Accidentally In Love (a My Babysitter's A Vampire fanfic)

Rated: T

Pairing: Ethan/Benny

Summary: Benny attempts to use a spell to grow him and Ethan a moustache but ends up making a huge mistake. Slash. Benny/Ethan. Mpreg!

Warnings: Mpreg.

Chapter 1 - The Spell (Posted 21 August 2011)

"Benny, this is a stupid idea." Ethan finally told his best friend. "Why do you even want a moustache?"

"Because, chicks dig moustaches." Benny said with raised eyebrows as he paged through his spell book. "I know it's in here somewhere."

"Yeah, on older guys who also have muscles and nice cars. I won't look good with a moustache. Remember when I dressed up as Dazzle Dan?"

"Yeah." Benny laughed with a snort. "Not a pretty picture."

"See!" Ethan insisted.

"But that was a fake one, E." Benny argued. "This spell actually makes hair grow out of your face."

"It sounds gross when you say it like that."

"Come on. Trust me. When have I ever been wrong about this stuff?"

Ethan gave him a look like he couldn't believe he just asked that. "Are you serious? Pretty much every single spell you try ends in a disaster. And you expect me to just sit back as you test your powers out on my face? I don't think so."

Benny pouted. "I've been getting better though. Gramma practices with me all the time and this spell is my level. Look, here it is. Just trust me, Ethan. Nothing is going to go wrong. We'll grow a pair of staches and then we'll have babes lining up to date us."

"I know I'm gonna regret it. But okay, what's the worst that could happen?" Ethan shrugged.

"Yes!" Benny pumped his fist in the air and set the book down on Ethan's desk. "Okay, you come sit down here." He got up and pulled Ethan from his bed to his chair, not noticing that the open window had allowed a stray breeze to sneak in and turn a page back in the book. "Now... we have to hold hands? That's a little weird. But it's for a good cause, so here." Benny stood in front of Ethan and stuck his arms out, acquiring an amused grin as his friend sighed and begrudgingly extended his arms and placed their hands together.

"Is this really necessary?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah." Benny nodded. "It says it has something to do with the hormones. But whatever. It's for the stache, dude."

Ethan simply shook his head in false annoyance and went along with this childish scheme. He knew something would undoubtedly go wrong, and he wasn't exactly loving holding Benny's sweaty hands, but if it would appease him for a while, he would try it, because that's what friends do. Especially when one of those friends had been forced to grow up way too fast due to the death of his parents. Ethan certainly didn't claim to be an adult, but he was by far the more mature of the duo. And he wanted to make sure it stayed that way because Benny deserved to stay a kid for as long as he wanted. "Okay. What next?"

"Well there's something we're both supposed to think silently. Then I say something out loud, and then you do, and we're done. Here, these are the words." Benny pointed in the book as he slid it over so Ethan could see. "We close our eyes and think this for about a minute. Like a silent prayer or something. Then I'll say this, and you say that. Got it?"

"Yep." Ethan sighed.

They both closed their eyes and thought 'parvulus' over and over again until a minute had gone by.

Benny opened his eyes first and when he say Ethan open his he said, "Nobis ubertatem."

Then Ethan followed him by saying, "Nobis paritura."

They started to feel a surge of energy through their bodies and a strange sickness came over them.

"Oh, dude," Ethan choked out as he bent forward, "I'm gonna barf."

"Me too." Benny clenched his stomach.

Like a flash of lightening, the boys took off to the bathroom. Ethan made it there first, chumming into the toilet. Benny followed right behind and puked in the sink. They retched for a few minutes before finally the sick feeling wore off.

"Benny!" Ethan scolded from aside of the toilet. "What did you do?"

"I don't know. Maybe I said something wrong." Benny panted. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Ethan breathed, unable to stay mad at his friend for long. "It wasn't that bad."

Benny lifted his head and looked in the mirror, scrutinizing every angle of his upper lip in search of any hair. "Aw, man. It didn't even work."

"Don't get so down about it. Maybe it takes a while for the spell to take effect. And if it really didn't work we can try again." Ethan offered.

"Cool. But we have to wait a while. The book said that you should wait about three months between attempts."

"That's strange."

"Yeah, but it is magic, so you never really know what to expect."

"True." Ethan agreed.

"Maybe moustaches were a stupid idea." Benny sighed.

"Hey, come on. Don't say that. You're ideas aren't stupid."

"But they kind of are." Benny admitted as he rinsed the sink out and heard Ethan flush the toilet. "I mean think about it. Have I ever come up with an idea that didn't end badly?"

"Come on, don't be like that, Benny." Ethan stood and walked over to him. "So what if things go wrong sometimes? Everyone messes up once in a while. But it's nothing to be sad about. Besides, your ideas are usually at least entertaining if not totally awesome."


"Of course."

Benny smiled. "Okay. Thanks. Maybe tomorrow we can see if there's an x-ray vision spell!"

"Sure." Ethan laughed. "Are you staying tonight or are you going home?"

"Gramma wants me to do laundry tonight so I gotta go home." Benny pouted. "But tomorrow is Friday so I'll be over after school and I'll probably spend the night. That way we can start working on our report for English."

"Sounds like a plan." Ethan walked Benny to the door and saw his friend off. Even though he knew a moustahce would most likely look bad on him, he was disappointed that the spell didn't work. Benny had been so excited about it, and of course Ethan was willing to indulge in practically any of the boy's immature antics. Anything to keep his mind on happier things.