Title: The Truth Is…

Summary: Riku confesses his true feelings to Sora while Kairi is away.

Rated: Kfor slight sexual reference (mostly fluff though)

Disclaimer: Don't own Kingdom Hearts, or the characters, and so on and so forth…

Pairings: SoRiku, SoKairi


I sit on the warm sand; and watch the waves roll up and crash against the shore. The warm wind blows through my spiked brunet hair. The sun is just beginning to set, and right in the direction of the mainland—where Kairi is right now. She went to visit some family and I couldn't go along. I can't wait for her return.

"Hey Sora, mind if I join you?"

I glance back. Riku is standing behind me, smiling.

"Not at all," I say before I pat the sand next to me. "Plenty of room,"

"Thanks," He sits beside me.

There's silence between us before Riku speaks again.

"So what're you doing out here anyway?"

"Watching the sunset,"

"Oh…are you thinking about Kairi?"

"Yeah, I miss her. I can't wait until she comes back."

"…hey, Sora?"

I look over towards him and the next thing I realize, I'm laying on my back in the sand with my best friend on top of me, our lips locked. I've never been kissed by anyone before, not even Kairi. I never imagined my first kiss being with Riku, the thought had never once crossed my mind. He pulls away for a moment before pressing his lips to mine again. I feel his tongue exploring my mouth and a moan escapes from the back of my throat. The boy pulls back.

"I'm sorry Sora," He frowns. "I-I…I can't control myself when I'm around you."

"What're you saying, Riku?"

"I love you Sora," My best friend confesses. "When you said you wanted a Paupu fruit to share with Kairi all those years ago, it crushed me. I cried that night—because I desperately wished I could tell you how I felt, but I couldn't work up the courage."

"So, you want to share one with me?"

"Yes, more than anything Sora! I always want you to be in my life."

"…Riku, have you always felt this way about me?"

"I always have, but recently the feelings have gradually gotten more intense,"

"How recently?" I inquire.

"About six months ago," He says. "I started dreaming about you; and I'd wake up sweaty and turned on."


The silver-haired boy blushes. "Yeah,"

"You like me like that, huh?"

He blushes deeper. "Well that's not all I like!"

"What do you like then?"

"You're eyes are beautiful," Riku smiles. "And you're always so happy…you have everything I could ever want."

"Really…is that so?"

I lean close to him. Feeling his warm breath on my lips, I shudder quietly.

"I love you Sora, and I'm surprised I could hold in my feelings this long."

"…I love you too Riku,"

"You do?" Riku brushes his face against the side of mine. "Then go out with me. Sora, I'll treat you like a prince—give you everything you deserve and listen to you, anything you could desire."

"What about Kairi though?"

"Can you honestly say you love her more than me?"

"Well….actually, no."


"You're right Riku," I smile, leaning closer to him. "Besides, I don't think she could ever kiss me like you did earlier."

Our noses touch. "I love you Sora and that's the truth."