When Sam awoke, a few hours later, he felt no better. His vision swam as he sat up and he had to wait for the vertigo to subside but as the dimly lit room came into focus he was surprised to see Dean passed out in the bed next to him, still fully clothed. He got up and shuffled to the bathroom to relieve himself then came back and inspected his brother. He had expected his brother to be awake and looking for their next hunt but when he looked at the clock he realized it was 3am. But why had Dean fallen asleep fully clothed like that? Had Dean gone out to a bar? Come back drunk? No, Dean wouldn't leave him here like that when he was sick.

He lurched back towards his bed. Being upright made the blood pound in his ears. His mind was fuzzy with fever and it struggled to make sense of the scene. Something was wrong. He was shivering as he climbed back into bed, his eyes still on his brother. He pulled the blankets up to his chin.

Sleep was fast closing in on him.

Then something connected. His eye flew open.


Dean was sick.

The realization was so obvious that Sam felt ashamed that he hadn't noticed it earlier. That was why Dean had been so gruff with him. He felt bad for having thought the worst of his brother and for not having noticed that Dean was ill.

He put his hand to his brother's shoulder and noticed instantly the heat seeping from him. "Hey, wake up Dean."

"Sam? Why're you awake? You're sick. Go back to sleep." He sat up and pushed Sam's hand off of him. "Take these." He groped around on the nightstand clumsily, until he found the bottle of pills.

"You're sick too." Sam pointed out lamely. Dean shrugged.

"M'fine." As if to prove his point he got out of bed and weaved his way to the bathroom. Sam would almost have laughed at his brother's drunk-like steps but was ore concerned for his brother at the moment, but he knew he had his own symptoms to attend to, the headache clawing at his brain, the urge to sleep pushing him back towards the pillow, the coughs that threatened in his throat. He took several pills and waited for Dean to return from the bathroom.