Chapter One : Usual Life

", that is all for today, make sure you do your homework, everyone." the bell rung, everyone was busy unpacking their stuff, "hey, hikaru, want to hang-out today ?" a yellow haired boy ask me. "huh ? i guess, no. homework ?", the yellow-haired boy flinched, "oh, c'mon you're such a kill-joy.", i shrugged my shoulder, "well, i'll be going home, now, thanks for the invite by the way." i put on my backpack and then start walking through the school corridor.

after alot of walking, i reach the train station, my train is not coming yet, so i decide to wait. i hum a song that playing in my IPod, after few minutes the train comes, i board the train and took a seat, right across me, a soft-pink haired girl was sitting, she's wearing the same unifom as me, not to mention i'm a pervert but she has a rather big bust, well, i lean back to my seat looking at the window.

the journey was rather short, i notice that she's reading reading a book. she noticed that she's been watched so she looks at my direction, well, i threw away my view of course, i don;t want she get the wrong idea of me as a stalker, after that she read her book again.

i got home, it was already evening, yeah, i live alone so i have to do anything by myself, i decides to cook dinner, after that i took a bath, "whoo, sure hot water is revitalizing." i said and i took a slight relieved breath, "hmm ? a message ?" i took my mobile phone which is lying on my bed. "...huh..." a message from len saying tommorow she'll hit a girl, i reply "really ? i'm i mpressed finally you've got courage." it was nothing special, i press send button and put my Mobile on my desk. I go down to the dining room and cook some simple dinner, nothing special, really.

i decides to watch a little TV, unfortunately, no good anime nor any good educational channel is showing up a good and worth-watching topic, so i turn off the TV and gone to bed.