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CHAPTER 15: Change of a Lifetime.

Later that night Jesse was curled up on the couch in the common room watching the fire dance merrily in the fire place when Fred and George came charging over.

"Jesse!" George called

"Did you hear-" Fred said.

"-Barty Crouch-" George added.

"-died!" Fred finished.

"Ya." Jessie replied burrowing further into the blanket "Harry and I found him."

The twins exchanged looks before sitting down on either side of Jessie.

"You okay?" George asked wrapping an arm around Jessie.

"Ya. I guess. I've just never seen a dead body before."

"For the weak heart it is not." Fred said.


The school year slowly went on, no one knew who had killed Barty Crouch. Harry did however tell Ron, Hermione, and Jessie that Barty Crouch's son Barty Crouch Jr. was and had been put in Azkaban by his own father.

Before they knew it the third task was upon them, Harry was nervous about what would happen, even though Mad-Eye Moody had continued to help him prepare.

"You'll be fine!" Ron told Harry as they headed to the arena.

"Easy for you to say!" Harry grumbled.

"He's right Harry. You will be fine." Jessie countered.

Harry shot Jessie a glare.

The group stopped when they reached the Qudditch Pitch.

"Well this looks promising." Harry said sarcastically before heading towards the champions tent.

"Only Champions allowed in." Karkaroff barked.

Jessie raised an eyebrow at the Durmstrang headmaster before giving Harry a hug before following Ron and Hermione to the stands.


It didn't take long for the third task to get started. Fleur was the first out of the maze, and was quickly whisked away. Not long after Viktor Krum was out of the maze, he looked completely out of it as he was led away. It felt like forever before there was a blast of bright blue light and Harry and Cedric appeared. The crowd stood up cheering as it began moving down. Jessie, Ron, and Hermione quickly worked their way through the crowd. The trio abrubtly stopped when they spotted Cedric.

"Oh my god!" Hermione gasped quietly.

"What's going on?" Fred asked quietly as him and George came up behind the trio.

"Cedric's dead." Jessie whispered watching Mad-Eye guide Harry away from the Qudditch Pitch.

Jessie felt George wrap his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into him. Jessie held onto his arm while listening to Mr. Diggory cry.

"Everyone please return quietly to your dormitories!" Professor Dumbledore ordered.

"Come on Jessie." George said slowly nudging her towards the exit.

Jessie and the twins slowly walked towards the castle, so they could walk without tripping over each other Jessie and George held hands as they walked.

"Do you think Harry will be alright?" Jessie asked quietly as they reached the castle.

"Eventually I'm sure." Fred said wrapping an arm around Jessie.

"He's pretty tough." George added.

The trio fell into a silence until they reached the common room. Jessie was sure the whole house was stuffed into the common room. She moved away from the twins and headed to Ron and Hermione.

"Is everyone waiting for Harry?" Jessie asked.

"I think so." Ron replied "He's not going to like coming back to all these people."

"Well we can't just make them leave." Hermione reminded Ron.

"Like hell we can't." Jessie said stepping on the edge of Ron's chair and onto the table.

"Oi!" Ron exclaimed.

"Hush." Jessie said "OI! Can I have EVERYONE'S attentions please!"

Once everyone was watching Jessie she began speaking again.

"I don't know who is all waiting for Harry but I know he will most likely NOT appreciate getting bombarded with people. So can everyone please begin clearing out. Give Harry a little privacy."

Jessie grabbed Fred's offered hand and hopped off the table. Most of the students began filtering past the group, a few shooting dirty looks Jessie's way, and a few trying to argue. Soon the common room was empty with the exception of the twins, Ron, Hermione, Jessie, Ginny, and the fourth year boys.

"Do you know if he'll come back to the common room tonight?" Dean asked.

"No idea." Jessie sighed dropping onto the couch between the twins.

Jesse laid her head on George's shoulder, sliding her hand into his.

"I think the adrenaline's wearing off." Fred said.

Jessie stuck out her tongue at Fred before drifting off to sleep.


The next morning Jessie followed the twins into the Great Hall. All three where dressed in their black formal robes, along with all the other students. The house tables had disappeared and bench's where set up in their place facing the teachers table.

"I'm going to sit with Harry." Jessie whispered to George.

"Okay." George said squeezing Jessie's hand.

Jessie moved closer to the front where Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting. Jessie slid in and sat next to Harry. The room was solemn and quiet as Dumbledore began speaking, Jessie bit her lip when Dumbledore told them that Cedric had been killed by Voldemort. Jessie knew that, so did Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and the twins. Harry told them night before. At the end of Dumbledore's speech everyone began standing up and slowly leaving the Great Hall.

Jessie rested her hand on Harry's arm "I'll see you back at the common room?"


Jessie slipped away from the group and headed out of The Great Hall.


Jessie turned to see George jogging towards her.

"Hey." Jessie smiled.

"Hey." George smiled back "Do you want to go for a walk down at the lake?"


Jessie and George headed towards the lake, half way down George slid his hand into Jessie's. Jessie threaded her fingers through his and held on a little tighter. When the reached the lake George let go of Jessie's hand and bent down and began removing his shoes and socks.

"What are doing?" Jessie grinned folding her arms over her chest, watching him.

"Its hot out! I'm going to stick my feet in the lake!" George replied pulling off his robe "Want to join?"

Jessie smirked before nodding. Jessie pulled off her robe, tossing it onto Georges, then, bending over and tugged off her shoes and socks. Before she stood up Jessie pulled her pant legs up to her knees. When she stood back up George was already sitting on the bank with his feet dangling in the water. Jessie walked over and sat beside him, sliding closer as she stuck her feet in the cool lake water.

George wrapped his arm around Jessie's shoulders, pulling her against him "How you doing?"

"Alright." Jessie shrugged "I never thought Voldemort would come back. I mean I was a baby during the war. But still."

"I know. Its scary." George admitted.

Jessie glanced up at George, before looping her arm around his waist "We'll get through this. All of us."

"I hope you're right Jessie." George said resting his head on hers.

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