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Charles Xavier loved his life.

"Hey, wakey-wakey…"

Charles mumbled sleepily in his sleep, snuggling himself closer to his pillow while his 'pillow' continued to shake his shoulder, not unkindly. He heard his 'pillow' gave a soft chuckle and the hand on his shoulder travelled south before giving one of his ass cheeks a surprised grab and squeeze. A small yelp of 'Tony!' escaped his lips as his 'pillow' laughed.

"Wake up, Charles, you're killing my arm here!"

Charles blinked his bleary eyes and finally his 'pillow' a. k. a. his boyfriend's face came in clear view. He had to smile sheepishly at the look that Tony gave him. His head was currently on his arm, close to his shoulder where both of them lying naked together. They were on Tony's bed, last night was Charles' 26th birthday and they celebrated it gloriously with dinner at an Italian restaurant and in bed.

Tony raised an eyebrow at his expression before he promptly kissed his forehead.

"Hurry up and let go of my dead arm, I need to go catch the plane before Pepper comes in and kills me for missing my flight."

"Do you really need to go, Tony?" Charles instead continued to bury his face on Tony's chest, causing Tony to gingerly run his fingers through his brown locks.

"I need to, babe, I promise I'll be back within a week."

Charles chuckled at his words before he slowly woke up to sitting position. He looked down at his lover and tapped his fingertip on his nose tip.

"Promises, promises…" he shook his head, a small chuckle escaped his lips again while Tony grabbed his hand, bringing his fingertip to his lips and kissed it.

"Okay, no promises. I won't be able to keep them anyway. How about a dinner once I return?" he wriggled his eyebrows, proceeded to sit down as well and pulled Charles back into his arms. The younger between two rested his chin on Tony's shoulder and sighed happily.

"The Thai restaurant around the corner of your penthouse?"

"No. Chinese, French, whatever but not that Thai."

"Tony, Thai!"

"No, Charles, not that Thai, as much as I love you, I have to remind you that last time we went for that Thai, we technically made out on top of their table."

"That's your fault, we should go and apologize-"

"Oh God, not this again!"

"Tony Stark! You knew that restaurant is one of my favourites!"

"Well, we should go to your other favourites, Charles Xavier. Don't ask me to apologize to them when you're the one that being sexy and a lot more edible than their foods, you're hurting my pride right now, babe." Tony made a face at him and Charles promptly hit him half-heartedly on his chest. The latter leaned forward to steal a kiss but then his cell phone started to ring.

"Oh hell, must be Pepper." Tony mumbled as he leaned down instead to leave kisses on Charles' neck. Charles bit his lip to withhold moan as he scolded him.

"Don't cuss, Tony."

"Yes, Mom."

"And get going."


Charles Xavier loved his life.

"Good morning!" Charles smiled at the waitress standing in front of him as he entered his favourite café to get his breakfast. Tony had left for his flight to London, finally leaving him when almost every single phone in his penthouse rang by his secretary. He chuckled at the memory as he took his favourite seat in the café. His eyes saw two other usual customers, a young blond with an equally young brunette beside him. Both of them sitting side by side as the blond had his attention to his open laptop and the brunette on his book.

Charles smiled when the brunette's eyes caught his and he was greeted with a smile from him in return. Charles noticed that they were always here at the same time as he was, exactly seven thirty in the morning and he had only once indulged himself in a conversation with the taller between two, precisely the brunette. His last name was McCoy and he said the blond was his roommate and colleague, who went with 'Summers' as his last name.

His usual order, a cup of Earl Grey tea and two pieces of toast with peanut butter and milk were served on top of his table a few minutes later and Charles wasted no time before he started with his breakfast.

Once he finished with his breakfast, he left the café to his workplace, fifteen minutes from there.

He entered the huge and tall white building, few students that walked passed by him greeted him 'Good Morning' with happy smiles on their faces. He returned their greeting equally with a smile and promptly made a beeline for his office. One of his younger colleagues, Raven Darkholme was sitting in the lounge, a cup of coffee in her hand as he noticed her.

"Good Morning, Raven!" he called out as he stopped in his track. Raven looked up at him and smiled.

"Morning, Charles… Looking extra happy today?" Raven smirked as she winked at him. Charles found himself involuntarily blushed as he smiled back.

"Yes. I'm 26 years old today." he grinned, causing Raven to blink her eyes in surprise and she quickly placed down her cup before standing up and pulled him into a hug.

"Really, Charles? Congratulations, happy birthday!"

"Thank you, Raven." Charles patted her on her back and she pulled away slightly, suddenly making a face.

"But that also means that you're one step closer to death?"


Charles scolded her half-heartedly while she laughed at his expression.

Charles Xavier loved his life.

Charles unlocked the door to his apartment. It was nearly ten to six and Sean, his housemate probably hadn't return from college. The lad had informed him that he would be back rather late tonight since he got some group work needed to be done within the week. Charles smiled at the memory as he slowly opened the door but then, the person who was standing in the living room, face to face with him caused him to freeze.

The man was taller, slightly tanner and his hair was cut short but styled rather nicely. He was wearing a turtleneck with leather jacket, black jeans to compliment his slim figure and his eyes were in the colour of grey blue. Charles was about to ask his presence when he noticed the display of guns on top of the coffee table.

His eyes were wide as the man stood still, eyes inspecting him quite warily and he finally spoke when the silence lingering a little bit too long.

"You might want to duck now." He firmly suggested, a tint of European accent – German – visible in his voice and Charles' eyes widened even more.


Charles didn't had much time to protest as the windows of his apartment suddenly broke, guns shots were clear in the air and he ducked rather disgracefully. The man grabbed his guns, pointing them to the door that Charles had left open and released his bullets. Charles squeaked when he felt the man quickly grabbed him on his collar, dragging him with him to the behind of the couch before he continued to counter attack their assailants.

Charles clenched his eyes closed as his arms went to wrap on top of his head. The gunshots were earsplitting and nonstop, he heard bodies fell, string of curses loud and the man pushed away his now empty guns close to Charles. Charles couldn't help his shivers as he looked up and watched his protector raised a hand to their enemy.

A sharp gasp left his lips when he saw his television and all his metal trophies being lifted into the air telekinetically and the man threw them away towards the attackers that Charles finally had a clear view of. They wore black uniforms and masked their faces with helmets. Charles couldn't help but muttering prayers at the scene while the man standing beside his position continued to withdraw bullets away from their focus just with his hands.

Charles didn't know what was going on but their enemy didn't seem to lessen and the man was shouting something in German at the direction of his kitchen. Charles blinked his eyes and finally noticed that some struggling was also happening in that place but he paid no attention to it when the man beside him mercilessly killed an assailant that tried to get near them.

Charles had to suppress a scream when the body fell on top of him and was later thankful when the German kicked the body away. He pushed himself to lean back even closer to his protector and bit his lip to hold any undignified screams to escape his lips as the assault continued.

"Well, well, look what we got here."

Charles promptly turned his focus back to the entrance of the kitchen and if it was possible, his eyes widened even more at the sight, or rather, the appearance of the man who just spoke.

The man beside him turned to give half second glance at the other that wearing black grey open coat with white undershirt beneath it. The latter gave a smirk at Charles' expression as their attackers spurted their bullets at his direction. Charles wanted to warn him but before he could open his mouth, the man disappeared and grabbed the nearest gun to him. Their attackers were then, cruelly killed without a second thought by their own guns.

The struggle took place around few more minutes as Charles continued to curl himself into a ball, body trembling terribly and sobs threatened to get out of him. He couldn't bear the thoughts that his apartment was being the venue of a fighting and shooting scene and he was so scared for his life. He was grateful that Sean wasn't home at this moment and he mentally scolded himself for being at home right now.

He didn't want to die yet. He hadn't found his real parents yet. He hadn't finished his syllabus on the context of his lectures yet. He hadn't kiss Tony good bye yet. He hadn't got much of his life yet!

Then the sounds stopped and Charles found himself blinking his eyes opened. He was still in his previous position, curled up like a ball with his back to the behind of the couch and his side leaning against the German's leg. And then, the second person, the one that Charles suspected as the German's companion stepped closer to him and Charles couldn't say anything at the sight of him.

He stopped once they were only one step distance away and his smirk returned to his face.

His familiar eyes, familiar hair, familiar lips, familiar face and familiar everything caused Charles to inwardly checked if he was dead and all these were just illusions of his past. Then the man let out a chuckle, seemingly ignorant of the blood that coloured his face and his clothes, maybe because it was not his.

"Lensherr, I think we've scared him to death." He grinned, looking at the German – Lensherr – while said man grunted, looking away. Charles tried to scoot away when the mirror image of him went to kneel down in front of him and inspecting him like some sort of an exquisite creature.

"Hmm… Charles, right?"

Charles blinked his eyes again, still unable to form words with his mind jumbling facts like mad in his head. He only nodded his head, slow gesture at that, causing the man in front of him to chuckle again, lending a hand for him to take.

"Hello, Charles. It's fucking good to finally meet you again."

Charles watched his hand warily before he slowly reached out to hold it.

"Again…? Who are you? Why… Why are we identical?" he heard his own voice, small but hoarse from his emotions and screams he had shouted as the smirk returned to the man's face.

"I'm Wesley. Wesley Xavier."

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