Five talents that Harvey didn't know that Mike had and one that he knew he did.

Apparently, I like sequels. Considering that I felt that Good With His Hands wasn't really something people would like, I very surprised that I'm writing one. Actually, I'm really enjoying this. It was just supposed to be just the talk but well it turned into this. *Shrug* Oh well. Thanks everyone for the suggestion, comments and reviews. I read every one of them, often more than once. I love you all.

It's finished now... Um.. I tried for smut.. But.. this is what came out. I'm so sorry!

"So Mike..." Harvey finally asked after the winner had been announced and the subsequent celebration afterward. Rachel was still around, apparently charming several people at once, but Donna and her guitarist were no where to be seen, so it was just Harvey and Mike. "Keyboard? I pegged you for a bass player."

"No way. Piano is easy, and a keyboard is an electronic piano. Bass requires a lot more skill than I have." Mike waved the suggestion away. "Besides, it would have taken a lot more practice to play bass tonight and I had work. This was just a favor."

"Pretty big favor. You helped them win." Harvey leaned over the small table, partly so Mike could hear him better and partly because he wanted to. "What do you get out of the deal?"

Mike shook his head. "Nothing really. I mean, they're happy, Donna and Rachel have a good time and you relax a bit, it's a win-win situation."

Harvey sighed. "Mike, you have to get something out of it, or it's not a fair deal."

"Yeah, but this isn't a courtroom, it's my friends. I don't have too many so I'll do what I can for the ones I have... You know that."

"Yeah, I do." Harvey decided then that he was acting like an idiot. He had Mike's full attention, in a situation that had nothing to do with work and he was wasting it. "Hey.. Mike?"


"If I were to ask you if you had any other talents, what would you tell me, this time?" Harvey kept his eyes on Mike.

"I'd probably tell you that, I don't really have any others. I think you've seen them all, congrats, Harvey. You're the first to learn them all."

The lawyer shook his head, earning a confused look from the younger man. "I still think you are hiding one."

Mike actually sat there and thought for a minute, which amused Harvey. "No.. I'm sure, that's all."

Harvey stood abruptly, reaching out and tugging Mike up by the arm. "We'll see about that." The older man headed for the door, dragging a vaguely protesting Mike behind him.

Mike let Harvey drag him out the building and halfway down the street before he pulled away. "Harvey, what are you doing?"

Harvey had stopped when Mike took his arm back, but moved slightly closer, making Mike take a step backward. "I am investigating."

"Then you'd make a terrible policeman." Mike countered, looking slightly nervous.

"Not really. I think I'd make a very good one." Harvey drawled, catching Mike's sleeve again, pulling him closer.

"Um..." Mike was having problems processing things, due to Harvey's proximity. Deciding to go for broke, Mike straightened. "How then? Because I just don't..."

The world was destined to never hear what Mike was going to say because Harvey had moved again, tangling his free hand in Mike's short hair and kissing the younger man. Mike instantly grabbed a hold of Harvey's shirt, eyes slipping closed, and kissed back.

It was a long slow kiss, almost lazy. Harvey kept his hold on Mike's arm, but the hand that was in his hair drifted down wrapping around Mike's waist pulling the younger man as close as possible, which really wasn't close enough. Then Mike's hands started to move, one moving tortuously slowly upward to wrap around Harvey's neck, fingers brushing the back of the older man's neck. The other hand though, slid down and under the loose shirt that Harvey was wearing, to wander all over the lawyer's back. It was distracting, but it confirmed what Harvey had been thinking about all along. That Mike's hands were as talented as Harvey had hoped.

Mike wasn't really aware of what he he was letting his hands do. He was far too busy enjoying what was probably the best kiss of his life. The fingers that were touching Harvey's neck must have hit a particularly sensitive spot because Harvey tightened his hold again. Mike didn't mind, really who would, he was perfectly content standing in the middle of the sidewalk, kissing Harvey. It was that stray thought, floating around in the happy haze of Mike's mind that made him pull back slightly, looking around self consciously. "Um..."

"See, you did have another talent that I didn't know about..." Harvey murmured, refusing to release Mike. "I think... I prefer this one to the others." Harvey kissed him again, briefly.

"Yeah?" Mike breathed, and Harvey nodded. "Hmm... Just imagine what I could do with more practice."