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Chapter 2

Later that same night

Three pairs of eyes were locked on the carpet. The first pair of eyes were a violet color, which the authoress had once mistaken for brown for one reason or another. With crazy ladies writing stories you can never be sure of how these things happen. The second pair of eyes were golden and cat-like. These eyes normally struck fear into the hearts of evil doers all around, but right now those eyes were filled with disdain and terror for the trouble that awaited him. The final pair of eyes were a crimson magenta color. They were quite beautiful and extremely rare, even more so than violet and golden eyes apparently. These particular crimson eyes were usually filled with nonchalance or boredom, but on this occasion they were filled with escalating irritation and sullen guilt.

A single orange eye was locked on the three stooges, the other one being covered with an eye patch. Thin locks of green hair leaked out from underneath a white hat. A cigarette, much to the authoress's agitation, protruded from between pearly white teeth, the smoke wafting into the air and filling the small house as it always did. The three stooges didn't dare breathe as that single eye bored down on them, knowing that any kind of movement would instigate the wrath of the man before them.

Sven Vollified was one pissed off man.

"Do you three have any idea of what you all have done!?"

Kyoko and Eve wisely kept their mouths shut, but Train stupidly attempted to explain the situation. This earned him a swift punch to the face.

"Why!" Train cried, clutching his cheek as he leaned against Kyoko's shoulder. "It wasn't my fault I tell ya! I'm just a victim in the madness."

"I don't care!" Sven yelled, gritting his teeth as he pointed an accusatory finger at both Train and his girlfriend. "Because you two got thrown in prison…again, the money I saved for my wedding ceremony is gone! Do you have any idea how many solo sweeper missions I had to go on to save all that cash!?" He roughly grabbed the collar of Train's shirt. "I am not getting any younger man! I can't keep chasing after criminals forever!"

This was definitely serious now. The moment Sven starts admitting that he's getting old is the moment chaos descends on the planet as we know it. All at once, Train's gaze sobered into a dark scowl.

"Sven…are you sick man? Is it...lung cancer?"

A vein was ready to pop out of Sven's head by that point. "Of course not idiot! I just have to be honest with myself Train and you have to stop getting thrown in jail!"

"It wasn't my fault!"

Sven shoved Train back onto the couch, opting to direct his attention towards Eve, "And you! Just what were you thinking? You knew that money was for my wedding. Do you have any concept of what kind of wedding Tearju wants? I thought she'd be low maintenance but no…first she wanted to get married in a small chapel, then she decided she wanted to be married in a giant cathedral, and now she wants to be married in Paris under the Eiffel tower!"

Train blinked in surprise. "Wow, that definitely sounds expensive…hey! Kyoko! What are you doing?"

The high school senior had pulled out a notepad and was busily writing things down with a blue sparkling gel pen. "Don't you worry about it Train-kun. It doesn't concern you."

There was a blank expression on the ex-assassin's face. "I bet it doesn't."

Eve sighed. "I'm sorry Sven." She glared in Train's general direction, "but I just couldn't bring myself to ignore a desperate cry for help. You know as well as I do that Train wouldn't be able to survive in jail. He hates being confined."

"Yeah, you bet I do!"

"Shut up!" Sven screeched. "You shouldn't have gotten yourself thrown in jail in the first place!"

"For the last time it wasn't my fault!"

"Then whose fault was it Train? When are you going to start taking responsibility for your actions?"

Kyoko glared at the green haired man. "Don't blame Train. I'm the reason we got thrown into jail. He was only trying to save me from a very dirty man." She latched herself onto Train's arm. "He didn't do anything wrong, honest. I'm the one that blew up the building."

Sven raised an eyebrow. "I still say it's his fault. After all, he's the one that decided to date a lunatic."

"I really am sorry," Eve stated again, clasping her hands in her lap. "I know how important this wedding is to you and Miss Tearju. I should have asked for permission first or maybe I should have tried collecting a bounty by myself."

The older man just sighed. "By that time Train would have lost all sanity."

Eve and Kyoko nodded in agreement. "True, true."

"Hey, I'm right here guys!"

Sven sat down in a recliner. "Well, there's nothing we can do about the money now. It's been spent to the last dime." Another sigh fell from his lips as he removed the cigarette from his mouth. He placed the stub in the ash tray on the table next to him. "My wedding is in three months. That should give me time to raise some cash for a decent wedding. Only problem is that there isn't decent bounty for me to hunt down in this city anymore."

Train rose from the couch. "Then we'll just have to go out of town."

Kyoko and Eve both stared up at Train, noting his beautiful but goofy grin.

"Are you out of your mind?" Sven questioned.

Train clenched his right hand into a fist, smirking deviously. "It's almost been a year since we've seen any action Sven. Besides, the only way we're going to get the money you need to satisfy Tearju's expectations is to collect a huge bounty."

"That could be dangerous," Eve pointed out, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "It would be easier to just ask Rinslet for some extra cash."

"Oh, come on princess," Train groaned, "that's no fun at all. She has her own wedding to plan you know in case you've forgotten."

Eve scoffed. "If we ask her nicely, I'm certain that she would help us."

Five minutes later

"Sorry I can't help you."

Eve's eyebrow twitched as she narrowed her dangerously cynical gaze. "Why not?"

"Because I need every last cent of my cash for my own wedding," Rinslet replied from the other end of the phone. There was some shuffling in the background and muffled voices. "I have to go, Jenos is arguing with the wedding planner again."

The sound of the dial tone echoed in Eve's ear for a long moment. It was a while before the young teen could move from where she stood.

"I told you," Train droned, lounging on the couch with his head resting in Kyoko's lap.

Eve was seething by this point, but she said nothing, opting to gently place the cordless phone back onto the receiver. "It would seem that Rinslet is of no help to us."

"So are we back to plan A?" Train questioned.

Sven rolled his eyes, watching as Eve's eyebrows continued to twitch. "Seems like the only solution at this point. Fantastic."

Kyoko smiled broadly as she giggled, "This is going to be fun! I haven't done any sweeping in a long time..."

"Whoa, hold on there Kyoko," Train cut in, his golden gaze lifting to meet her violet eyes. "You have school. You can't come with us."

"But I want to go with you and Eve goes to my school too," Kyoko argued, puckering her lips in a full blown pout. "Please Mr. Black? Come on, I promise I won't be trouble and I can make up my classes with ease once we get back. Let me fight alongside you in this battle for love!"

"It'll be dangerous Kyoko."

"I've faced danger before."

"You might get hurt."

Kyoko shook her head, hearts suddenly appearing in her eyes. "I'll be just fine; after all I have you to protect me Train-kun!"

Train sighed, closing his eyes in slight annoyance. "Whatever."

Eve turned her gaze toward Sven. "If he's bringing her, I want to bring Leon. He will be helpful with his powers over air."

Sven audibly groaned. "Eve, I can't allow you to…"

He would have said more, but Eve's responding glare sent chills up and down his spin. If looks were enough to kill, he would have been done for.

"On second thought…sure why not…bring him along Eve." He laughed a bit nervously. "The more the merrier."

Train smiled, lifting his head from off of Kyoko's lap. "Then it's decided. We leave tomorrow at noon."

"Since when are you calling the shots?" Sven questioned, glaring over at him once more.

"Well, it was my idea…"

"You're too stupid to call the shots," Eve stated bluntly, cutting Train off before he could finish his sentence. "We're doing this to help Sven pay for his wedding because you got thrown in jail for the seventeenth time in the span of two months. This isn't about hunting for glory or trying to regain your lost 'ninjaness', which by the way is not a real word."

Train growled. "I haven't lost any of my ninjaness princess, not even a little bit."

"Sure you haven't." the nanotechnology droned, rolling her eyes. "And you haven't lost the ability to be endlessly senseless either big brother, not even a little bit." She smirked slightly, knowing she had once again used his own words against him.

Train crossed his arms in front of his chest, pouting as he turned his gaze toward the wall. "Look the point is that we're going to catch some criminals and earn good money like we did in the old days. As of late, things have been a bit too peaceful for my liking."

"And school is a total snore fest," Kyoko chimed in, her eyes now locked on her phone as she sent a text message to one of her friends. "There hasn't been any juicy gossip in over a month."

"Don't you think you should be concentrating a little bit more on your studies Kyoko?" Sven asked, pulling his box of cigarettes from out of his coat pocket. He had a feeling he was going to be smoking more than usual.

Kyoko shrugged her shoulders, finishing up the text as she did. "Maybe, but I'm not really interested in any of the subjects except home economics. I've learned tons of recipes from it."

Train felt his stomach growl at the mention of food, but his face turned blue as he remembered the spicy tuna rolls she had made for him a week earlier. He was the one who had to go to the hospital that time. He shuddered at the memory.

"You okay Train-kun?" Kyoko asked, noting his sudden change in demeanor. "You're not looking too good and your stomach growled. You hungry? I still have some of the tuna rolls left…"

"No!" He blurted, backing away from her the second she retrieved the plastic bag filled with the extra rolls from within her purse. "I'm gonna be just fine. Trust me!"

Everyone stared at him in avid shock that the Black Cat had turned down food. Sven's jaw dropped, releasing the burning cigarette he had just placed in his mouth. The little thing set the carpet aflame almost instantly upon impact.

"Gah! Eve…get the hose!" Sven yelled, attempting to stomp the flame and only making it worse.

Eve sighed, turning her arm into a giant water hose instantly. One blast of the hose got rid of the flame but now the bottom floor was flooded. Water was up to everyone's ankles.

"Great, now we're going to have to pay for water damage too," Train muttered, rubbing the back of his head in annoyance as Kyoko giggled in the background. "Nice going Sven. I told ya to stop smoking those things. They'll kill you one way or another."

Sven sent another punch into Train's jaw. "Shut up! This is all your fault!"

"Would you quit blaming me for every bad thing that happens to you!?" Train yelled, sending his own punches toward his partner in sweeping. "I'm not the one destroying your lungs and I'm not the one causing you early wrinkles."

"You're stupidity is what's causing me wrinkles and grey hair too!"

"Aha! You really are getting old on us!"

"And I'm about to put an end to that stupid grin on your face by knocking out all of your teeth!"

"As if old man!"

"That is it!"

The two of them continued on like that, completely unaware as Eve silently walked out the front door of the flooded house. Kyoko lingered a bit and cheered for her Black Cat until she received a text from one of her friends asking if she'd like to go out for a late milkshake. With a nod, Kyoko sent back her reply.

"See you tomorrow Trainiee!" With that said she sprinted out of the house, thoughts of a chocolate milkshake calling her name.

Train and Sven noticed none of this as they were both preoccupied in trying to beat the crap out of each other.

Some things never change despite the time that passes.

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