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S&b: Well, Wakka, you ready?

Wakka: Ready as I'll ever be, ya?

S&b: Why did you answer my question with another question? 

Wakka: I didn't, ya?

S&b: Yes you did!  You just did it again! 

(Rikku starts humming 'Oops, I Did It Again'.)

S&b: Don't you dare!! 

Rikku: Sorry!

S&b: I mean, come on!  Is this Jeopardy or something?  Do I look like Alex Trebek?!?!

Tidus: Well…..

S&b: Don't answer that!

Tidus: I was just gonna say that Wakka talks like that all the time.  It's his accent.

S&b: I know that!  It's just I don't remember him doing it that much…..  Oh well, go ahead Wakka.

(Wakka proceeds up to the stage.)

Selphie: Wonder what he's gonna do….

Seifer: If he can even sing with that goofy voice!

Wakka (from backstage): I heard that, ya?!

(The lights go down and a single spotlight appears.  Wakka's hair is silver and he has a silver suit on.)

Wakka: This thing right here

              Is lettin' all the ladies know

              What the Aurochs talk about

              You know, the finer things in life

              Check it out, ya

(The lights go all the way on and a group of people comes onstage.  They are all dressed like Lulu except they have very visible thongs on.  (Yes there are even guys dressed like Lulu in a thong but I have no idea how that's even physically possible.  O well.)  This, of course makes Lulu furious.)

Lulu: How can he even think I wear a thong!

Auron: Lulu, weren't you the one who was running through that one clothing store looking for thongs?

Lulu: Shut up Chickenarm!

A/N: Hehe…. Thanx to my cousin Mark for the whole 'Chickenarm' thing!

Wakka: Ooh that dress so scandalous

              And you know another Auroch couldn't handle it

              So you shakin' that thing like who's the ish

              With a look in your eyes so devilish

Lulu: Is he implying that I'm a devil?!

Rikku: I don't think you get the song, Lu…..

(Wakka pulls out a thong from his pocket and throws it up into the air.  Lulu catches it.)

Lulu: Where the hell did he get this?  Uh…. I mean….. I've never seen this in my life!

(She tosses it away.)

Wakka: Lu likes to dance on the hip hop spots

              Then she cruise to the grooves to connect the dots

              Not just urban she like the pop

              Cause she was livin' la vida loca!

Lulu: Livin' la vida what??  What the hell is he singing??

Wakka: Lu's got dumps like a truck, truck, truck

Lulu: Hyne help him if he's saying I'm as big as a dump truck!!!

Quistis: Uhhh… I don't think that's quite what he means…..

Wakka: Thighs like what, what, what?

Lulu: Oh, he is sooooo dead!!!!!

(Everyone tries to hold Lulu back from storming the stage.)

Wakka: Baby move your butt, butt, butt

             I think I'll sing it again

(Everyone starts dancing around like in Sisqo's video.)

Wakka: Lu's got dumps like a truck, truck, truck

             Thighs like what, what, what

             All night long

S&b: Uh-oh….  Wakka, if you're smart you will not finish this song.

Wakka: Let me see that thong….

(Lulu has had enough.  She breaks away from everyone and storms the stage, plowing through all the dancers until she finally reaches Wakka.  She stands there, ready to explode, as Wakka keeps dancing and singing despite everyone else's silence.)

Wakka: I like it when the beat go

             Da da da dun

             Baby make you're booty go

             Da da da dun

Lulu: Ahem…

(Wakka stops singing and dancing and turns to face Lulu.)

Wakka: Yeah, Lu?

(Lulu brings her fist back and punches Wakka right in the middle of the face.  He falls to the floor and Lulu walks away happily.)

Squall: Oh geez…

Irvine: Is that all you ever say?

Squall: What are you talking about?

Irvine: Oh…. Never mind.

S&b: Well, uh…. That was…. that was good…  I guess….

(Crickets chirp until a figure tiptoes onstage.)

S&b: Seymour, go away.

Seymour: Uh… I am not Seymour.  My name is….. Joe.

S&b: Uh-huh, I see. 

"Joe": Can I sing now?

S&b: No!!!

(Seymour runs offstage crying like a baby.)

Rinoa: Why are you so mean to him?

S&b: Because it's the only enjoyment I get out of this whole fic.

Rinoa: Oh… I see.

S&b: Well, Tidus, looks like you're the only one left.  You're up.

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