Five talents that Harvey didn't know that Mike had and one that he knew he did.

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Harvey's little talk with Mike about what the blond was doing with his secret pickpocketing skills was fairly short and to the point. It didn't turn out anything like Harvey wanted it to, mostly because Mike decided to dodge. It only consisted of two questions and two very surprising answers before his associate decided that anything else Harvey wanted to know, he would have to find out on his own.

'If you haven't been stealing then what have you been doing?'

'Hmm? Oh, well I retrieved Donna's bracelet from her creepy stalker, I deserve a raise for that, by the way, also obtained the card for you off Miss Pearson, never doing that again... I returned the present you forgot on my desk... Oh, I fixed Luis' April Fools Day prank on you by getting rid of the chocolate cream pie that was supposed to hit you, couldn't get rid of the handcuffs, not enough time, sorry, and I took your wallet back from that blond that stole it from you.'

'I see... Any other hidden talents I should know about?'

'I have a lot of talents, I don't share them with just anybody. If people really want to know about them, then they have to find them on their own.'

Harvey wasn't the type to back away from a challenge, so he decided that he would find all of Mike's talents.

There wasn't anything that happened at Pearson-Hardman that Donna didn't know about. Naturally that meant that she was the first person Harvey went to.

The words, "Donna, I need a favor." first thing on a Monday, generally meant that Donna would be spending the entire day doing something that she wouldn't like.

"What is it this time, Harvey? You still owe me for that last few favors, you know." The redhead glanced up at her boss.

"I'm good for it." Harvey replied cheerfully. "I just want to know what you know about Mike."

A scoff paired with a frown. "I don't know a lot, actually. He used to tell me things, but he barely even looks at me now. Try Rachel."

"Well, Mike doesn't look at you because he was the one that found your bracelet." Harvey explained, smirking at the surprised look that flashed over Donna's face. "Which means he found that box before everyone else so..." Harvey was cut off when Donna forcefully stood up from her chair and stalked off leaving her boss to follow behind her.

When Donna appeared in the associates cubicles, every male head, with the exception of Mike's, turned to watch the forceful woman stalk toward Mike and Rachel, who was leaning over the blond's shoulder, both too absorbed in whatever they were doing to notice. Harvey casually trailed behind Donna, frowning slightly at the sight before him.

"Okay..." Rachel was muttering, eyes locked on the computer screen. "Then what?"

"Then, you have to send the information to here, like this." Mike tapped a few keys, paused then a couple more. "After that, it's untraceable."

"That's how they sent it then?" Rachel scowled, glancing at Mike. "How do you find out who did it then?"

"Well, the only way to...Um..." Mike had glanced up when a shadow fell over his workstation and stilled at the sight of Donna. Immediately, his eyes went back to the computer. "Hi?"

Rachel took one look at Donna, with Harvey right behind her, and took a step back. She really wanted to follow her self-preservation instinct, but she also really wanted to know how to trace the jerk that had been sending her disgusting messages. After a minute, she reached over and smacked Mike in the arm. "Mike, you promised to help me, if Donna kills you then you won't be able to."

Almost politely, Donna motioned for Mike to continue, leaning over slightly to see what exactly they were doing. Harvey, who felt the need to make a point, walked around, leaning over the other side of Mike, effectively making the poor man feel very boxed in.

Mike sighed, being very careful to keep all his attention on the computer screen in front of him. Taking a minute to collect himself, he nodded. "O..okay. Rachel, the only way to trace something like those messages, is use one of these." He tapped the small flash drive that was plugged into the computer. "Without the files on this, you can't do anything. The files though, let you bypass all the encryption, everything I just showed you, and then..." He hit several more keys in rapid succession and the screen flashed, briefly, filling a blank space with an e-mail address. "There, that's who sent it."

Rachel smiled, a very dark look. "Thank you, Mike, you've been a great help. Also.." Rachel hugged him briefly, "Good luck with them." The paralegal retreated as quickly as possible.

The blond groaned slightly, but straightened a bit, "What did I do?"

Donna didn't answer, just stared at Mike for a minute, plainly making the associate uncomfortable, then she reached over the small wall and pulled Mike to his feet, hugging him awkwardly. Just as suddenly, she let him go, smiling slightly. "Thank you, Mike. You need anything, you come tell me." Done with her uncharacteristic display of emotion, Donna did an impressive spin, glaring at the staring associates and sashayed back to her desk.

Mike stared for a minute then fixed Harvey with a dark look. "You weren't supposed to tell her." He stated flatly. "I don't want her to feel she owes me. Otherwise, I would have just given it to her myself."

"Is that why you didn't tell anyone what you were doing?" Harvey seemed to take it all in stride.

"Well, yeah." Mike returned to his chair, fiddling with his computer until it returned to the screen he had been using for research before Rachel arrived, disapproval evident. "Also, things aren't secret if everyone knows about them."

"I suppose... So... computers?" Harvey grinned.

Mike rolled his eyes. "Anything electronic really. Its just knowing how to use your hands, Harvey."

The older man raised an eyebrow at the words, wondering exactly how talented Mike was with his hands.