1. Motion

Kid used his hand to close Soul's mouth as the albino-haired boy stared, entranced by Maka's swishing hips.

2. Cool

"Am I not cool enough for you to blow me off like that?"

3. Young

"He was only fifteen!" screamed Maka as fresh, salty tears traveled down her flushed cheeks.

4. Last

"Today is the last day you will ever call me 'Tiny Tits!'" Maka exclaimed as she undid the buttons to her shirt.

5. Wrong

"Since when does hitting me on the head and scrambling my brains give me the right answer?"

6. Gentle

When they were with their friends, Maka was gentle and sweet (for the most part), but in the bedroom, it was a whole 'nother story.

7. One

"I don't care if I'm a death scythe, Maka. I want you as my one and only meister."

8. Thousand

Out of the thousands of ways to die, Soul knew he didn't want the death of suffocation by large breasts and a final blow to the head with a book.

9. King

"I got it just for us," Soul said with a wink and tugged Maka onto the king-sized mattress.

10. Learn

There were many useful and effective ways to learn, but this one, where Maka stripped a piece of clothing for every question he answered correctly, was by far the best.

11. Blur

Soul steadied a stumbling Maka who held her hand to her mouth, attempting to hold in her lunch and curse Soul for forcing her on the dumb ride at the same time.

12. Wait

Two buds of dusted pink appeared on Maka's face after her skirt was removed and Soul smirked at her reaction.

13. Change

"Hey, Maka, do we have anymore-" Soul began to say as he opened Maka's door but trailed off when he found her with her bra half off and lacking pants.

14. Command

Black Star shook his head sadly after he watched Soul visibly flinch at the sight of a book and said, "She got you whipped real good."

15. Hold

When two strong and firm arms wrapped around her waist as she lay in bed, Maka concluded it was just Soul turning in for the night and remained relaxed – until she remembered that Soul was away at training camp.

16. Need

"No, I do not need to lay down and rest. I need some effing orange juice!" yelled Maka as she struggled out of bed and sneezed.

17. Vision

It was just like those dumb, cheesy romance movies: their friends had disappeared around them, all noise was cancelled out and it was just them, together.

18. Attention

He never took notice of the way her eyes shone with unshed tears whenever he said something hurtful to her, or maybe he just couldn't be bothered enough to care.

19. Soul

"Damn white, spiked hair and sharp teeth and deep, sexy voice and bright red eyes and warm hands and ripped body…..just damn him!"

20. Picture

"So how did it turn out? Is it good? Did I….Dammit, Soul! Your thumb was in the way!"

21. Fool

"I think we've finally found someone more annoying than Black Star," said Maka while the awkward looking Holy Sword pranced around the halls.

22. Mad

"C'mon. Get mad. It's hot," said Soul and pulled Maka in his arms, smiling when she struggled against him and snarled.

23. Child

Soul definitely appreciated the fact that his partner's child-like appearance kept boys at a distance, but hated the fact that it made her a walking neon sign for pedophiles and lolicons (oh yeah. He's noticed that look in Stein's eye when she's in her gym uniform. He's no fool.)

24. Now

Before, she hated every single man out there; now, she loved only one.

25. Shadow

Once Soul had finally opened up to Maka about how he felt (in the most uncool way too he hates to admit), the Black Room became bright and less bleak, causing the Little Oni to recede into whatever darkness he could find.

26. Goodbye

No matter how many times he left (which was quite a lot given his profession) Maka never failed to see him off properly; who knows, it could be the last time.

27. Hide

After her parents' divorce, she had locked herself away in her room, never showing her face for a good, solid week.

28. Fortune

His inheritance and rich-boy life was a fair trade for his meister.

29. Safe

"Tsubaki…I don't care if you think it's cute. He won't let me leave my room!...All I did was fall off my bike!"

30. Ghost

"No….No…Go away…I don't want you….Stop following me, mother fucker!" Maka screamed, yanking the joystick right, blatantly ignoring Soul's laughter.

31. Book

Books are to Maka as whips are to sadists: They may be enjoyable for those who wield them but everyone else suffers.

32. Eye

It had been at least two weeks until Maka found out that his eyes were red – and even then he had to tell her.

33. Never

"Don't you ever tell me a lie. I don't care if you think the truth will hurt my feelings; I don't like being lied to."

34. Sing

The first time Soul heard Maka sing was in her bedroom, under the covers, with the lights off, him at her side (I think you know where this is heading).

35. Sudden

Only his meister could have minute-long mood swings off of her period.

36. Stop

It was only after she took off down the street that Soul remembered he forgot to mention the brakes and then was forced to sprint after her and run the fastest he's ever run to catch up.

37. Time

Maka wanted to freeze time in its place to ensure that Soul would never leave her (which was absurd because such a thought never crossed his mind).

38. Wash

When Soul traveled to Japan with Maka to visit her father's side of the family, he was embarrassed beyond belief when he learned that bath houses were: a) public and b) mixed genders in one bath.

39. Torn

Maka couldn't decide whether to thank Soul from saving her from that guy who asked for her number or to break his arms for throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes in doing so.

40. History

Maka couldn't help but think how unfair it was that Soul knew about her past but she didn't know anything of his besides the fact that it's the reason he doesn't like playing piano.

41. Power

The ability to control him and keep in him line didn't come from the Maka Chops or the "I'm the meister" speech; it came from her dictating green eyes.

42. Bother

The only reason he hid those partnership requests from her is because Soul knew his technician shouldn't have to take time out of her already busy day to read letters she would just turn down anyway.

43. God

The Big Man upstairs just loved to test him when he was already strung out to a thread by having Maka "accidently" trip and fall on him when she was wearing nothing but a towel.

44. Wall

She couldn't recall all of the details leading to this, but she knew that right now she was stuck between a wall and a very hard Soul.

45. Naked

Black Star just so "happened" to come across some pictures of Maka posing in clothes worthy of Blair in Soul's room (which, we will add, was locked in a mini safe hidden under his bed) and was later beaten to a pulp when he asked Soul if they were going to be on their Christmas cards.

46. Drive

Maka was okay with the fact that Soul thought having a motorcycle made him cooler, but she was not okay whenever they had to ride in the rain and ended up sick afterwards.

47. Harm

It was weird how she was the meister and she was the one with less scars and injuries than her weapon; then again, this was Soul she was talking about.

48. Precious

Since Maka was a scythemeister, one who dealt with hand-to-hand combat, she had to be rough and tough to survive; so when she was sweet and cute in the privacy of their home Soul couldn't help but want to cuddle with her.

49. Hunger

"While dinner was fine, I'm still starving. What's for dessert?" Soul asked with a wink and smirk towards the blushing blonde across the table.

50. Believe

"I wasn't born yesterday, Soul. I know you're hiding candy behind your back."

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