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Chapter Eight

Haru's POV

"What's the point?" she asks me, her face sad.

"I'm faster than him." and I shake her off. I start to run after him. My feet slapping the ground hard and fast. I feel something hit my cheek, I reach up and it's water. As I run I look up at the sky, it's starting to rain.

I go faster, I need to catch up to him. I reach the end of the path and I look around in all directions and my eyes find him, to the left of me. I turn and continue running. I have to catch him.

Soon the rain is pouring down on me, I fly through the street trying to catch him. He's only about five meters in front of me.

"Yuki" I yell his name, "Yuki, please." I know that he must be crying. But I need him to stop so I can explain. I love him to much to let him get away. He stumbles in the rain, he starts to fall forward. I reach out and grab his arm and I pull him into me.

"Yuki, please stop." I say turning him around. His face a mix of pain, hurt and anger.

He shoves me away and I step back. He brings his arm back and he swings it towards me. But before his hand can smack me I catch his wrist, I bring him back to me and I kiss him.

I pull away from him again. "Yuki, I'm so sorry. Please Yuki you have to believe me, I didn't mean for that to happen. I didn't want to happen, I wish I could take it back. Please Yuki, forgive me. I'm so sorry."

"Haru," he says my name and I flinch, his tone so cold. "Haru, wasn't it you complaining just the other day about the girls at school being all over me? And now Isuzu is all over you. Maybe we shouldn't be together if it's too complicated this way." I can tell he's only saying that because he's upset. I can hear it in his voice.

"No love, that's not what I want at all. I made a mistake baby please forgive me, give me another chance. I love you Yuki, and Rin is nothing." I say. He nods at me and he starts to cry through his anger. I pull him into me and I hug him close to me. The rain falls around us as I hold him.

Rin's POV

I watch him run off as the rain starts to fall. I'm glad he's running after Yuki. That's what I thought he would do. But Akito didn't think so, I'm glad I was right. I did what I was supposed to but they still might be together. So I guess everyone wins.

I take off running in the opposite direction, towards the Sohma house. I did what Akito asked me too, he has to tell me now. After a while I get back and I storm through the residence, trying to find that cursed Akito.

I throw the doors of his room open. He looks up at me and smiles. He gets up and slinks over to me. He puts his hand on my face.

"Ah Rin," he says, his breath on my neck and I flinch. "Rin, did you do what I told you to do?"

"I did exactly what you said." I say.

"And what happened?"

"Yuki ran off, and Haru ran after him."

He slaps me, and I fall back a step, "You idiot! Why didn't you stop him?" he screams at me.

"I tired to. Besides, I did exactly what you said to do. Now, tell me the secret. You said you would." he slaps me again.

"You stupid bitch! You think I'm going to tell you anything?" he screams at me, a crazy and murderous glaze in his eyes. "I don't know anyways."

I stand back up, "You lied to me! You said you would tell me!" I yell at Akito.

He slaps me again, harder this time. "I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU STUPID BITCH!" He screams. He points at the door, "get out."

I don't move, I'm to stunned, "Get out!" he yells, "I SAID GET OUT!" I stand up and scramble out of the room.

Akito's POV

That stupid bitch, letting Haru get away. She can't even do one thing that I ask her to. And then she expects me to tell her the secret for nothing. She didn't even do what I asked her. I told her to get my Haru and my Yuki back. She can't even do that. That stupid incompetent bitch.

Not that I would tell her the secret even if I knew it but she should do what I say anyways. I'm better than her, more important than her, more loved than her, she needs to remember that.

But now is not the time to worry about that. More important matters are at stake. Haru and Yuki are still together and not with me. I'm the important one, I'm the one who's loved and wanted, what's wrong with them? Why can't they see that I'm the one they should be with?

I need to think of how to get them back. They need me, they can't live without me. They are shunned by normal people, hated by normal people. They need me to make them loved. They need to me to make them wanted. I can't leave them all alone.

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