Hikaru X Kaoru

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Kaoru cleared his throat and tried not to think what the rustling was behind him. He already had a hard on and didn't want it getting any worse. Behind him Hikaru shuffled his feet. "You can turn around now."

Kaoru did so. "We need to talk."

"You said that already."

Kaoru gave a nod. "I talked to Haruhi today." Hikaru didn't say anything. "Why did you go to her to talk? Why didn't you come to me?"

"And tell you what? When I was I supposed to tell you anything? You went off to Kyouya. What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking about the game I was playing." At that moment Kaoru could have gladly cut out his own tongue. If he'd been paying closer attention that never would have slipped. What was he going to tell his brother? He couldn't tell him the truth and suddenly his overly clever mind was drawing blanks. Damn!

"What game?" Now Hikaru sounded suspicious and he had every right to be. Kaoru decided on the truth. Unable to stand still any longer he began to pace.

"I was playing a game with you and Haruhi."

"What game?" Now he sounded pissed, again, that was his right.

"Remember that date you went on?"

"The one you set up?"

"You knew?"

"As if you weren't feeling well. I'm your twin, I know you."

"But you went anyway."

"I knew you had your reasons."

"I thought you loved her."

"I do." Kaoru stood stalk still for several long moments.

"She told me you didn't."

"I love her as a friend. A best friend. She means a lot to me. She is important."

"Am I?"

"God you're stupid."

"I've been getting that a lot today."

"Well you are."

"That's what Haruhi said."

"No, I mean you're important."

Kaoru turned to face him. "You're important too."

"As important as Kyouya." Kaoru shook his head. "I didn't think so." A look of pure hurt and sadness washed over Hikaru's face.

"Haruhi was right. You are stupid." Hikaru opened his mouth to say something but Kaoru cut him off before a single syllable escaped. "You are more important than anyone. You are my brother Hikaru. My twin. I love you more than life itself. You can't begin to understand what I felt when you and Haruhi spent so much time together."

"Was that your game?"

Kaoru hung his head, ashamed. "Yeah."

"You're an idiot."

"Thanks, I think that's sunk in by now."

"I know how you felt. More so I think. Do you know what it's like to realize that your baby brother is lovers with another guy?"

"Dear God do all of you think that?" Kaoru threw up his arms in exasperation. "I'm not his lover! We kissed once. Just once. But he wasn't my lover. We've gotten close but only because of you. I thought that if you and Haruhi got together than you would be happy. Then I could be happy. That's why I thought of the game. I'd push you two together then I could let you go. Move on, fall in love. But, I couldn't do it. The closer you two got the more it hurt."

"You were with Kyouya before we stopped talking."

"My grades were slipping so I went to him for tutoring. Then we were going to be lovers. We were. But we couldn't do it. He was in love with someone else and I couldn't be his substitute. And Kyouya couldn't be mine. I couldn't pretend Kyouya was the person I'm in love with. It was unfair to everyone if we did it that way. So we would lay in bed together and talk. That's all we did. We've gotten very close but only as friends. We understand each other."

"Who is she?"


"Who is the girl you couldn't defile by pretending Kyouya was her?"

"There wasn't a girl."

"You just said there was!"

"No, I said there was a person."

Understanding dawned in Hikaru's eyes. "Who is he?"

"You know me better than anyone in the whole world. For years all I had was you. You know me inside and out. Can't you guess?"

"Damn it Kaoru just tell me!"

"You, Hikaru. I'm in love with you. But I couldn't tell you that. I'm your twin, your little brother. Even now you must be disgusted."

Hikaru held out his right hand. There, written on his palm was Kaoru's name. It was the same hand Hikaru had been using when Kaoru had walked in on him. "I'm far from disgusted Kaoru. I've been in love with you for so long. I don't even remember when I realized it."

Kaoru simply stared. "You're kidding."

"No. I'm in love with you."

Kaoru didn't know what to do. It was as if his body was completely incapable of moving. Luckily it seemed that Hikaru didn't have that problem. In the next moment Kaoru was in his arms and Hikaru's lips were pressed firmly against his own. Hikaru slid his lips back and forth across Kaoru's seeking entrance. When Kaoru didn't open his them Hikaru slid his tongue between them anyway. This seemed to be key to unlock Kaoru's immobile body. Kaoru's hands went up to Hikaru's neck and held tightly, fisting in his hair.

Hikaru squeezed tighter bringing their hips together and Kaoru was elated to find Hikaru as aroused as he. Kaoru's hands roamed over his brother's back. He couldn't count the times he'd done this in club but it was different this time. This time he noticed each ridge and dip and curve of his twin. His hands slid down the t-shirt that his brother had thrown on when he'd walked in and grabbed the end, pulling, hindered by his older brother's arms. Hikaru chuckled. "Slow down. We've got all day. We have forever to do this." With that his lips crushed into Kaoru's with more passion than before. Kaoru could do nothing but answer in kind. Their hands raced and roamed wherever they chose while their tongues danced.

Soon Kaoru found them on the bed with Hikaru above him pressing him into the soft mattress. Kaoru couldn't breathe but then he didn't find that it was necessary with Hikaru so close, closer than he'd ever been. They tugged and pulled at each other's clothes groaning when buttons caught and zippers refused to be unzipped. Finally Hikaru was fully unclothed and Kaoru groaned for a whole other reason. "Mmm. You feel so good Hikaru. I-I never… knew… it could be… like this."

"Ahh. I know. I know." Hikaru's hands were everywhere at once, running over Kaoru's bare chest, down his arms, over his hips. His dreams had never come close the real thing. Hikaru's heat, the feel of his breath, the bite of his teeth, the way his tongue soothed. It was more than he'd ever imagined. And he had a great imagination.

All thought was cut off when Hikaru's breath feathered against his erection. "I've always wanted to try this." Then Hikaru's mouth was on him. His lips brushing against the head, making him twitch. He rubbed his lips from tip to base flicking his tongue out here and there creating moist spots. All Kaoru could do was breath. And not well. His breath hitched and caught every time his brother did something new.

Then the tip of his member was in Hikaru's mouth and Kaoru stopped breathing entirely. Hikaru began to move his mouth further down, swirling his tongue around the swollen head. He put his head as far down as he could without gagging. Bobbing his head up and down in a terrifyingly slow rhythm he looked up to see the pure pleasure on Kaoru's face. He almost came in that moment. Unable to take it anymore he took his mouth from his brother's member. Kaoru groaned at the loss.

Hikaru moved back over his brother and smiled. Placing three fingers against Kaoru's lips he said, "Lick them, it'll make everything else easier." Kaoru did as he was told sucking on the digits. When Hikaru pulled them from his mouth he placed his hands at Kaoru's opening. Kaoru jerked and bucked his hips. "I'm sorry. We don't have to do this, we can wait."

"I think we've waited long enough."

"Thank God. I'm really not sure if I can stop now anyway." Hikaru placed his fingers back over the hole, inserting one digit. Kaoru jerked but more from shock than pain. Hikaru moved the digit in and out waiting for Kaoru to get used to the feeling before inserting another. There was pain but there was pleasure too. Hikaru began scissoring his fingers trying to make it as easy on Kaoru as possible. After a third finger Kaoru was moving his hips with the rhythm.

Hikaru deemed Kaoru ready enough and moved back over his brother. Kissing him deeply he positioned himself to inter. Slowly he pushed through Kaoru's virgin hole trying to be as easy as possible. Kaoru buried his head in his brother's shoulder trying not to cry at the pain. Hikaru paused for a moment. "K-Kaoru, you… so… tight. Good. Feels… good." Hikaru began to move. Slowly he pulled back then forward. Kaoru groaned. Hikaru paused and panted, "Does.. it hurt?"

"D-don't stop. For… the love… of… all that… is holey… don't stop." Hikaru chuckled which added to the feelings where they were pressed together. He began to move again, picking up the pace. Closing his eyes he concentrated fully on the feeling of being wrapped so tightly in his brother. Inside Kaoru. He began to thrust faster powered by the groans and moans coming from his twin.

"More. Hikaru." Hikaru complied pushing deeper. In a few thrusts Kaoru gave out a cry and thrust his lower half toward his brother. Hikaru gave a pained grin, he'd found his brother's good spot. He pulled back and thrust all the way in making Kaoru cry out and buck. Hikaru pulled one of Kaoru's legs higher on his waist and found that changed the angle. Kaoru pulled his other leg up and they both groaned at the pleasure it brought them.

"Hikaru. I… it's… coming. I'm coming."

"Come with me." With one final thrust they cried out their pleasure together.

Later when they were both able to breathe again Hikaru turned to his brother who's head lay on his chest. "Haruhi was right. We are idiots. We could have been doing this a long time ago."

Kaoru chuckled. "Yeah. But now we can make up for lost time." He looked up at his brother and smiled, moving hardening member against his brother's hip.

Hikaru groaned. "Can you handle it again."

"Dear brother, I can handle anything you do to me."

Hikaru's eyes lowered. "I'll accept your challenge." They'd created a new game, one only the two of them could play with each other. And both new they'd never get bored of this one. When Hikaru was hovering over his brother once more he smiled down. "We should thank Haruhi for this."

"Later. For right now, just think of me."

Hikaru leaned forward and kissed Kaoru again this time slowly and deeply. "Always."