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Advice of the Day: Sometimes we can't always judge people base on impression. I know sometimes other people can come off mean but sometimes the people who are nice on first impression are the actual mean ones. Things are different each time.

We have to use our best judgement to determine them. And our best willpower to not let the bad people affect us. Smile and keep your head up :)

We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their acts

-Harold Nicolson

Cinnamon the fox was sleeping underneath the tree, the warm egg nestled between his rump and bushy tail. The egg had already gone quiet again so he can finally rest. "Who would think sitting on an egg would be so hard," he mumbled in annoyance.

He heard a rustle in the bushes and he groaned. On cue, Clover's head pops out. "Aha, caught you Cinnamon!" she cried out as she jumped in front of him.

Cinnamon frowned but didn't get from his spot, which only perplexed Clover more. Clover frowned, "I know you're planning something Cinnamon, so spit it out."

"For the last time, I'm doing nothing," Cinnamon said dryly. Clover gave him a suspicious look before sitting down next to him. Cinnamon looked startled for a second but his expression turned stoic again.

"You've been sitting here for a very long time," started Clover as she gave a sigh, "what are you really hiding?"

Cinnamon pondered for a second, debating on whether to tell Clover or not. "If I tell you..."started Cinnamon hestiantly, "will you leave me alone."

Clover's attention was shot up. "A secret?"

"Well...sort of."

Clover thought for a second before nodding seriously. Cinnamon inwardly groaned at the notion of Clover of all animals in Crescent forest would know this.

"I'm sitting on an egg."



"I didn't know foxes laid eggs...especially boy foxes..."

"I DID NOT LAY AN EGG!" screeched Cinnamon furiously. "I just found this egg that's all! And being nice old me, I'm sitting on it to keep it warm!"

Cinnamon was left huffing and puffing from his proclaimation, while Clover looked at him with shock. "Wow... so you're actually being nice for once?"

Cinnamon looked embarrassed. "Well...you see...yeah..." Cinnamon let out a sigh of defeat, but he was surprised at Clover's expression.

Clover's eyes were shining as she spoke, "I never though I'll live to see the day Cinnamon turned over a new leaf! That is very noble of you Cinnamon!"

Cinnamon turned red, (if a fox could get any redder). "Hey don't go telling everyone though...I mean I'm not that evil to let poor Chicky die in the cold." He wasn't use to praises, especially since they came from Clover.

"Do you need help Cinnamon?" Clover inquired. "I can go get my mom or Mr. Hoot..."

"No! Don't get anyone! Especially not Mr. Hoot!" Cinnamon protested, "this is a secret between you and me only, yah hear?"

"But...not even Mallow?"


Clover gave a slight, disappointed pout. "Fine."

The bunny, the fox, and the egg pretty stood in silence for the rest of the day, Cinnamon didn't exactly feel comfortable with Clover fiddling around, but when Clover asked to sit on the egg, Cinnamon relented.

"I need to stretch my legs anyways," Cinnamon muttered, "but if anything bad happens while I'm gone, you'll be sorry." Clover nodded her head solemnly while Cinnamon cast her a reluctant glance before dashing off.

It felt wonderful to be freed from the burden of the egg, Cinnamon can finally take a break and be a fox again. He rolled on the the meadow grass, dranked from the stream, and streched his aching muscles.

"I can never imagine being a bird," Cinnamon noted quietly as he gazed up into the clear spring sky. "It's better to be a fox," he concluded, "I don't have to sit on eggs all day."

He lazily closed his eyes until his ears perked up at a loud screeching sound. He glared in annoyance at the direction of the sound.

They were two simple yellowish birds with some black tail and wing feathers, and they were chattering up a storm. Cinnamon couldn't exactly decipher what they were saying, but he noted that they sounded worried, if not agitated.

Cinnamon thought about going up to them and finding out what the fuss was about, but decided against it in the end. He had an egg to watch, and it's not like he's some bird helper.

And an egg with Clover is probably in more urgent danger.

Clover was bored sitting on the egg while Cinnamon ran off. So, she chatted toward the egg for a while, telling the egg about her dreams of traveling the world with Rambler, hoping someday to be able to cook like a profession, or being able to see the human boy that saved her a while back. The egg only responded with soft peeps, causing Clover to smile and ramble on.

When Clover was done talking, she became quiet and started to contemplate a nagging thought in the back of her mind.

What bothered her was that Cinnamon was not so bad. Clover still couldn't understand why Cinnamon would care so much about an egg. Was Cinnamon actually being nice and compassionate?

"Funny," Clover said aloud, "I wouldn't imagine Cinnamon being this nice to me or to anyone. I guess...even foxes aren't so bad."

Clover petted the warm egg, "I would never though Cinnamon was capable of being nice towards others because he is always playing pranks...I guess I was wrong, he's capable of good things too..."

Clover's ears perked up in relief when she heard a rustle near the bushes. She gave a relieved sigh, "I was starting to get scared that you won't come back-"

Clover paused in fear when she was responded with a dangerous growl. A fox doesn't make such a deep and gutteral sound.

Her heart started to beat faster as she turned her head slowly towards the direction of the growl.

"Cinnamon...?" she whispered hopefully.

Staring at her were two yellow eyes, looking unfriendly and hungry. Clover fearfully clutch the egg between her paws. Then, the creature lunged.

When Cinnamon was trotting back, he noted that the bushes looked like that some large animal charged through, the grass around the area was trampled and he noticed unfamilar pawprints on the ground.

Trying to ease his fear, he told himself it was probably Blackberry the bear or some clumsy deer.

Despite the reassuring thoughts though, Cinnamon couldn't help but practically bolt towards his secret hideout. Where Clover and Chicky were at.

And what he saw made his eyes widen in shock.

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