Alright, first off I'd like to say that while this is not my first venture into fanfiction writing, it is my first crack at a Black Lagoon fanfiction; so go easy please. For any purists that may read this, I'm well aware that anime is more difficult to tamper with than any other category of fanfiction due to the discrepancies between dubs, subs, manga, etc., and the various debates between fans of each one of those. However, I'm going to make it known right off the bat that this follows the dubbed anime story line, so please don't waste your time flaming me about it. Black Lagoon is property of Rei Hiroe, enjoy and review!

Ch 1: New Job

In the city of Roanapur, Thailand—the city known by some as the city of shit and sin, and by others as the city of the walking dead—there are three basic principles that everyone abides by: Money is king, violence solves everything, and crime never rests.

Usually, the local business man of the Lagoon Trading Company was plagued most by the seemingly unanimous belief in unadulterated bloodshed. At the present moment, however, the third principle was the one that irked him greatly. Apparently, someone had been killed outside his window at some point during the night and he was having a hell of a time trying to go back to sleep while Sawyer the Cleaner was at work several feel beneath him.

It wasn't that he feared the woman. In fact, he knew she wouldn't harm him if she was not paid to do it. It was just that the otherwise intimidating buzz of her chainsaw had a talent for chasing away sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Rock rolled once in frustration and then looked at his clock. The digital numbers seemed to mock him as they flashed "6:30" in bold red letters.

Normally, that time of the morning wasn't a problem, but considering that he'd been out late at the Yellow Flag, he was extremely exhausted. He envied his partner for her ability to sleep through anything that didn't pose a threat to her.

With a sigh of defeat, Rock swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up cautiously. He really couldn't recall exactly how much Revy had convinced him to drink so he wasn't sure what kind of a hangover he would have. Surprisingly, he found that his headache was minor as he walked toward the bathroom and began his morning routine.

The sunlight streamed brightly through the apartment windows, bathing everything in the room in a kind of "white light". The sun also made it apparent that the occupant of the room—who was still in bed—was extremely messy. Empty rum and liquor bottles of various brands and kinds were sporadically littered about the room. Occasionally, there'd be a pile of empty shells on the floor, and there were bullet holes in several places in the walls, as well as in the broken AC unit. It was also obvious that very little dusting occurred in the room. The only items that seemed to be free of dust were the guns.

As the door of the room creaked open, the woman in the bed remained unmoved and unaware. Standing in the threshold for a moment, Rock shook his head slightly in amusement as he took in the state of her room.

"Revy, wake up." He called, knowing he probably wouldn't get much of a response. "We have a job to do." The only reaction he got as he proceeded toward the bed was his partner turning toward him in her sleep and mumbling something unintelligible.

It never ceased to amaze him how different she was in sleep than she was awake.

'Alright,' he thought, 'I guess I'll have to go for the big gun.' He pulled out his carton of cigarettes and retrieved two, lighting both of them and keeping one for himself before speaking again.

"Revy…" He said, in a slightly scared tone akin to a boy attempting to speak after finding out his girlfriend was pregnant. "I think I might've fucked Eda last night."

That did it. Almost as soon as he'd gotten the nun's name out of his mouth, his partner was sitting bolt upright glaring daggers at him and pointing a gun in his face.

"What the fuck did you just…fuck that hurts!" She let out a groan and grabbed her head in both hands, not forgetting to take the cigarette she'd seen in Rock's hand. Meanwhile, Rock stood back and watched her with mild amusement as she stumbled and groaned on her way to the bathroom; throwing the occasional curse into the air along with the smoke from her cigarette.

Revy had a very high tolerance for alcohol, so it was rare that she actually had a bad hangover. When she did, however, the sight was often an amusing one for Rock. She always teased him and hurled various insults ranging from "pussy" to "limp dick" whenever he had one, so it was only fair that he got to turn the tables every once in a while.

Several moments later, Revy exited the bathroom with a lowered head that he guessed was a futile attempt to avoid looking directly at the sunlight. She gave him a glowering look as she got close to him and grumbled under her breath, "Shitty start to a shitty fuckin' day." She then put her holsters on and grabbed Rock by his tie, dragging him behind her out the door. She prayed that whatever this job was, it would involve her getting to shoot something. The pounding in her head was eating away at her already frayed nerves and she knew that her partner was getting far too much enjoyment out of the situation.

In the Lagoon Company office, two men sat waiting for their colleagues. Benny, the computer tech/ navigator sat on the couch trying to discretely read a rather lewd letter that he'd received from Jane. The contents of the letter were betrayed to Dutch by the occasional perverse smirk from his employee and a blush that slowly deepened on his face and neck.

Dutch, when he wasn't watching Benny and chuckling quietly, was going over the details of their job. From what he could tell, it appeared to be a straight forward drug order commissioned by the Triad. Usually, jobs for Chang and Balalaika were on the dangerous side, but there were a few exceptions in which there was some excitement, though the job was overall a bit boring.

Just then, the doorway into the office from the living quarters slammed open and Revy stalked in, followed closely by Rock. She went straight to the couch and unceremoniously plopped down next to Benny, and Rock in turn sat next to her. Revy took a quick moment to read over Benny's shoulder and snorted in mild disgust before looking at Dutch and glaring as if to say "Get the fuck on with it."

Dutch reached into his flak jacket and pulled out a cigarette, which he lit before speaking.

"Boss Chang's hired us for a job." He said, to which Revy seemed to perk up a bit from her sour mood. She knew that there was a higher risk of danger when doing work for mob bosses, and that possibility was just what she needed to shake this hangover.

Dutch seemed to know what Revy was thinking as he watched her mood change from brooding anger one second to suppressed glee the next second. He had to disappoint her…although, in the back of his mind, there was still the thought that their jobs often resulted in flying bullets.

"Sorry, Revy." He said, watching her slump back into the couch with a 'hmph' as she continued her brooding with her arms folded across her chest. "This is just a routine drug shipment for Chang from the triad's American counterparts."

"A drug shipment?" Revy snarled "Why the fuck doesn't Chang get his usual errand boys to do that?" She was highly annoyed that Chang would have them do something as mundane as this. It was generally expected of their less important clients.

Dutch tilted his head back and exhaled a smoky breath, "He didn't go into much detail, but apparently, the boss can't trust his usual guys and he's got all of his other resources occupied with other things at the moment. I assume the guys he had making the pick-ups got hooked on the drugs."

Everyone grinned at the idea that anyone would be fool enough to steal from one of the biggest mob bosses in the city. "He made some joke about all the shit bein' there when we deliver it."

"So, where's the meeting place?" Rock wondered, taking a drag from the cigarette he'd lit while Dutch was talking.

"Natuna Besar. It's an island a little over half way between the gulf of Thailand and the coast of Malaysia." Rock had never been with them during one of the rare occasions that they'd done a drug pick up for Chang and Dutch already knew what his next question was. "The boss doesn't like to do his on the main land, or directly through the triad for that matter. It puts some distance between the Roanapur triad and illegal activity should the authorities come knocking…" A devious smile spread across Dutch's face as he finished his thought "like that'll ever happen."

Dutch took one last drag of his cigarette and then crushed it in a nearby ashtray before standing up and walking towards the door with the rest of the group behind him.

"We better get moving," He said, opening the office door "It'll take us until night fall to get there."

Alright, that's one. Also, I neglected to mention that this takes place shortly after the ending scene of Second Barrage with Eda and Revy in the chapel. Anyway, you've read and hopefully enjoyed, now I hope you'll review!