A/N: So this episode absolutely murdered me. And Audrey just looked so miserable by the end, I needed to give her some loving. Nathan loving. The amount of touching in this episode was orgasmic but the tension between these two almost killed me. So here's a quick fix =) Enjoy!

He's alive.

Nathan's alive.

All she can do is stare at him, check his goddamn coffee and stare. He looks back at her for a minute, his face becoming more confused, and when he says "What?" she finds her arms latched tightly around him, not caring that coffee spills all over the floor. Nathan is alive.

"Hey, hey." He wraps his free arm around her gingerly and she just clutches him tighter, trying desperately not to cry. She hears him place his mug down and then his other arm is around her, and she doesn't think she'll ever be able to let him go.

"Audrey, what's wrong?" She can't suppress a sob, and he pulls back a little. She almost screams, refusing to let him go, needing to keep him here and safe. "Audrey." She realizes she must look horrible, which would explain the concern written all over Nathan's face. Well, that and the hug. She thinks she's hugged more people today than in her entire life.

It makes her a little sad, that the only time she can really connect with anyone is after they're dead.

"You're alive," she whispers, because she just can't think of anything else to say.

Nathan frowns. "Yeah I'm… fine. What's going on? You look like crap." She just wraps her arms back around his neck desperately and he gives in, seeming to realize he's not going to get anything out of her for the moment. He rubs her back as she clutches at him, and she struggles to calm down. The past few days (day?) are finally wearing her down, and seeing Nathan die… she's afraid for a moment it's sent her over the edge. But he's here, he's safe and alive, and she can feel his arms around her pulling her back together.

When she's feeling somewhat sane again, and less likely to break into hysterics, she pulls back a little, keeping her hands on his arms. He looks down at her, not speaking, just waiting for her to gather her thoughts.

She takes a few deep breaths, closes her eyes and whispers, "You died." Nathan doesn't burst into a million questions like she's sure he wants to, and she's eternally grateful. When she finally opens her eyes he's just watching her with a frown, and she takes his hand to drag him into her office and explain.

She's not going to let him die again.

Explaining is harder this time, and every time she feels her voice start to break she just looks at Nathan to ground her. When she's done and walking off to start her search for the driver, he catches her hand.

"Are you okay?" He touches the bandage, but they both know it's not really what he's talking about. She can't meet his gaze, because she's afraid she'll just start crying again.

"I just want to fix this," she mumbles, and he squeezes her hand gently.

"We will, Audrey. Together."

She laughs, a hysterical edge to her voice. "That's what you said last time. Then you died." She turns away to start looking, feeling Nathan's eyes on her back, and wipes angrily at the tear that streaks down her cheek. She doesn't have time to fall apart, not if she's going to solve this.

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