam; he will choose Bulbasaur in place of the Squirtle he receives in the anime… His complete team of six will be: Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Alakazam, Machamp, and Dragonite.

Now, on with the show!


"No matter what you do, you can't win. We have children, and in a few years they'll hunt you down… I hope you burn in hell." Blue grinned, and Yellow nodded.

"And do you really think that you can beat the combined force of my son and his son? If they're anything at all like us, you're toast…" Red said calmly.

"That may be…" The tall man said, holding four guns that were perfectly aimed at the foreheads of the people... "But you four have been massive thorns in my side for far too long; it was incredibly easy to make you believe that I had changed... I must say, though, that it won't be as much fun running a criminal organization without a competent hero to try and stop me. I do hope your sons are as competent as you wish them to be, it will give me something to look forward to."

All four knew they were going to die anyway… But their eyes blazed with defiance.

"First to go, the golden girl…"

Yellow slumped down, dead before she hit the ground. Blue looked down to his love's face, and a tear fell. He closed her eyes for her, kissed her one last time, and stood back up…

"Next, the emerald in the rough."

Green did not die instantly; she had just enough time to close her eyes and say goodbye…

"You bastard… Blue, do you remember when we were kids, can you remember the nickname that the others gave me because I would go insane sometimes?"

"'The Demon of Pallet'…" Blue was shot three times in the chest. "I guess this is it, pal… Smell ya later." He died with a bloody, gurgling laugh ripping itself from his throat, and his trademark smirk on his face.

"Well, it's high time that the Demon returns once more… Goodbye, my friend, and may we meet again in the next life." Red's eyes became a demonic, evil red once more, for the first time in nearly two decades… Faster than the man could shoot, Red was shoving a fist in his gut.

"Even a demon in name only can be a fearsome physical opponent when cornered with no way out…"

But all it took was the last of the six bullets to kill Red… The man flew away calmly on the back of his Aerodactyl.

The three children watched from their hiding spot, terrified, as their parents were brutally murdered in front of them…

It awoke something deep inside of Ash. His eyes glowed as red as his father's had, and had a dark fire to them… Gary's eyes also glowed, but they were a light blue.

They grew up together, until it was finally time for them to begin their quest… "Daisy, aren't you coming?"

"No, great-grandfather Oak needs someone to look after him… But I know you two can do it. Make him pay…" Daisy was the oldest of the three, and the only girl. Both boys knew where this was going… And they hoped that Daisy would be alright. "Alright… We'll write after stuff happens that's important. And when we come back, we'll have a party in remembrance of our parents…"

Ash's new Pikachu wouldn't listen to him, but defended itself admirably against the Spearow that attacked it. But then, a massive flock of Spearow that had more than a few Fearow, its evolved form, attacked the two boys as it began to thunder and rain… Ash guarded Pikachu with his own body, and Gary did his best to cover Ash, but it was too much. Pikachu got angrier and angrier, and sparks flew from its cheeks… It leapt free, and guided the lightning to itself for a massively overpowered Thunder attack.

Unfortunately, the road they were on was to slick, and the trio fell into a nearby river… Gary released his Bulbasaur, which wrapped them up in vines to make them float somewhat.

That's the end of the prologue, and I hope it's enough to leave you wanting more… It's not as long as I'd like it to be, but to go any farther would be tantamount to a spoiler.

Goodbye for now, and, as my brother would say, SANITY IS NOT AN OPTION!

Melkor4, over and out.