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Chapter Three.

Shuichi felt really good after having released all his excitement in that one song. He came out of the recording booth sighing happily and had a satisfied look on his face. Until he opened his eyes and saw Suguru glaring daggers at him, squeezing a wriggling and whining Humphrey under the dog's front legs. "What's wrong? Was I not good?" The singer asked, dismayed. He put all his energy into that song and thought he did a great job.

"No, you weren't the problem, Shindou-san." The keyboardist told him angrily. "It's your new pet that's the problem! You were singing brilliantly and in the middle of the song, your dog jumped onto the console and started playing with all the switches on it! The whole thing is rubbish now! It's gone!" The boy shouted, forgetting all about the puppy and waving his hands in the air.

"Then why didn't you tell me? I could've started over! Don't blame Humphrey – I'm sure he was just bored..."

"I couldn't tell you because I was busy catching it! And I'm not blaming the dog. I'm blaming you for bringing it to the studio."

"Don't call my baby 'it'! I'm sure if you were nicer to him, my little Humphrey wouldn't have been difficult for you. You're just not very good with kids, Fujisaki." Shuichi told the boy with a huff, like a mother defending her child.

"This dog is not a kid! Is it really too much to ask of you to act maturely once in a while? Could you please just act like a professional at least when you're working?"

"I am! And Humphrey is my son – not that I'd expect you to understand."

"Shindou-san! You're acting like a little kid! You-"

"Just leave it, Fujisaki-kun." Hiro told him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You know how Shuichi is – there's no way he'll listen to you so you shouldn't waste your energy." Suguru sighed and slumped in defeat. He knew that the guitarist was right. "Maybe you should buy a leash for Humphrey, Shuichi?" Hiro addressed his best friend. He always knew how to handle almost any situation involving the hyperactive freak.

"Okay... I was gonna go shopping for some other stuff for him anyway." He announced with a grin.

"Alright then. We'll re-do that song and I'll hold Humphrey so he doesn't mess it up again. But first... Shuichi?"


"Don't you want too change out of these trousers before we continue? It really does look like you just wet yourself..."

"Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that!" The singer said with a sheepish grin and walked over to a large cupboard. He took out a fresh pair of jeans and went away to change into them. Since K kidnapped him in his nightwear pretty often if Shuichi was late or something, he kept some of his day clothes in the studio – just in case.

They worked enthusiastically all through the day, not even stopping for lunch. They had to make up for the lost time while K was getting Shuichi. It wasn't terribly late when they finished but it was still later than their normal finishing time, when the release date wasn't so close. Shuichi was home with a few shopping bags full of all the doggy necessities and accessories he thought he needed. It was only when he was at the door to their house that he remembered about his lover who doesn't – and cannot – know about Humphrey's existence. It was almost 9 o'clock so chances were that Yuki was still holed up in his study. If he was really, really quiet, Shuichi could sneak everything in before the writer realized he was back. Nodding to himself, the boy opened the unlocked front door and went straight upstairs. He didn't even waste time closing the door after himself – he could do that once all of his shopping was safely put away where Eiri wouldn't find it. He dumped all the stuff out onto the bed and threw the shopping bags away – there can be no trace of evidence left! When he looked back at the small bed full of doggy stuff - such as a nice, fluffy blanket, food and water bowls, food, brushes, toys, collars, leads, and almost anything else the singer laid his eyes on in the small pet shop -, he felt real giddy an kept giggling madly. He jumped over to the large pile and randomly picked objects up to put them away. He put all of the doggy treats, brushes and food into the drawers of the small dresser; threw all of the toys around the room and put the soft blanket on the bed. He figured he wouldn't need a doggy bed since his little baby had its own human bed to sleep in but he got one anyway – just in case the dog wanted to take a nap somewhere else. 'Now that I think about it, it's getting pretty late now... I'll give Humphrey his dinner and then put him to bed!' Shuichi thought happily and turned around to tell the dog that he'd have his dinner soon, then froze. Humphrey wasn't in the room. He was sure that he didn't lock him out of the house... Panicking, the singer ran out of the room and downstairs, looking for the puppy.

"HUMPHREY! HUMPHREY, WHERE ARE YOU? COME BACK TO MUMMY!" He screamed, frantic. His baby was missing!

"SHUT UP! I'm trying to work here so stop yelling, you damn BRAT!" Eiri – completely forgotten by Shuichi – yelled from his study. Shuichi gasped, realizing that Yuki can never know about Humphrey, and apologized to the writer,

"I'm so SORRY, Yukiii! I'll be quiet now!" He tried not to panic but it wasn't working. He was just about to call the police when he walked out from the living room into the hall. And saw his cute puppy... Relieving himself in a pair of Yuki's shoes. Yuki's favourite shoes. Shuichi froze at the horrifying sight, not able to even imagine how mad the writer would be if he found the dog pissing all over his shoes. Then he'd be mad because Shuichi had adopted a stray dog AND because the said dog just ruined his favourite pair of shoes. 'Yuki will kill me! He'll kill his wife, then his son and then at last himself – like in one of those murder-suicide cases on the news!'

"NNNOOOOOOOO!" The singer yelled in frustration and ran towards the dog - who ran away upstairs -, thinking he could somehow save the situation.

"I thought I TOLD you to STOP YELLING!" The object of his thoughts yelled and a second later, Shuichi could hear the author's heavy footsteps leaving the study. The boy had no idea what to do. He was screwed. No matter what he did, there was no hope left for him. So he did the only thing he could think of to save Humphrey's life. He unzipped his pants and emptied his bladder on the pair of shoes that the dog ruined, making it look as if it was all Shuichi's fault.

Eiri slammed the door to his study shut and walked towards the front door, where he assumed his annoying lover was. He was pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to calm himself down before confronting the singer. "What. The hell are you screaming abo-" He abruptly cut off in mid-sentence when he opened his eyes and saw the boy.

Shuichi could feel his face getting all red. He knew how it must've looked and he had no idea what he was going to tell the writer. He didn't really know why he even did that! He just wanted to protect his little Humphrey...

Yuki was stunned – was Shuichi doing what he thought he was? Was the boy really pissing all over his favourite shoes? The comfortable and fashionable shoes he went so much trouble to get? No, he couldn't be... Except that he was... Feeling overwhelmed and weirded out by the singer's more than unusual behaviour, he turned around and headed back into his study.

Shuichi was staring after the man's departing figure. The deed was done. But he couldn't make himself move, not even to zip up his pants and run after the novelist, apologizing and begging for mercy. He just stood there for a couple of minutes before the study door flew off its hinges and a furious writer suddenly came out.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" He yelled. "What the FUCK was THAT? Why did you just PISS on MY fucking SHOES?"

"WWAAAAHHH! I'M SO SORRY YUUKIII! I DIDN'T MEAN TO! I SWEAR!" The singer cried. He couldn't just tell him it was Humphrey, especially not now. But he didn't know how to explain his behaviour just now. It was so stressful, that his logical side of the brain shut down completely and his creative side took over. "I don't know what just happened! It was like I was possessed or something! I-I couldn't move! I wanted my body to move and stop but it wouldn't! And then I got chills too! It really was like something was possessing me! Maybe it's a ghost! Yuki! You have to perform an exorcism right now! Quickly, before it possesses you too! Since it possessed my body just to pee on your shoes, I don't think this ghost likes you! You're in danger, Yuki! We have to do something!" He rambled on and on about ghosts and possessing – the only thing that made sense to him.

Overwhelmed by Shuichi's sudden attempt at defending himself, the writer almost believed the idiot. But he would never admit that. Not even to himself.

"Shut. Up." He told him angrily and Shuichi did so right away. "I don't care if a fucking ghost possessed you or if it wants to kill me. Clean. That. Up." The writer told him with a threatening look in his eyes that said 'One more word and you're dead'. Shuichi gulped and when the author left, he ran to the bathroom for the roll of toilet paper.

When he was finally finished cleaning his dog's and his pee off the floor and the shoes were thrown away, Shuichi went upstairs to see how his pet was doing. Luckily, the dog was asleep on the bed and so wouldn't cause any more trouble for him – at least for now. 'Looks like I'll have to potty train him...' Shuichi thought and went downstairs to the living room after closing and locking the door to Humphrey's room. He plopped down onto the couch and turned the TV on. He was exhausted from a long day of work and having to deal with his dog's mess and just wanted to relax.

"SHUICHI!" The boy groaned. He was just getting comfortable! "Shuichi, get your ass out here!" 'Yuki sounds really angry... Is it about the shoes again..?' He sighed and got up. The longer he waited, the angrier Eiri would get. The singer headed for where his lover was calling him from – the kitchen.

"What is it, Yuki?" He asked tiredly.

"I was saving that for tomorrow's lunch!" He yelled, pointing at a bowl of what seemed to be frozen chicken.

"Ummm?" Shuichi really didn't know what the man was on about. It's not like Shuichi was the one to take out the chicken – he wasn't even allowed to cook!

"Why the fuck would you try to eat it?" He asked, exasperated.

"What?" Shuichi came a bit closer and saw the numerous bite marks in the meat. He also noticed a short black hair – just like Humphrey's... The singer groaned mentally. So the dog did get him into even more trouble... "I.. I, uh, was hungry...?"

". . ." Eiri looked at him as if realizing the boy was a complete retard. "Why would you want to eat that? That's a piece of frozen chicken! You idiot! And it's raw! You can't eat raw meat, dumbass! How stupid are you?"

"I'm sorryyy! I'm just reaaally tired..." Shuichi whined.

"Well if you're so tired, just go to bed!"

"Okay, okaaayy!" Thinking that maybe he did need a rest and at least then Yuki couldn't give out to him, the boy went to bed.

The next day, Shuichi managed to finish work at a pretty decent time. It was 7 o'clock when he finally got home and he headed upstairs to Humphrey's room right away. He didn't take the dog to work this time but left a kitty litter box for him so that there wouldn't be any more unpleasant incidents. He opened the door to his pet's room and shouted out a greeting to his puppy, "Hello, Humphrey! Your mommy's back! Argh!" He screamed in surprise. Humphrey was sitting on the bed, in Yuki's lap. "Yuki! You're up here! Why are you up here?"

"You damn punk, you thought I'd never find out about this thing you were trying to hide up here? The fucking mutt kept barking and wouldn't let me work! If you were going to keep a dirty little mongrel up here, you could have at least soundproofed the room! Get rid of it now."


"NO 'but'! You know I despise animals and children! I will NOT let you keep this fucking dog!"

"Waaah! But he loves me! And he doesn't have a hooooome!" I don't care! Give him away to a dog shelter or something! I already put up some 'found dog' signs! If no one claims him by tomorrow, you're going to give him away some place and that's that! I don't care-" Yuki was interrupted in his anti-dog speech by the sound of a doorbell. "Go get the door, brat." He growled out at the boy. Shuichi sniffed and went downstairs to see who it could be. When he opened the door, he saw a small teenage girl with dark brown, almost black, shiny, long hair. She looked like she was about to get a heart attack when Shuichi opened the door and all the alarm bells in the singer's head suddenly went off all at once. He knew a fangirl when he saw one and he really didn't want to have to move again. Before he could say or do anything, however, the girl spoke nervously,

"E-Excuse me S-Shindou-san... I-I saw this flyer about a missing dog... I-I think it's m-my doggy, Shaggy... I lost him a couple of days ago..."

"Ohh... Okay... Come on in..." The girl's news surprised Shuichi and he made the mistake of inviting her inside. The little creature seemed about ready to faint at the invitation and stepped inside the house. Shuichi sighed and thought that it can't get worse anyway, so he just called Yuki half-heartedly, "Hey, Yuukiii! I think your flyers worked..." The writer came down a few seconds later, holding the dog lovingly. Of course he'd put up the nice act in front of a stranger.

"Hello there, little miss. Is this your doggy?" He asked the girl.

"Y-yes! Thank you v-very much!" She looked to be a lot livelier at the sight of her beloved pet. She accepted Humphrey -well, Shaggy- and bowed low to both men. "Thank you!" She left without a hassle and when she did, Shuichi went to the living room and fell to the couch with a pout.


The little dark-haired girl was walking down the street, squeezing her dog lovingly. "I missed you!" She told him. "You're such a good doggy! Thank you for doing this! You're gonna get all the doggy treats you want now!" She praised him and the dog 'woof'ed happily in response. "HeeHee! I can't wait to see it!" She squealed fangirlishly and cradled her little friend. You're a smart doggy, you got all I wanted, right? You got all the good parts, right, Shaggy? Did you get some comedy too?" She asked and her pet barked positively in response. Another fangirlish squeal followed. "I can't wait to see it! And of course they'd never notice that tiny little camera in your forehead! Brilliant!

The girl walked off happily, squealing all the way home.

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