It had started off as a normal day in traffic. Another stolen car had been spotted and this led to a car chase, something which seems to happen more often. Though the chase itself went as most did, the ending had a slightly different outcome than what was planned, not only was the suspect's car totalled, so was theirs. though both detectives survived the collision, they were both covered in bruises, one more so than the other. The collision having occurred on the driver's side meant that Phelps ended up with more bruises than Bekowsky. After catching and arresting the thieves the detectives were given a few days off to rest and recover from the incident.

The injuries didn't affect Stefan that much, just slightly sore to the touch more than anything, they affected Cole a lot more, he was stiff and movement hurt, a lot. Stephan decided he'd give Phelps a hand for a few days, giving him time to rest more, without having to worry about doing things on his own. With his children at school and his wife out most of the day, it was difficult for him to do some stuff.

Each morning, Stefan met Marie before she went out. he helped Cole with the more difficult tasks but left him alone resting for most of the day.

"Thanks for this," Cole suddenly came out with on the second day. "I really appreciate it."
"That's fine," Stefan says with a smile. "That's what partners are for after all."

By the time Stefan had to return to work Cole was already able to do most things by himself, Stefan stayed for the company. Cole couldn't wait till he went back, just to see Stefan again.