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A/N: Okay, these are my two favorite FF games, so this is sort of an idea I had since I can't chose which one I like better.  Please send me your suggestions and review!

(The main characters of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X were arguing fiercely.  Who had the better game?  Both groups insisted that they did.  Trouble ensued.)

Zell: No way!  Final Fantasy VIII was waaay better!

Tidus: Yeah right!  Besides, you have an ugly tattoo!

Zell: Well at least I don't sound like a girl!

Yuna gasps: You take that back you…. You….

Rinoa: Meanie?

Yuna: Yeah!

(Both Rinoa and Yuna giggle like the girls from Clueless.)

Yuna: Like, that was sooo cool!

Rinoa:  I know!  You were having trouble thinking of a word, and then like…. I thought of it!  Hehe…

(Everyone rolls their eyes)

A/N: I'm really sorry for any character bashing.  I just had to put it in cuz they don't like each other too much.

Silenced_and_blinded: I know a way to settle this.

Tidus looking around: Hey, where'd that come from?

S&b sigh: If I tried to explain it to you, your heads would explode from the technical lingo I'd have to use.

Squall: Like?

S&b: Like…  You and…are and…all IDIOTS!!

Rinoa: Hey, stop using such big words!  You're confusing me!  Squally!!

Squall: Oh geez…

Rikku: Aaaanyway, who are you?

S&b: I'm the author of this sorry mess, that's who.  So like I said, I have a way to settle this.

Seifer: Well?

S&b crazily: A song contest!!

Everyone: OH NO!!!

Irvine: We can't sing!  Especially him!  points to Tidus

Tidus: And why not?!

Everyone else: You sound like a girl.

Tidus choking up:  I…sniff do not…. sniff

S&b: Stop picking on him!!  (Hehe… he's so cute!)  You guys are gonna sing and that's all there is to it! 

(Everyone grumbles their agreement.)

S&b: Okay, the cast of FF8 is going first, then FF10.  Choose your songs wisely… cuz I'm the judge.  laughs manically

(Everyone parts ways to choose songs and practice.)

Well, that's it!  I have some song ideas in mind, but if you have any suggestions, lemme know!  Review also please!!!