Chapter Six : A Day In A Holiday.

Sunday, most boy like me think today is gaming day, all-you-can-do day, lazy day, but no, wrong, now i'm with my...girlfriend walking together in the halchion square mall, " this is the square mall...", "yes, shall we go in ?" luka said, i nod.

we walk together around the square, of course, luka do alot of windows-shopping, yeah, luka is no different from any girl. after that we took off for the arcade, we played for a few hours, well, i'm good at shooting games and rhytm games, but luka beat me in a beat game, well, not much to say really, we play and play until our stomach ring the bell.

"sure you're good with games, hikaru-kun.", "yeah, but you beat me on that beat game.", "*giggles* beginneer's luck i guess.", we chatted for a while until our order came up. i chatted with my friends over CommOnline with my phone, change my status to in a date.

===Fox4, Haruka.Y.,FreezeR, Mi-rai Enters The Chat Space.====

Fox4 : LOL, Seriously ?

Me : Problem ? xD

Haruka.Y. : Kyaaa~ Congratz Hikaru-kun ! XD

FreezeR : Hell Yeah ! That's how It's Done ! WHOOOO ! Celebration !

Mirai : D: WHYYYYY...!

Me : Lol, Okay Celebration when I Got Back To Asakusa, Hell Yeah Akira ! XD, Senpai You're Late ! XD wait gotta log-out order's up, see ya guys around.

===You just Logged-Out From Chat Space.===

after the lunch we head out for the halchion theme park, "this is gonna be a long day..."i thought to myself, but at least i'm happy, to have someone with me, going out with me, and, understands me...

"it's been awhile since i went to the theme park." luka said, "same here, my first time too.", "well..." i look around for a while, "let's try the roller coaster then." i point towards the roller-coaster entrance, luka nods, "yes, lets.". well, after queuing for the ticket we took a seat and wait for the roller-coaster to roll.

"that was sure thrilling hikaru-kun." luka said to me, "yeah." i said as i took a sip from the cola i buy along with luka, the sky is getting dark, "hey, let's go home, it's getting dark here." i said to luka, "but there is one attraction i want to try...", she points toward the halchion eyes, well, since we're living alone we decide to get there, we sit in one of the eyes capsule, then, the eyes roll eventually reaching the highest height, luka then leans on my shoulder, it was beautiful to see the halchion from this height, my first time actually, "it's beautiful..." luka said, "yeah." the view caught my attention, i decide to capture the moment with my mobile phone camera, after a few minutes the eye gone down, we decide to go home.

"thanks for today, hikaru-kun." luka said to me, "yeah, no prob, i was free anyway.", she kiss me in the cheek and then get into her apartment. I go home and drop myself on bed, remembering what happens today. "..." I smiled at the sight she was smiling at me somewhat, I feel so happy to see someone was happy because of me, well, I change clothes and goes to sleep.