Naruto's Kadic Problem
Naruto x Sissi, Naruto x Yumi.
Odd x Sam
Ulrich x Oc
Ulrich x Yumi ship tease (Flashbacks)
Jeremie x Aelita

Story Start

A large group of monsters guarded the Desert Region Tower. There were twenty monsters in all, ten Blocks patrolling the landscape in sets of two as they followed a pattern and Hornets flying up above. ''I'll draw their attention.'' Naruto remarked as he turned to face Yumi. The raven-haired girl nodded and raised open her fans.

"There's so many," their pink haired friend pointed out. "Are you sure your body has adapted after such a long period of inactivity?''

''Only one way to find out.'' Aelita looked at him questioningly but realized that Naruto was determined to do this. That stubborness of his was a blessing and a curse. ''They're just the basic enemies. Even if we don't assume that XANA needs time to gain enough power to start creating more powerful enemies we can't waste time in case an ambush or something is being set up.''

Before Aelita could object Naruto dashed out from behind the boulder and drew the attention of the monsters. Little beams of energy fired out and the blond leaped over them, doing a series of acrobatics as he slowly drew their attention.

Jeremie meanwhile shifted restlessly in his chair as he watched the action from the real world. XANA's latest attack seemed to have something to do with hacking various databses in the area. He wasn't sure what the AI was looking for, but whatever it was it was vital the AI did not find it. ''Yumi, Aelita," he said into his microphone. "Hurry before the monsters take notice of you!''

He watched on his screen as Yumi and Aelita dove out from their hiding space and made a mad dash for the tower. Three enemy icons dissapeared from the screen as Naruto took to launching the cubes into the air, grabbing their little legs and swinging them round into the bees. The stingers of the bees glowed and they began firing, the beams narrowly just missing the blond. Some of the bees must have picked up the movement as they turned their attention from Naruto to the running girlls and they began firing at the girls.

Suddenly, Yumi's health bar lit up as a glowing red section on her back illuminated. She faltered for a split second as the laser did its damage. One of the blasts caught Yumi in the foot, causing her to falter for a moment. Another skimmed her shoulder and caused her to cry out in pain and fall. ''Don't worry about me. Go!'' she ordered as she turned around and took out her fan to began deflecting the blasts.

Leaping up into the air and leaving his back exposed Naruto brought his feet into the back of the Hornets and drew them into the ground. Scooping up Yumi he dove behind one of the boulders as the monsters kept on firing. Looking up, they saw Aelita pass into the Tower interior. Letting out a relax signed they waited for Aelita to do her thing and sure enough they were soon devirtualizedy.

With her leg damaged Naruto took Yumi back to his dorm room to tend to it. ''I hope Jeremie's new program is completed soon. Its getting a little too dangerous fighting those things without invincibility.'' he remarked as he finished bandaging Yumi's leg. The hardest part would be disguising the limp."Want a drink?"

Nodding, she said, "A Pepsi sounds good." she remarked as Naruto went over and pulled out one from his personal mini-fridge. The two of them sat there, making small talk as they relaxed from today's events.