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"Erik, stop, wait-"

Charles leaped away from his position when Erik lunged toward him, one fist aiming for him. Erik abruptly stopped in his track and turned, this time a kick came to Charles' stomach and Charles let out an undignified squeak as he barely avoided it.

"Erik, calm down! Calm your mind!" Charles exclaimed, somewhat panicking before he ran for a shelter. Erik chased after him, metals shattering all around them in the Danger Room.

30 minutes before…

"A cell phone! Finally!" Charles inwardly shouted in happiness as he grabbed the only phone he found available in the manor. It had been four days and it was three days ago since he last saw his twin. Wesley, the bloody bastard – no, he was not a real bastard, Charles grimaced, because their parents were already married when they had him and because if he was, Charles would be a bastard too – had ordered for any phones or devices that could be used to contact the outer world – from the manor – being either hidden or destroyed. Charles had to suppress the urge to jump and strangle him to death right away but he didn't. Because he was too busy having his jaw dropped and eyes almost bulging out from their sockets.

The manor was about three hours away from his apartment and the only living shelter he'd ever seen these few days. Charles wasn't really sure where he was actually right now and no one seemed to have enough courage to disobey Wesley and help him. Or maybe they were actually too scared of Erik that always had this frightening aura when Charles' name was spoken; like he was an overprotective brother… or something else that Charles refused to acknowledge.

Erik tried to reason with him about his safety and somehow Charles found that this whole thing being-a-target-of-an-evil-association-that-tried-to-take-over-the-world was to make fun of him. Someone up there must be laughing his or her ass off while writing his fate down on a piece of paper like a bloody movie script.

Charles quickly checked on the Blackberry he found inside a cabinet, located in the study and sighed in relief when he realized the line was connected. He tried to recall back a number, typing them rather quickly and pressing the phone to his ear.

He heard a familiar tone as the phone rang and finally, it clicked.

"Hello? Tony Stark speaking-"

"Tony!" Charles cut him off, half excited and half worried. He could almost see Tony's eyes widened at the sound of his voice. "Charles? Where the hell have you been?!"

"Tony, it- it is complicated-"

"Complicated? I've been calling you for hundred times! Your housemate refused to say a word, your colleagues said you're on a vacation for fucking Hawaii! Hawaii, Charles? The only time we went there you made me swore to never bring you there again so don't bullshit me! And I'm still in London, damn it to hell, I'm worried sick! To death! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? 'Cause I'm telling you, you nearly succeeded!"

Charles winced at the anger, concern and frustration tangled in Tony's voice. He wanted to explain everything to him but it was unnerving. What if the Hellfire Club knew about Tony? What if they did something to him afterward?

"I- I am so sorry, I am just calling to tell you I am all right-" Charles gasped when he heard the knob on the door that led to the study being turned. But since he had locked it, the door didn't open. Charles breathed heavier when the metal lock unlocked itself and by that simple movement, it was clear; who was the person standing behind the door.

"Charles? Tell me where you are, I'm coming back right away, right now-"

"Tony, don't, I-I have to go-"

"Charles, fuck, don't-"

"I love you, Tony." Without waiting for his lover to reply, Charles ended the call and off the Blackberry. Erik was now standing upon the door, grey blue eyes clouding with thunderous, unsettling emotions as he watched Charles standing next to late Mr. Brian Xavier's mahogany table, a phone hidden behind his back – Erik could felt the metal of the phone vibrated –. Charles looked at him back, blue eyes wary but he was biting on his lower lip, an act he did when he was overly anxious but didn't seem to notice.

"… Charles, you know it's time for practice." Erik murmured quietly, albeit his hand rose to force out the phone from Charles' grip.

Charles let out a gasp, surprised by the sudden action. "Erik!"

"I couldn't seem to understand why do you insist of contacting someone? They could be in danger if Hellfire found out about their existence… They might capture them and use them against you. You are not fully prepared for any other attack yet." Erik sighed, easily crushing the Blackberry in the air as he abruptly fisting his hand. Charles stared at him, wide eyed and Erik spent no time to waste, hastily pulled Charles forward by the metal on his belt, cuffs and watch.

Before Charles registered it, he found himself and Erik entering Danger Room, a place modified by a genius scientist working for the Xavier that Charles had yet to meet, for practice. The room was very impressive itself, it could change into different sceneries, depended on the user and it could be activated by voices. Only Erik's worked as far as he knew. Wesley's might too but Charles hadn't got a chance to see him in the room yet.

"Activate surviving mode. Maze."

Charles' eyes widened when the dim room brightened into metal walls surrounded them. They were now in a maze, one pathway could lead to another that would either lead to an end or another longer and confusing trail. A tour puzzle; Charles gulped.

Erik looked down at him and suddenly the metals started to vibrate. Charles' eyes widened even more when he made a quick approach of an attack.

"Erik, stop, wait-"

Back to present…

"Erik, you have to calm down! What it is that has gotten into you?" Charles panicked as he ran forward, randomly picked one path from two offered as long as Erik couldn't catch him and sent him to the Death God himself.

He could felt the older man's anger and one unknown emotion, sharp as they spiked through him and Charles yelped when Erik suddenly appeared upon him from another path. He quickly dodged when Erik tried to grab his neck and ran away to another direction.

"Erik, stop! Why are you so angry and jealous? You're hurting my senses!" Charles exclaimed. He had never been in any sparing session with Erik before. When Erik said 'practice', usually it meant doing something like meditating or Erik teaching him some skills. Those skills sure did paid off when his teacher now on mission to murder him.

However, he realized that Erik had stopped hunting him once he shouted out his words. But then, another emotion was present, causing Charles to involuntarily shiver.

"How did you…? Charles, what senses are you talking about?" he heard Erik's voice somewhere, his figure hidden before the walls around Charles and Charles blinked his eyes.

Another emotion: confusion.

"Well, I…" Charles titled his head slightly as he started to notice it himself. He was experiencing… feelings that were not belonged to him. It was weird, he decided, but wondrous. In a second, he heard Erik deactivated the Danger Room by his voice and he came to meet eye to eye with one Erik Lensherr.

Well, at least Erik was not looking like Charles' death would be a satisfaction of his whole life anymore.

But the emotions he was experiencing, they were too much and too strong. They assaulted his mind and Charles had to bite his lip to stifle his scream. Despite his now blurry sight, he could see Erik staring wide eyed at him, horror visible on his face.


Charles clenched his eyes closed as his legs weakened. But he was sure that Erik didn't even open his mouth to speak and the Erik's voice that called out his name was too loud. As if it was in his head.

The last thing Charles aware of was strong arms pulling him close before he had the chance to fall against the hard floor.

Charles groaned softly at the noises surrounded his hearing. His whole body was numb and his mind hurt. His eyes remained closed as his hands patted the ground he was placed on; a bed. He must be in his – Erik's room – and he let out a relieved sigh. However, there was something wrong in the air, Charles could felt apprehension, anger, hurt and concern overloaded his senses and he slowly opened his eyes.

But the sight that greeted his blurry eyes was appalling.

He was not in his – Erik's – room but another. The patterns and design were the same so he was still in the manor. Wesley was present, currently standing not too far from Charles' bed. In his hands, two guns raised and held to another person's head. That another person happened to be Erik. His back against the wall and every metal in the room floated in the air, clearly aimed toward Wesley. The tension in the atmosphere was heavy as both men glaring at each other, probably counting second to see who would attack first.

Charles slowly collected every bit of his strength left as he stared at them.

"What are you doing?" his voice was barely a whisper but it gained Wesley and Erik's attention quite abruptly.

"Charles!" Wesley marched toward him, his previous attention to Erik forgotten as he approached him. Erik also looked at him but remained still in his position. Wesley ran his eyes all over Charles, face scrunching like he was a bit too anxious and when Charles smiled weakly at him, he heaved a sigh.

"Fuck, are you feeling all right?" Charles had to twitch an eye – again – at his language.

"I'm feeling good, thank you, Wesley-"

"I'd kill Lensherr if you were to sleep a bit longer just now." He threw a glare at Erik's direction and the German just responded by a raise of an eyebrow. Charles slowly nodded his head, taking in the picture and combined two by two.

"He didn't hurt me, Wesley, I'm just… overwhelmed by something." Charles gave his twin brother another smile as he tried to sit down. Wesley helped him, although not too gentle as how Erik would.

The younger Xavier stared at him again, his face lost its emotions before he flicked his fingers on Charles' forehead.

'Can you hear me?'

Charles' eyes widened when Wesley's voice rang in his mind but the latter's lips were unmoved as he stared at the former.


'Use your mind to reply, idiot.'

Charles inwardly rolled his eyes at his younger twin and did as he was told.

'This is groovy, Wesley!'

Wesley somehow smirked at his sentence and he turned around to look at Erik. This time, the taller man didn't hesitate at all to approach Charles. Charles watched with curiosity as he tried to pry on Erik's mind – just for the sake of trying – and collided with something hard. He abruptly winced at the pain and Erik frowned looking at him.

"Don't try to read people's mind, Charles. You're still tender."

"You block me?" Charles looked back at him in awe. Erik resisted the urge to roll his eyes at him.

"Hank injected you with something that will control your telepathy for twenty four hours. So now you have to start practicing how to control your power. We can't have you to depend on the medicine all the time, right? We also don't want you to go around and fucking rapes people's minds-"


"And we certainly don't want you to go and speak in people's minds-"

"Wesley, I will not do such thing-"

"With your uncontrolled power, you won't be able to make people not realizing that you are a telepath. So there'll be more practices for you before we go with the plan." Wesley looked smug this time, arms crossed on his chest and Charles felt his heart sank.

"What… plan?"

"Something that you'll learn later." Wesley answered. Charles sighed and slowly threw away his blanket. He put down his legs onto the floor and carefully stood from the bed. Erik looked like he wanted to help but fought the impulse as Wesley grabbed Charles' elbow to keep him stabilize.

"Where are you going?" Wesley frowned at him and Charles gave a small smile.

"I need to get back to my room, I'm not comfortable sleeping in here…" he gently murmured and if he was not mistaken, he saw Erik went stiff and his eyes went wide from the corner of his eye. Wesley only raised an eyebrow but let him go once he could walk properly. Charles inwardly sighed as he approached the door to leave but once he opened it, he bumped into someone else.

"Who the hell destroyed my Blackber– Fuck!"


Charles staggered back and abruptly felt Erik behind him, his arms went to hold on the sides of his waist while his own hand reached up to touch his forehead. He heard Wesley snickered from the inside the room while the person he just bumped onto kept on cursing nonstop as he aiding his own forehead.

"Geez, look where you're going!" the person, a blond, looked up at him and Charles swore his pain went forgotten and his eyes widened into the size of saucer.

"You!" Charles exclaimed, disbelief visible and clear in his eyes as Summers – one of the teens he met every day in his favourite café for breakfast – stared back at him with a smirking face, despite a red spot on his forehead courtesy of their accident.

"Alex, the guns samples are going to be- oh?" another person stopped just as he was about to enter the room. The gaping Charles turned his head to look at the person and his eyes widened even more.


"Geez, don't exaggerate yourself, big brother." Wesley commented with a chuckle followed his statement while the brunette that Charles just acknowledged involuntarily blushed.

"Well, hello, Mr. Charles, nice to meet you…" McCoy greeted him, still smiling rather bashfully and Summers beside him snorted before he casually punching McCoy beside him, half heartedly.

"I'm Alex Summers and this is Hank McCoy. It has been a while, isn't it, Mr. Charles?" Alex, blond one, smiled at him and Charles meekly nodded his head.

"Umm… just call me Charles…"

Hank stuttered for a second, rubbing his nape by his hand.

"So… err… how are you feeling?" Hank asked quietly and Charles had to force a smile despite the shocking revelation. Wesley came to stand beside him, winking at Charles before he smugly pointed at Hank.

"Hank is the head of Xavier's Science and Research team. Alex is our best… hired gun."

Charles gasped, blinking his eyes as he stared at the duo. Hank's age could be around twenty but Alex definitely still underage. Alex grinned at him before he looked up at the expressionless Erik who still held Charles close to him.

"Mr. Lensherr, enjoying yourself?" the blond wriggled his eyebrows with the smirk stayed on his face. Charles hesitantly looked up and he watched one of Erik's eyebrows, twitched. Abruptly Erik let him go and Charles suddenly felt very cold.

"Well, we should get you back to bed now, Charles. Evening nap, isn't it?" His brother stated again, without much concern in his tone – like how he always spoke like – and Charles meekly nodded his head again. Alex argued something with Hank as Charles followed Wesley out from the room. For one second, Charles had to glance over his shoulder when he realized Erik wasn't following them.

And the look that the German gave to him, his face void of emotions but his icy blue eyes burned, Charles found it hard to forget.

The next day, Wesley, Erik and Alex took the liberty to teach him how to control his telepathy. Hank had designed a special room with telepathic proof that could prevent his power from leaked out. It was truly genius of him, Charles mused as he stood in the middle of the spacious room with mirrored walls.

First two hours.

"We're going to start with a simple task first." Wesley nonchalantly stated as he waved slightly, a piece of white paper. Charles could felt their minds, dangerous but guarded and he couldn't help thinking, they must had experienced some situations with telepaths before.

"Umm… okay." Charles bit his lower lip and nodded. Erik crossed his arms on his chest, his back leaning against the locked metal door of the room, eyebrows rising. Alex was currently sitting down alone at one corner. Wesley gave his attention to the paper.

"I'm going to read this paper mentally, loudly and don't-"

"Wesley! You did not just read a lewd story!"

"… Charles, as much as I love you, this is calledporn, I'm 26 too and you aren't suppose to read my mind."

Second two hours.

"Your ability allows you to control people's minds and commanding them to do what you want them to do. In this second part, you will learn how to not unconsciously do that. There is a difference between 'you want' and 'you don't notice', you understand?"

"Yes, Wesley."

"Okay. I will give you some thoughts and I don't want them to happen. The first image is Alex barking like a dog."

Charles closed his eyes and slowly took a deep breath to concentrate. However, a barking sound woken him from his focus. Alex was on four in front of him, tongue lolling out and barking exactly like a puppy. Erik looked amused and Wesley was far from that.

"First thing, Charles, I said dog, not puppy."


"And second, don't lose your control."

The next few hours.

"Hmm…" Wesley looked thoughtful as he tapped his chin and stared at his brother. Charles gulped, he was sitting down on a provided chair and Erik was sitting across him. The German currently shooting death glares at his twin brother.

"Enter his mind slowly. Do it carefully, like you are holding something very fucking fragile and soft. Erik cannot know that you're trying to pry his mind." Wesley smiled wickedly, for the first time during the bloody training and Erik hardened his death glares.

Charles gulped again. If only glares could kill.

He shook his head slightly and took a deep breath. Gently he prodded on Erik's mind. The German's body was stiff and his emotions were in chaos for unknown reasons. Charles was full with excitement to finally read Erik's mind.

But before he could really enter, Erik slammed a mental guard down on him. That sent Charles

squeaking almost girlishly.

"Too loud. He's excited to read my mind." Erik raised an eyebrow and Charles gave a sheepish grin at his twin.

Wesley looked unimpressed.

The next few more hours.

"Lensherr is going to shoot something in random direction. This is about self control, you will know but you cannot tell." Wesley directed at him and nodded at the tall German. Erik was quiet as he raised his gun and Charles bit his lip, trying very hard not to rummage around his head too loud and obvious. But when Erik set his mind on his target, Charles' eyes widened in shock.

"Alex, run!"

The blond abruptly sat upright and jumped away when Erik released his bullet. The silver hit perfectly on his previous position and Alex went berserk with curses.

"Fuck you, Lensherr!"

"Erik, why you tried to kill our friend, Alex?!"


"… You aren't supposed to reveal his target. Alex is a self healer."

"… Oh."

Few more bloody hours.

"You know what, Charles?" Wesley asked him as he smoothed the wrinkles on his shirt. Alex just recovered from being mentally assaulted to act like a headless chicken and Erik somehow still managed to control himself from killing him and his abuser twin brother. His murderous aura was too visible in the air. Even a blind could guess that he wanted to end the Xavier's line.

"… Yes?" Charles meekly nodded, face contorted in shame and self guilt. Wesley still looked unimpressed.

"I'm going to fuck this and contact another telepath. She'll know how to handle you. One more hour I might end up killing you myself." This time, Wesley cursed somehow gracefully and Charles couldn't find it in his heart to disagree as his brother strode out from the room.

Charles thought that he was still angry because Charles just unconsciously made him to tango in his birthday suit.

Finally the end of torturous hours for a Xavier, a Lensherr and a Summers.

"This is Miss Emma Frost. She's a telepath and she will be guiding you on how to control your ability in three days." Wesley introduced him to a beautiful blonde woman. She was all clad in white and her skin was pale snow but her face was void of emotions. Charles smiled as he reached out a hand for a handshake. But Emma just stared at him with a raised eyebrow, refused to greet him back… at least physically.

'Charles Xavier?' he heard the woman's voice in his mind and Charles slowly nodded. Dreadful feeling suddenly overwhelmed him when a small smirk tugged on Emma's lips.

'Call me Emma because that's the name you're going to scream for the next few days.'

"You know, it kinds of funny." Charles commented one week later. Wesley sat on his bed, eyeing his neatly folded clothes and his personal materials as Charles packing his things.

"What is it?" he titled his head up at Charles.

Last few days, Wesley had transferred him to another room close to his own, refusing to let him stay with Erik any longer after the training accident. Charles had told him many times that the training had nothing to do about him faint but Wesley… maybe he was just a bit too overprotective.

"It was my birthday last week… I celebrated it wonderfully and I forgot about family for once. I used to think about our parents every time I celebrate my birthdays but… I somehow forgot about them this year. And then, suddenly you came." Charles smiled, looking down on him. Wesley was expressionless, staring back at Charles but Charles felt his leaking emotions. He was trying very hard to stay strong and ignorant when it came to the talk of their parents.

"… Is that a bad thing?" Wesley asked slowly, one hand reaching out to hold onto Charles' arm and Charles took it as a sign for him to sit beside his twin.

"No, no, it isn't… Wesley?" Charles rubbed his hand on his arm, smiling when he realized Wesley was eyeing his gesture with a troubled expression. Like he didn't know what he should say or do.


"Happy belated birthday, Wesley." Charles breathed softly and Wesley promptly raised an amused eyebrow at him. His twin brother didn't said anything back to respond but Charles knew that he appreciated it very much when he leaned forward and kissed Charles on his forehead.

Maybe Wesley wasn't that much of an abuser twin brother at all, Charles inwardly smiled.

Later in the living room, Erik, Wesley and Charles gathered for their final discussion before leaving the manor.

"I hope this week is going to pay off. It's time to go back to your life and start with our plan. We're going to kick their sorry ass." Wesley said, looking at Charles with a small smirk tugging on his lips. Charles frowned slightly and Erik was silent as he helped to carry his bag.

"What is the plan again, Wesley?" Charles asked slowly. Oh he didn't like that look on Wesley's face-

"We're going to make this week doesn't exist and you still don't know about your ability. The attack and deaths at your apartment could be that Erik and I doing. Not a trace of you."

"But… why?" Charles blinked his eyes, looking confused. Wesley shrugged his shoulders almost too casually.

"We can't get to them. My team hasn't able to pinpoint their location. If we can't get to them, we'll let them come to us."

Erik seemed a bit disturbed by his explanation regardless the fact he must already knew about the plan. But then, Charles paled once the information downed on him.

"You're planning to use me as bait."

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