It was spring, and they unexpectedly met under the pink that tinged the cherry trees. It was coincidence really, but something told them that it could have been fate. He was older now, and wiser, and the lines on his face were testament to the pain he had seen. She was older too, but her world still moved when she saw him. She had not forgotten.

The years lay between them.

He had moved from city to city, last she heard, and she wasn't even sure what he was into now. He had married his high school sweetheart, but it had ended in tragedy after two years. She hadn't the heart to ask him what had happened. To a degree, she had been content with the way her life had gone on without him. She had taken up a teaching position in their old high school, occasionally falling in and out of love when she wasn't in her habit of remembering him.

Seeing her there, he understood what they meant about first loves.

There were so many things left to say. But they had a lifetime ahead of them, and he was going to make sure that this time, he did things right.

"Going home?" he asked tentatively, unsure of how she was going to respond because he hadn't seen the look in her eyes. And he trembled, just a little, when he realized that everything that had happened had led up to this moment.

She nodded. Without asking, she slipped her hand into his, in the same comfortable gesture that they shared all those years ago.

They walked down the road, wondering how far they had journeyed to come back to this.

And it was only a beginning.


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