Fons Adae

By: Sissi

Disclaimer: MKR is not mine, I can only wish.


            The sky above their heads was illuminated by glowing stars, their brightness engulfing their entire bodies, sending them waves of warmth and pleasure. Closing their eyes, and slumping their shoulders, white angelic beings with light hair flew across this same dark velvet which surrounded and englobed the universe, their hands outstretched, as if trying to take their Creator's hands.

            The rustle of wings alerted the figure of an old man with a long beard sitting on a big and old throne, his long fingers stroking his face thoughtfully. The angels who were singing near him, their beautiful and sweet voices calming his troubled heart, ceased to sing, their eyes watching the two being entering the holy place.

            Kneeling down on the cold marble floor, with their heads down, the two angels waited for their mission. Murmurs started spreading throughout the room, and the two angels forced their faces to remain unfazed. Yet, as their eyes stared back at the empty floor, their ears could distinguish the naïve curiosity aroused with their approach. Clenching her hands, Fuu awaited her Father's words.

            Silence. The brief sound of the other presence beside her and that was all. Her golden hair tumbled slightly over her eyes, and suddenly, a pale hand cleared her vision. She gasped.

            Eagle gazed lovingly at her, his warm eyes searching hers for any hint of trouble. She smiled slightly at him, her silent answer to his worry. A small cough behind them and they turned their heads, opening their mouths to utter a quick excuse.

            Shaking his hand in front of their faces, God stopped them before they could even start speaking. Lifting a silver goblet to his lips, he drank from the elixir until his eyes closed, and his back slumped forward.

            "Father?" Fuu tried carefully, receiving no response. Turning her gaze to Eagle, she tried again, "Father?"

            She almost fell from her place fue to her surprise if not for Eagle's strong arms holding her protectively against him, averting her fall. God rose from his throne and walked in their  direction, his deep eyes staring at the blue planet floating aimlessly behind them.

            Closing their wings, and rising as well, they bowed to their creator, awaiting his orders. He merely continued watching the planet, admiring its once beauty, now destroyed by human beings. His creatures.

            Sighing in defeat, he turned his sorrowful eyes to his beloved angels, memorizing their delicate features and light colours. They looked to much like human beings, but differently from them, they would never leave his side, ever. They would remain forever with him, for their bodies were made of the same particles as the stars, not of flesh and blood.

            Caressing Eagle's cheek, and kissing Fuu's forehead, he patted their heads and sat on his throne, drinking some more of the goblet. Licking his lips, he swirled the red liquid, gazing at the small turbulance he created with the movement. Men have almost searched for this, he thought tiredly.

            "Human beings have disappointed me lately. War, famish... I don't understand them. What more do they want? Have I not given them enough?" He asked more to himself, his bottled up confusion and anger echoing throughout the room.

            "It is not your fault, Father. It was their choice," Eagle replied, his voice as calm as ever. His placid face eased his Father's heart.

            "Is it true what you say? I am not sure, for they are my sons as well, and so I have failed. I do not know what to about them. Shall I destroy the planet? Shall I annihilate this species? What should I do?"

            He made quick and troubling gestures with his hands in front of him, his face contorted into one of worry. He sighed, stopping moving his hands and placing them languidly on his lap.

            "Go to Earth and tell me what to do. I will give you one year. Now, go." He motioned them with his hand and closed his eyes, ending the meeting.

            Opening their wings, and pushing the air away, they took off, flying in the sky, among the stars and other celestial creatures. Slowly, ever so slowly, white feathers fell to the floor, touching it and forming a small puddle of gentleness.

            A rain of feathers.   


A/N: Yes, this story, formely known as Angel's Tears is being rewritten. The plot is going to be the same, though there will be some changes, like Fuu and Ferio's love development. It will be much slower, and hopefully, sweeter. The writing style will also be quite different; better and deeper. I am sorry for the ones who were expecting for any near-future updates. I can only promise that this story is going to be much better. Thanks for your understanding.