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I have the first 3 and a half chapter typed up (on my phone), but only on one choice... I have yet to write the rest...


"Medic!" you call from where you lie, bleeding on the battlefield from a bullet wound you'd taken from a sniper to the calf. If you hadn't seen him at his post just before he'd fired his rifle, you'd be respawning about now. You hear heavy, crunching footfalls coming toward you, and you're relieved to see the German veteran. He looks you over briefly, then pulls the trigger on his medigun.

"That should hold you until I can get you back to meine office," he tells you, his accent heavy, scooping you up into his arms, running in zigzags across the battlefield and back to your base. He lays you gently on a cold, metal table and rustles through a refrigerator, finally finding what he was looking for several excruciating moments later. Already you can feel the effects of the medigun wearing off. "This will only hurt for a minute," he says, turning to you, flicking the syringe in his hand to rid it of air bubbles. You gulp, looking warily at the oversized needle. He chuckles. "What, are you afraid of a little needle?" he croons, stroking your hair with the back of his glove, "I would think that after running around dodging bullets and fire all day, this should be nothing for you!"

You bite your lip, trying to be brave. What he said made sense, but you'd always been weak around needles. You squeeze your eyes shut, and are surprised to feel a mask descend over your nose and mouth. "I may be insane, but I am not a cruel man," you hear Medic say before the anesthesia knocks you out.


"Wakey wakey! You're all patched up!" Medic calls, his voice penetrating the drug-induced fog. You groan, but reluctantly open your eyes. "You slept through the last of the day's battles," he informs you, "You are, of course, free to go to your bunk, but I would encourage you to stay with me for the night," he continues, raising a questioning eyebrow at you.


If you are female, your next chapter selection will begin with 'a'. If you are male, your next chapter selection will begin with 'b'. If you choose to go with Medic, then your next chapter selection will end with 'a'. If you choose not to go with Medic, then your next chapter selection will end with 'b'