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White Day



Bolin loves White Day.

It's the one day out of the year that he gets chocolates—lots and lots of chocolates—from girls. Not just from a few girls, but from every girl he knows. And every year, without fail, he manages to get sweets from each and every girl, and today he has a mountain of presents sitting before him.

Only one giftee's chocolate is missing . . .

He wouldn't have minded really, but he has a record to uphold. So far Bolin has been able to track down gifts from Korra (she looked at him funny and suggested he buy her chocolates instead, but ultimately broke down when Bolin turned on the charm, ie. pouted to the point of crying), Jinora and Ikki (hey, kids count too! alas, their married mother does not), Lin (she was throwing out candy when he happened to be nearby, but that counts too!) and countless probending groupies. He doesn't even need to coerce anyone or bring out Pabu as his wingman (wingferret?).

Bolin manages to get chocolates from almost everyone he wants (again, Pema doesn't count cause she's married to Tenzin and he doesn't seem like the type who is down with letting his wife give presents to other men). But there's still one girl who is holding out on him. She hasn't even contacted him, and it's a matter of principle that Bolin receives his last gift from her. How else can he claim to be the ultimate ladies' man when he's one lady short? (This excludes all unwilling married women, of course.)

Asami Sato, his elusive gift-giver-to-be, is a tricky creature. She's always seemed affable enough, never treated him unkindly. She used to date his brother and then his brother broke her heart, but that wasn't Bolin's fault. She doesn't lump him in with Mako, does she? Naw, probably not. Maybe she's just waiting for the right moment to give him his chocolates—when Mako isn't around.

Of course Bolin isn't expecting Asami to just swoop down in the city streets on one of those cool plane thingies her dad invented, pull a box of chocolate out of her utility belt or whatever she wore, and hand it to him. That'd be too easy (although it would be TOTALLY awesome and he wouldn't complain if she went that route). But Bolin's expecting something and soon, and if Asami isn't going to come to him (super cool plane with equally awesome utility belt not withstanding), Bolin will have to go to her.

It's chocolate-gift-hunting time!

But how does a probending earthbender get a hold of the Satomobile and Technologies heiress? He's tried calling her home but no one picked up. He even tried calling her company but they said she was too busy. How can she be too busy for the Bo-Man on White Day? Chocolates needed to be doled out!

Bolin would have to think outside the box for this one. He'd have to be crafty. He's dealing with a woman who owns her own automobile and high-tech gadgets company (or companies, whatever). Clearly he can't just barge into her office without an appointment or sneak past her wall of security. He could call her again but that would just sound like he's begging for chocolates, and Bolin does not beg women for gifts on White Day. No sir.

What he needs is a net. Some sort of net that resists massive amounts of electricity that shoot from that damn Equalist glove she never takes off. Something like a butterfly net but stronger, and bigger. Then he'd scoop her up into it and—oh, wait, she's a race car driver. She can just take off on him. Then he'd have to chase her. He'd have to use his bending but not in a way that would cause damage to public and or city property. He already got read the riot act like fifty times by Lin Beifong for his road shenanigans with Korra and Asami. It's like Lin thinks he can't read or something.

So no property damage. Scratch that. But Bolin will get his chocolates from Asami . . . somehow.

So, to sum up: no nets and no tearing up the city streets. That only leaves breaking into Asami's house or one of her company buildings. But how's he supposed to do that? He could tunnel underneath her house. Mr Sato still has that hidden work area, but Lin Beifong and her men filled it in. Still, Bolin could easily cut a path. It might take some work (a lot of work), but it's all worth it in his eternal quest for chocolatey goodness from hot ladies.

But what if Asami isn't home? He can't break into her office building, not with the hassle of security and the inevitable property damage he would likely incur—not to mention the fact that Mako would personally kick his arse from there to the Fire Nation if he got charged with anything.

Maybe he could wait outside her house or her office and just sort of pounce on her when she came out. No, wait, that isn't a good idea. He remembers her being exceptionally fast and well-versed in self-defence (plus that damn glove-thingy), and then there are the many bodyguards. He'd likely get charged with stalking or assault (even though he'd probably be the one with his arse handed to him), and he doesn't need Lin reading him the riot act again. He is so sick of that act. She needs a new one.

Okay, so maybe it isn't a good idea for him to go through all this effort just to get some candy from Asami Sato. In fact when he really thinks about the lengths to which he's willing to go, he's almost motivated enough to go out and buy his own damn chocolate and put Asami's name on it.

So much for the record this year . . .




The next day Bolin wakes up to find a package at his door with a note placed on top. It's written in the most elegant handwriting he's ever seen.


Sorry these got to you so late. I was out of the city the entire week and didn't get back until just now. I knew you were sleeping so I didn't want to wake you. Anyway, enjoy the chocolates and I hope you had a great White Day, sweetie! Talk to you soon.



A slightly idiotic grin creeps onto his lips. Then, in the true spirit of the moment, Bolin picks up the phone and dials Asami's number.


"Hey, Asami!"

"Bolin? Hi! Did you get your chocolates?"

"Sure did!"

"Sorry they were late."

"It's no problem. Next year you can make up for it by buying me two boxes—and dinner!"

She laughs.

It's a sweet sound, almost as sweet as chocolate.

Author's notes: Yes, White Day in Japan and Korea takes place a month after Valentine's Day and signifies men giving gifts to women, but I've decided that our Valentine's Day is the LoK version of White Day and it's named so because white signifies purity. Also, I'm leaning more towards the Taiwanese tradition where women give gifts to men on this day. And apparently Bolin is obsessed with receiving gifts. ;)

Promptbending's Valentine's Day Challenge

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Length: Anything goes.

Deadline: 14 February