Note, this story will occasionally (such as in this prologue) have a very different writing style than my normal pieces. This will be to better capture the feel of Sam and Max's special guest star, who's webcomic is written by a six-year-old.

Sam and Max versus the Dinosaurs


One day on the Dinosaur Planet there was a triceratops named "Thorton Grundle". Thorton liked to eat meat so all the other triceratops said he was gross and weird. The meat eating dinosaurs made fun of him and called him rude names. This made Thorton really angry and he became a bad guy. Then a spaceship crashed on Thorton's house and a guy came out. He was wearing a pinstripe suit and fedora.

"Hello, my name is Al Capone." He said while shaking Thorton's horn. Thorton then told Al Capone about how all the other dinosaurs made fun of him and called him names. "We should team up." Al suggested so they formed a bad guy team.

The new team went exploring and found The Secret Button that Makes You King of all Dinosaurs and they both pressed it at the same time. Now Thorton and Al Capone were the Kings of all the Dinosaurs and they made the dinosaurs into their army. More spaceships landed with more gangsters in them and they joined the bad guy army too.

"Now that we have an army, we need to conquer Earth." Al Capone took out a map and showed the dinosaurs where Earth was. They built spaceships and rocket backpacks and flew to Earth.

To Be Continued...

The next chapter, as it will be from Sam and Max's perspective will written with actually good prose.