Naruto's Kadic Dilemma
Naruto x Sissi, Naruto x Yumi.
Odd x Sam
Ulrich x Oc
Ulrich x Yumi (Flashbacks)
Jeremie x Aelita
Naruto x ?
Author's Note

The three beauties of Code Lyoko.


If anyone is wondering I will be doing a Naruto x Aelita fic, but it will be a separate story and this picture can and will still probably be referenced. Anyway this one is going to follow more or less the monster of the week formula as I brainstorm original episodes, monsters, and stuff I plan on using for the main fic.

And if I get enough positive response I will do separate Naruto x Sissi and Naruto x Yumi fics as well. Anylike like most of my crossover fics this is an Off-shot of an Unleashed story. If you want origin story, explanations, and stuff of that nature you would want to go check out Code Naruto.

Anyway if any of you saw the Prequel Lyoko episodes then you know Sissi was temporarily part of the gang and I thought see short of got the raw end of the deal. I know some of you are going to say broken promises and stuff, but she thought the others were in danger and considering they virtually knew nothing much about Lyoko at the time I agree with her decision.

Story Start
Naruto was once more cursing Ulrich for the fact he had been left in the German boy's place when it came from the love triangle. It had been a year since he had to move to another part of France due to his father having to move the family to start his new job. This was a result of needing the money to cover the hospital bills from his injuries that Ulrich had garnered on Lyoko as a result of Xana somehow disabling the gang's invincibility factor. As far the Lyoko gang knew unless Jeremie could crank the code the gang would now have to be more careful then ever.

He was brought out of his thoughts when a comforting arm was placed on his shoulder. ''You okay?'' a feminine voice asked as Naruto turned to answer it.

''Yeah Yum-chan...just thinking.'' Naruto asked as he faced the young woman. She had grown quite a lot over the years, but she still stuck with her same black sweater, pants, and boots. Though her sweater cut-off at her mid-rift showing off a bit of the violet T-shirt underneath and suffice to say Yumi filled out over the years. Like him she was in Grade 12th of Kadic academy and would be graduating in a few months. She had grown to be his closest friend since his arrival to this planet over three years ago. Though she did actually grow her long crop of raven hair out until it reached her lower back, something he couldn't help but notice as he did have a thing for girls with long hair.

''About what?' Yumi asked as her hand came a rest on his hand. The two of them were outside the factory, looking up at the sky as they reflect back on their latest trip to Lyoko.

''Nothing much...just when this whole XANA thing is going to be done? Everyday XANA is growing more powerful and we don't know how much longer Jeremie is going to be able to keep XANA from hacking other programs and taking control of the world's satellite and other programs.'' Naruto told Yumi as he continued looking up at the sky. The sun was setting and the sky was being filled with colors of orange and yellow as part of the daily 24 hour transition.

''We'll win...we beat XANA before and this time we'll make sure it can't come back. All we have to do is find that man and destroy his equipment. Naruto...there's something I want to talk to you about.'' Yumi said as she took a deep breath. ''Naruto I...''

''There you guys are! Why did you didn't tell me we were having a group meeting?'' a voice demanded as another figure grabbed onto Naruto.

''Hey Sissi-chan,'' Naruto greeted the young woman. She was dressed in an attachable dark red skirt ) over darker red-violet pants, and a pink, puffy-sleeved shirt with a heart on it that exposes her midriff. She was also wearing platform shoes which make her taller and an orange headband around her head, which she traded in for her usual one two years ago. She was also wearing hoop earrings. Just like Yumi, Elizabeth still had the same change of clothing.

Naruto though was wearing black boots, blue jeans, and a sleeve-less Green and orange T-shirt. It was an unusual combination as Naruto usually stuck to more bland clothing of Sweat, Jeans, Cargo pants with a combination of T-shirts or from time to time a Gi with colors of white, black, grey, with red and orange thrown in as well.

''If you don't mind Sissi why don't you go play with some Legos or something. Mommy and Daddy are talking.''Yumi said as she tugged Naruto in her direction. Yumi and Sissi had long since put the bitterness behind them that rose from the general animosity the group had for the first Lyoko incident and the two girl's feelings for Ulrich. Fortunately enough this time around it was more of a very competitive rivalry it was still pretty friendly in comparison to what it could have been.

Sissi though would not be deterred by Yumi's remark. ''Hhm...I thought you've been putting on a few pounds. Maybe you should go home then, I'm more then enough to keep Naruto company.''

A smirk formed on Yumi's face. ''I'm pretty sure that if Naruto wanted something pretty to stare a he could just as easily type up something on the google search engine.''

Sissi mirrored Yumi's smirk. ''Why thank you for agreeing that I'm beautiful henceforth why would he want to stare at a picture when he could check out the real deal in person?'' she asked striking a sexy pose.

''Maybe because chances are he won't zone out.'' Yumi answered with a little huff of annoyance as her brow furrowed. She really hated it when Naruto zoned out, which it was impossible to tell at times as his eyes was opened and he trained himself to do a series of responses to certain people at certain times to make it seem like he was there or maybe he was just fucking with them and saying so because that would mean Naruto would have to come clean about which of agreed with or something of that nature.

''Huh?'' Naruto suddenly said as he looked down at Yumi who was glaring at him. ''What did I do?''

''You zoned out again...'' Sissi answered as she cupped his hand. ''At least it was on Yumi and not me so it's forgivable.''

''Yes because the princess can never be ignored as its such a grievous crime.'' Yumi snarked and rolled her eyes as her sarcastic comment rolled off Sissi's head.

''Thank you! Why can't more people get that? Right Naruto?'' she asked as once more that semi-blank stare was on Naruto's face. Conveniently enough whenever it came to their arguments when they blurted out the depth of their feelings Naruto conveniently was zoned out. This added to their suspicion that he was messing with them as any other time he would flirt and tease them quite a bit only to turn around and act like a lamb and they were hungry wolves which infuriated them, but at the same time something they liked about the blond. Not his penchant for playing games, but the fact that despite he could be goofy and loud at times he cared about all his friends and could be sweet and loyal.

Despite the girl's attempts to move on and date other people, Sissi with William and Yumi with exchange student Nicolai things didn't work out. For Sissi it was because William had a hard-on for Yumi and couldn't commit to the relationship and as for Yumi's problem, kind of hard to date someone when their broken french accent and even worse attempt at Japanese made it hard to communicate. It was times like this they wish they had what Jeremie and Aelita had; a very sweet and innocent relationship. Though it was currently being hampered with Aelita's sudden 'maturity' and Jeremie's lack of being suave and how to handle it. Poor boy, to Naruto's amusement actually had a nosebleed when Aelita last hugged him and here he thought only the denizens of his dimension had that weird biological thing where they got massive nosebleeds.

Then again considering that chakra could do anything and that over centuries clans developed Kekki Genkai and such it made since the denizens of his world had and developed more blood then most humans in alternate dimensions. ''Hey Naruto...why don't you come back to my room. I'll make you Ramen.'' Sissi suggested which of course got Naruto out of his little mini-coma.

''Hell yeah!'' Naruto reacted with a grin.

''You can't trust her ramen Naruto! You remember the last time?'' Yumi's statement brought back memories of Naruto spending the night on the toilet.

''Hey Odd was the genius who got the spoiled ingredients. How was I suppose to know they were pulling a prank war on each other?''

All three of their cell phones went off and that meant only one thing. It was yet another XANA attack meaning it was time to go kick some ass.

Chapter End

Huh guess I had a stroke of inspiration. My prologues aren't usually that long, but hey what can I say? If inspiration strikes then it does. And yes, only I will do these really rare and obscure pairings that you will not find anywhere else and if there are other rare or unheard of pairings in the various other anime, fandom, and stuff then you know I eventually do them.

I mean who else do you know would have done a Naruto x Yumi? No I want all of you guys who see me do this along with Naruto x Starfire and Naruto x Katara and start doing these pairings. Because, I'm tired of seeing overdone Naruto x Hinata/Sakura and pairings like that in a crossover story that only focuses on the pairing or the canonical story lines without adding anything new.

If I want to read Naruhina or NaruSaku I'll just read a normal Naruto story thank you.