Ever After


(n) synonymous with living 'happily ever after'; implies a happy ending, often in a fairy tale like setting, but not exclusive to that genre.



Love at first sight.

It's a time-tested cliché of the highest calibre, but Ikki worships the ideal like it's some sort of fanatical religion. In fact, she's got it so bad it might as well be labelled a disease, like Ikki-itis or something to that effect. And while she knows it certainly isn't contagious, she figures it ought to be. In Ikki's mind, love would fix a lot of the ills of the world, along with rainbows and sunsets and spoonfuls of clouds (and she still doesn't get how the volcano option made more sense to Korra).

Inevitably, Ikki believes it falls to her to make a cure for this disease—the love at first sight cliché—and she makes it her mission to get Mako and Korra together. No matter what.

She tries several things to accomplish this task, including an ill-fated attempt to brew some very awful-smelling love potions and even the unfortunate incident in which she informed Mako's current girlfriend, Asami, of Korra's crush. Alas, none of these tactics work.

Ikki even considers kidnapping as an option: throwing the two 'destined' lovebirds together in a small room and locking the door. But the are several problems with this option: one, she has an early curfew (stupid father); two, Korra's been watching her like a hawk ever since the Asami incident.

It's one early morning when Ikki's about to scheme her next plan when she spies Korra and Mako sitting down to tea together. It's a simple act, void of any romanticism and fairy tale sparkles, but it's warm and intimate—far too intimate for a young girl like her to truly understand.

But what she does know is that Mako and Korra live their lives full of adventure and danger. Rarely is there a day where they don't confront the very real possibility of injury or death, so it makes the peaceful times all the more precious. It's times like these when Ikki sees Mako and Korra with their guards truly down.

Watching from the doorway, Ikki begins to wonder if small, intimate gestures like sharing tea together are truly better than living on a castle in the sky. Love, no matter how lofty the ideal, isn't simply a cliché to be read about in stories. It's something she sees everyday: it's the way her parents look at each other or the way Mako touches Korra's hand.

If you ask Ikki, she'd be frank enough to admit that love can be rather boring to watch sometimes, but it can also be exciting. It's the lure of romance. It's the what can be and maybe it will happen for her one day.

Maybe love isn't made of sunsets and rainbows and maybe love at first sight doesn't always pave the way to a fairy tale ending. Maybe true love needs time and experience (or even tea) to grow and develop. And then what?

To be honest, Ikki doesn't know, but the one thing she's certain of, the one part of the fantasy that she will forever hold onto, is the happily ever after. Because what other kind of ending can there be?

Author's notes: I didn't go for sappy or cliché, even though those were the topics. I thought I'd end it with a third person view, for only a child could see the happily ever afters in all love stories.

These seven Makorra Week pieces weren't my best, but I'd like to think that each one was written in my typical 'going against the grain' fashion. You never quite know what to expect from me, and though that's a hit or miss tactic, I still I hope you enjoyed them. :)