Something Of Nothing

One day that wasn't noticed in the movie. One-shot

Stay Quiet

There's something peaceful about sitting, just sitting. Tom stares out at the passing world, the woman on the cellphone who runs by, the man feeding pigeons delicately. Things go unnoticed all the time, but there's beauty in that. Like finding something that no one else has. Tom holds his breath while Summer glances quietly at the wispy grey clouds in the sky that look like a painting that should be hung up. There's not a doubt in Tom's mind that this, this is something special. He's scared, so afraid that if he let's out a breath, or makes a single sound, that this moment will shatter like glass in a hurricane.

Tom switches his people watching to a woman and a man, they're arguing in the middle of the crowded concrete. He can't make out the words, but the woman's face is etched with anger while the man's is clearly painted on with pain. She flails her arms and he says something that makes her arms stop halfway. She looks hurt now and he looks angry. Summer looks to where Tom is, taking in the sight, and a smile curls onto her peach colored lips. She looks about to let out a soft giggle, and Tom doesn't move in hope that she might. But Summer changes her mind quickly, and shifts her stare to someone else.

Tom breaths a silent sigh, feeling uncomfortable at the quiet now. He looks where Summer's eyes are pinned, a young man is sitting with his face buried in his hands. He's in a suit that looks too nice to even be a work suit. He stands up abruptly and then strides off into the thick crowd, with a tear streaked face. Tom suddenly realizes how much he's enjoying the simple task of doing nothing, which isn't nothing but it's something, which makes absolute sense to him.

There probably isn't something nicer than this, nicer than pure quiet. Even though taxi's horns fill the air, along with chatter from surrounding people, it's quiet to Tom. Summer's hazel eyes quickly dart from the sky to Tom, he can see his own reflection in her eyes, and he feels like they are one. Together they hold a gaze, not wanting to break the bond between their stare.

"Excuse me miss, did you drop this." a man asks, handing Summer her grey bag. The quiet is broken and both of them turn away from each other, feeling free and broken at the same time.