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They stayed in the Pokémon Center for another day, before moving out and into the forest. "C'mon, Misty! It's not that bad, is it?"

Of course, Gary didn't know about Misty's fear of anything with a number of legs that totaled six or higher. Irrational, she knew, to be afraid of something that couldn't hurt her at all…

But fear is almost always irrational. It creeps silently, until you don't recognize a time when you weren't afraid. Misty, in her mind, had always been afraid of bugs; she didn't know why, and didn't care.

Of course, the one who noticed was the one who wouldn't recognize a girl's affection if she gave it in spades…

"Why are you so afraid of the little bugs, Misty? They can't hurt you, especially when I have a Charizard on my side…" Ash grinned widely, and he never saw Misty's fist coming until she decked him across the face.

"The hell?" Both boys said, incredulous. "It's none of your business, just leave me alone about it!"

Misty ran off, deeper into the woods, beginning to cry.

"What did I do?" Ash said, his jaw bleeding on both sides at where her fist had connected.

"For a girl, she sure knows how to punch…" Gary observed. "Wonder where she learned to do that?"

"More importantly, how are we going to find Misty?"

Ash seemed very concerned; he'd just made a new friend, and he didn't want to lose her now…

"Just let her go… She was a nice person who helped us out, but we could've done it ourselves. If we ever see her again, we can thank her then."

"No!" Ash yelled, his eyes beginning to glow red. "We're going to go find her! She's afraid of bugs, and she's surrounded by them right now!"

Seeing that anger wasn't working, Ash tried a different approach. "Think of it like a video game; Misty is the girl who needs to get rescued, and we're the warriors who're going to save her."

Still not working.

When Gary Oak had set his mind on something, then not even god could change his mind… It was one of the asinine traits that he shared with Ash, that made them angry with the other one.

Misty only stopped running after she was absolutely certain that she wasn't being followed… She'd run for a full ten minutes.

"Stupid Ash, couldn't mind his own business… Why is it that every nice guy is an idiot, and all the cute guys are jerks?" The fourteen year old said to herself, before she realized just where she was: the center of a Beedrill hive… She froze, and her eyes widened. 'Why is it that everything bad always happens to me?' She thought as more Beedrill began evolving from Kakuna.

Weedle crawled over her, and it was all she could do to stop herself from crying… It was all she could do to stop herself from calling out for help.

'I'm sorry for hitting you, Ash… I'm sorry for overreacting and exploding at you.'

She really was sorry, but it's not like he would ever be able to figure that out…

Ash was getting angrier; friend or not, Gary was about to get the same treatment that Misty had given him… Until he figured out what would motivate the Oak boy.

"Fine. I didn't want to use this, but… If you do this for me, and any subsequent stuff…"

Gary rose one eyebrow, curious about where Ash could possibly be going with this.

"I'll let you have the first shot at him."

Gary's jaw dropped; he never would've guessed that Ash would sell away his only dream so easily…

"Done. Let's go!"

Ash was about to run off, and had taken the first few steps, but Gary's voice stopped him.

"Ash… Were you really going to just blindly run off? First of all, she went west-southwest… You're heading north-northeast. Second of all… You can look for her from the sky."

Ash would've slapped himself if his cheek wasn't bleeding. Calling out Charizard, he explained what they were going to do…

The two boys got on, and they searched for more than an hour. "It's not a big forest… Why the hell is it taking this long?"

"Don't ask me, Ash— it's not like I know."

Finally, of course, they found her; she was completely unharmed, but she was surrounded by the bugs that she loathed so much. "Misty! Don't worry, we're here!"

'Oh, great… Just when I need a savior the most, that brainless idiot shows up!'

This angered the Beedrill, who rose up with an angry buzzing sound. "Charizard… I don't care what you do, just eliminate them."

The beast grinned before launching streams of fire at the insects, who dropped like… Well, insects.


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