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The Fluffy Surprise

Shuichi was just coming home after a long day of work. They were supposed to release their new CD album next week and it still wasn't finished so the band had to spend long hours at the studio recording and planning. On top of that, Shuichi missed his usual bus, Hiro and everyone else was already gone by the time he realized it and his phone died so he couldn't call Yuki or anyone else. It was already midnight so unless he wanted to sleep at the bus stop, Shuichi had to take a different bus and then he still had to walk 20 minutes to get home.

Halfway there, when he was passing through a dark, unlit alley, he heard soft footsteps following him. His impossible imagination got to work immediately, conjuring up the images of Shuichi's bloodied, mangled body turning up in a river somewhere; his parents and Maiko saying their farewells at his funeral; thousands of hundreds of fangirls crying at the news of their favourite singer's death... And Eiri Yuki... Bravely attending his wife's funeral, keeping up his expressionless mask all through the ceremony... And then, when he got home later that day, he'd curl up on the bed, so full of memories of his deceased spouse... And he'd cry himself to sleep, blaming himself for not being able to protect the man he loved more than anything in the world... He'd curse himself for not having been nicer to his lover back when he was still alive. His heart would ache so badly that he'd want to kill himself. And just seconds before he would put his head through that loop, just seconds before he'd hang himself and join his spouse in death, Seguchi would show up. He'd stop Yuki from killing himself. And Eiri would seek comfort in his arms. He'd try to fill up the void in his heart using Seguchi...

"NOOOOOO! I'LL NEVER LEAVE YOU YUKI! NOT EVEN DEATH COULD STOP US FROM BEING TOGETHER!" Shuichi screamed his lungs out to the heavens and spun around, all ready to face his would-be murderers. He jumped to tackle them but hit the hard pavement instead. The singer groaned and quickly got to his feet before he could be attacked. It was so dark that he could barely make out any shapes. The full moon was hiding behind thick black clouds. The only source of light he could see were the street lights and cars on the opposite ends of the alley he was in. The boy stood still and calmed his breathing so he could listen to his enemies' movements. 'No sense attacking when I have no idea where they are...'. After a few minutes, his eyes adjusted to the darkness enough to make out vague shapes around him. Then he heard the footsteps again right behind him. He jumped away from their source and turned around, fast as lightning. But there wasn't anyone there. He heard the noise again, nearing him, but couldn't see anything. 'They must be invisible!' Shuichi thought but even that didn't take away his confidence. He could still win! When he heard another single step nearing him, he jumped to tackle the invisible person to the ground but again fell through thin air. He landed head-first on the street and put his hand up to his nose to stop the bleeding. Realizing that the enemy must be not only invisible but also able to pass through matter 'Just like a ghost!', Shuichi got up and ran for his life to the other end of the street, screaming all the way. There was no way even he could win against a ghost!

When he finally got to the safer, brightly lit street, Shuichi stopped his screaming from lack of breath. That and his voice was still raw from singing all day. He bent over, breathing heavily, and nearly had a heart attack when he heard those same soft footsteps from the alley right behind him. "NO!" He screamed and fell on his back, spinning around to face the ghost and accepting that he was going to die at the hands of an unknown vengeful spirit. But when he heard the footsteps nearing his head and opened his eyes, he saw a small, pure-black and extremely cute dog standing beside his head, looking at him curiously. The little creature lowered its snout and licked the side of Shuichi's face.

"Hahaha, stop that! Haha- ha... Haaa... I can't believe you're just a dog... Heh... You almost gave me a heart attack, you cute little mutt!" The singer laughed, relieved that it was only a little doggy that chased him down the dark alley and not some bandits or rapists or a ghost! It seemed so ridiculous now! The boy sat up and petted the small animal affectionately.

"You're so cute!" He said, hugging it. "No wonder I couldn't see you back there – you're just so small and completely black!" Shuichi ruffled its fur and got up. "I'd stay here with you a bit longer but I'm already late coming home..." He sighed and resumed walking. The dog followed him closely. After a few minutes passed, the singer looked back at the animal and told it, "No, don't follow me... Don't you have a home to go back to? Now that you mention it, you don't have a collar... But I can't take you! I really want to but Yuki would never let me! He hates children and pets... You can't come with me... I'm sorry..." As if understanding every word the boy said, the dog whined pitifully and looked up at Shuichi with wide, begging eyes. Shuichi whimpered slightly. His heart ached to take the small animal with him, to give it a home, but he knew that it was impossible... "Don't do that... I'm sorry... Oh, look, there's my home!" He told it, pointing at the house he shared with the novelist. The bedroom light was still on, which automatically made the singer's face light up as it always did when he thought about his love. The sudden surge of energy and giddiness caused him to forget all about the puppy and run to the front door full-speed. It was locked and he left his house keys at home so he rang the doorbell. When a full minute passed and no one was coming down, he rang again. And again. And again, pounding on the door noisily. "YUUUUKKIII! Open up! I forgot my key! Come onnn! I know you're not asleep!"

"Alright, alright!" He heard the novelist yelling from down the hallway. Shuichi squealed and when the door swung open before him, revealing Eiri Yuki dressed in an undershirt and a pair of boxers, with a cigarette in his mouth, the singer jumped at his lover with enough force to make a grown elephant fall over. But after being with the noisy punk for over 3 years, Eiri had developed a technique that allowed him to stay standing when he was tackled by the singer from a close distance.

"You're late. It's past midnight." He told the boy when the singer finally let go.

"I know, I'm sorry! We were working all day on that new album we're releasing in a week and then it was really late so I missed the last bus here and everyone was already gone and my phone died and so I had to take the other bus but then I still had to walk ages to get here and halfway here I was going through a dark alley and there-" The writer sighed and tuned out the rest of the brat's ramblings. It was all unimportant gibberish to him anyway.

"Close the door after you. I'm tired, I'm going to sleep."

"Okay! I'll go to sleep now too!"

"Close the door first. You left it wide open. And lock it too."

"Alright! Wait for me, Yukii!" He shouted after the departing novelist and was successfully ignored. Eager to go back to his lover, Shuichi hurriedly locked the door and ran down to their bedroom.


It was very late – or rather very early – when Shuichi was woken up by something unusual – a bite on his ear. "Y-yuukiiheehee" He giggled but still didn't open his eyes. "Nnot no~ow... I have to go to work earlyy..." He giggled again, "Are you really in the mood now? What's with you..?" He heard a soft groan and Eiri's voice muffled by a pillow,

"Shut up, brat. I'm trying to sleep."

"Huh-" Shuichi opened his eyes and gasped. It wasn't Yuki's tongue that was playing with his ear... The small dog Shuichi met that night was standing on the bed between the two men, licking Shuichi's ear. "What are you doing here?" He sat up and whispered to the small animal, then quickly regretted it when the dog yelped happily and started jumping around, wagging its tail. "Shhhh!" Shuichi tried to shush it before Eiri woke up. He grabbed the animal and shut its mouth.

"I told you to shut up, you damn brat... If you wanna play horny doggy, go somewhere else..."

"I'm sorry Yuki... Goodnight..." He whispered and slowly got out of the bed, holding his new friend tightly. He walked quietly over to the sitting room and shut the doors behind him. There, he released the breath he was holding since they left and let the puppy go.

"Why are you here? How did you even get in?" He questioned the dog in a hushed whisper.


"Shhh! Okay, I won't ask!" Shuichi sighed and sat down on the couch. "What will I do now? I can't just throw you out... You're too cute! And you'll probably get back in anyway... Hmmm... You look like a smart doggy... Can you understand what I'm saying? I wonder..." He mumbled to himself, looking the animal over. "Okay, I'll keep you! BUT! You have to be really quiet! If you'll be a good doggy, we can make it work – and Yuki doesn't even have to know! Hmm... There's a spare room upstairs.. We never use the upstairs so he would never even look in there! You can have your own room!" This idea was starting to sound so realistic, it made Shuichi all excited and he had a hard time keeping it down. His imagination let loose and he could already see how fun it would be to keep a puppy – he could teach it new tricks, give it baths, feed it doggy treats, take it for walks to the park, train it to ward off his fangirls, so many fun things! "Yay! I have a puppy!" He almost screamed it, he was so excited. The singer felt like if he didn't scream his lungs out in a minute, he'd burst so he put on his shoes and ran out of the house in his teddy pyjamas. He ran far enough to be sure that Yuki wouldn't hear him and screamed at the top of his lungs, "I HAVE A PUPPY! YAAAAYYYY!" It was still a residential area so he had to run back to the house pretty fast when a few lights in the houses around him were turned on by annoyed people who were just woken up by his screams.

When Shuichi came back, he walked quietly into the sitting room and saw the object of his excitement sitting back on its hind paws, panting happily with its fluffy little tail wagging.

"Heehee! I should name you now that you're mine... What would be a good name for a doggy like you... Oh! I don't even know if you're a girl or a boy!" Shuichi took his new pet and turned it upside down in his hands, examining it. "It's a boy!" He said to no one in particular. "Now! For a name... I'll name you... Humphrey! How do you like your new name, Humphrey? I think it's really cute! Oh! You must be hungry! Come on!" The boy headed over to the kitchen and took out two plastic bowls. He filled one with water and the other with torn up slices of ham. He took the two bowls and led his new pet upstairs to the spare room. The bedroom had only one single bed in it with a night stand and a dresser. "Look! You even have your own bed!" The boy cheered and put the bowls down at the foot of the bed. He yawned, feeling how tired he was now that his excitement was calming down a bit. "I have to go to sleep now.. I have to work in the morning... Tomorrow- well... Today, we'll buy you a nice doggy bed and special doggy bowls and a leash and anything else you'll need! So goodnight, Humphrey!"

After Shuichi made sure that the door was closed very securely behind him, he went back to the bedroom and quietly got into the bed beside Eiri. His mind was filled with thoughts of his new puppy and he quickly drifted off into unconsciousness.


The steady, annoying beeping of Shuichi's alarm clock tore him out of his wonderful dream. It was the most unrealistic dream he ever had – in it, him, Yuki and Humphrey lived together in peace like a small family. They were just having a nice family picnic when the alarm sounded.

Shuichi groaned and reached out to shut off the annoying machine. He needed to get up and get ready for work but his body just wouldn't co-operate! The hand that slammed on the alarm clock was now hanging over the side of the bed and even though he willed them to move, none of his muscles would respond so Shuichi just gave up and fell asleep again.


A loud 'bang' and small pieces of debris falling from the ceiling woke Shuichi up and he was on his feet in seconds. He knew that sound very well – it was K's beloved Magnum and if he didn't get up, he'd have a nasty headache. When his eyes focused, he saw that there was a small hole in their bedroom ceiling now. He sighed and started working on his apology to Yuki when he remembered that there was something upstairs now – a small, lovable creature that could've gotten hurt. He screamed and ran for the stairs, telling K, "I'll be back in a minute, gotta check something wait there for meeeee!" He ran up and opened the spare bedroom door, fearing the worst. It surprised him then that the floor in the room where K shot looked fine and his little pet was jumping around on the bed as if nothing happened. He moved over to the small bed to inspect his dog and felt something soft under his bare foot. It was soft, warm and kind of squishy. And it smelled really bad. The singer looked down slowly and made a disgusted face. Yes, he stepped in dog poo. "Eeeeeewww" He scrunched up his face and tried to wipe it off on the floor but it didn't really work since it was made up of wooden panels so he had to hop on one leg to the bathroom on the opposite side of the room. Halfway there, he heard a loud creak and suddenly, the floorboard cracked and gave out under him. His leg fell through the hole and he was stuck in a very awkward position, with his other leg lying flat on the floor.

"OOOOWWWWWWW!" The jagged wood pieces around his thigh really hurt the sensitive area through the thin fabric of his pyjama pants.

"Shuichi?" K's booming voice called out to the boy. A moment later, he could feel something pulling at his leg. "Is that you? Did you gain a few pounds?" His manager laughed heartily. "You're gonna have to strengthen those floors, Yuki-san!"

"Help meee!" Shuichi whined, tears already forming at the corners of his eyes. "I'm stuck!" He tried to push himself up on his hands but it was no use – his leg really was stuck there.

"Okay! I'll pull you down through the hole!" K announced to his singer and pulled sharply at his leg.

" WAAAHH! DON'T DO THAT!" Shuichi screamed "YOU HAVE TO PULL ME UP!"

It would not only be difficult to try to pull the boy out through the small hole but it would also be incredibly painful for the pop star.

"Fine, I'll push your leg up!" Shuichi heard the American and then yelped and burst out laughing suddenly.

"S-S-s-stop thAT! WAH! HahaHAheHa! STOP It!" His ruthless manager was having fun torturing Shuichi in the worst way possible – by tickling his very sensitive feet. The boy screamed and laughed and kicked, trying to get his foot away from K, but the movement made his situation even worse – he fell deeper inside the hole and every small movement he made caused him to become very aware of how the broken floorboards were jabbing into his most sensitive body part.

Shuichi was covered in sweat and tears now and his wailing was at full power. He kept screaming for K to stop and finally the American took pity on him and left his foot alone. But Shuichi was still crying and laughing, screaming "Stop! No, please! Stop that! Ahaha! Stop! Haha!"

"Shuichi! I'm not doing anything!" The blonde yelled and when these words registered in the boy's brain, he sniffed and looked down. K wasn't torturing him any more. But Humphrey was. The little doggy was licking Shuichi's other foot – the one with the dog's own poop smeared on the bottom of it.

"Eeeew! That's so gross! Stop it!" He made a face and fought hard not to think about the fact that his pet was just licking its own poop off Shuichi's foot.

"What? What's gross?" The American downstairs asked, puzzled. "I'll come up to you, Shuichi, and I'll pull you out!" He told the boy.

"Oka- NO! DON'T COME UP!" He yelled, suddenly realizing that if K came to his rescue, he would see the dog. And then Yuki would see the dog. And then Shuichi would be completely screwed.

"What? Why not? You were begging me to get you out of there a second ago!"

"WAH! I don't know! Can't you just, I dunno, cut this piece of the floor out?"


"Whatever! Just cut the damn thing!" Shuichi yelled, frustrated.

"I don't have the tools!" K yelled back. "I'll just come up and pull you out! That's the easiest way!"

"NO! Don't come up!"

"WHY not? You're not making any sense, Shuichi! I'll be up there in a second!"

"NOOO!" The singer yelled in vain. He tried to shoo the puppy away but apparently shit and sweat was a pretty tasty mixture because the dog kept insisting on licking his foot clean. Shuichi gave up and leaned back, not even caring about how painful the movement was. It was only morning and he was already so exhausted. He heard – and felt – the floor creaking under the American's heavy footsteps. When the man was almost at the door, Shuichi felt that his puppy ceased licking his foot and saw that Humphrey was looking at the door to the room. When it swung open, the small animal darted under the bed and Shuichi sighed, unexpectedly relieved by his pet's cowardice.

"Whoa! Now I see why you didn't want me to come in, Shuichi! Why is there shit on the floor? Did you have an accident?" Ha laughed and skirted the unpleasantly smelling brown mess to walk over to where the singer was stuck in the floor.

"No! I can explain! I-uh, I.. You see, I... Well... I w-was sleepwalking..." He came up with a pretty believable excuse and was just hoping that his manager would buy it. He congratulated himself mentally when the American nodded his head and said,

"Hmm, I can relate to that... I once peed in Judy's shoes closet... Never underestimate a woman's love for shoes!" Shuichi didn't say anything to that – he didn't even know what he could say! "Okay, let's get you out of here! Put your hands up!" He told the boy and leaned down in front of him. Shuichi obeyed and raised his arms. K then grabbed his torso and pulled but Shuichi's leg was stuck worse than he'd expected. So he crouched down with his back facing Shuichi and grabbed the boy's wrists. He pulled on the singer's arms and slowly got up at the same time, successfully lifting Shuichi up and out of the hole. K dropped the boy and he almost fell but the bed was in his way so the singer ended up sitting on it. He fell back on the soft mattress and groaned. He really just wanted to go to sleep now and to forget that this ever happened.

"What are you doing, Shuichi? I got you out of there so go and get ready for work! We're already late! Did you forget that you have to record a few songs today?"

"Awww but I'm so tired! Can't you cut me some slack after what just happened?" The singer groaned and rolled over on his side – he was getting uncomfortable lying on his back with his legs hanging out.

"No! If you don't want to have to deal with a few more holes – in your head – then I suggest you move it, monkey-boy!"

"... Monkey-boy?"

"Yeah. Got a problem with that?" The American asked dangerously, clocking his weapon.

"Nope! Monkey-boy's good! Works for me! I just have to take a shower and we can be on our way!"

"That's better."

Shuichi got up off the bed and limped downstairs to their bedroom. He didn't want to have to explain everything to Yuki but looks like that would have to wait – the novelist was already asleep. The singer sighed again and got into the shower. Now he only had to clean up his doggy's mess and figure out how to take little Humphrey to work with him without K noticing. Maybe he could use his duffel bag? Yes, that was definitely a possibility...

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And the monkey-boy thing? No reason. Totally random XD My friend might have brainwashed me with her temporary obsession with the word 'monkey'... =.=

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