Jake held onto one of the younger nun's legs. The three year old watched in silence as a police officer stood in the doorway of the orphanage. He didn't see much for Sister Mary Stigmata stood talking to the man. The officer seemed to be holding something.

Jake tried to walk over to them, curious. The nun stopped him. He retreated back to behind her. He didn't want to follow the rest of the children back to bed. He wanted to know what the office was holding. He yawned, but fought to stay awake.

The officer finally nodded and handed Sister Mary something. He tipped his hat, and then retreated out the door into the cold December night. The nun turned, holding something quite small wrapped in a blanket.

"Sister Patricia, we've just taken in a new boy," Sister Mary said, showing her the little baby.

"What's his name?" she asked.

"The officer who brought him here said he had no name. The poor thing was abandoned at a newspaper stand in Dwight."

The little baby in the blanket sneezed. It was tiny and a bit quiet.

"We have to have the doctor look him over to make sure he didn't catch anything too terrible," Sister Mary said rocking the baby.

"Well, we have to give him a name, Sister Mary."

"Let's see, he is the fifth child here. So something starting with an E for his first. As for his last, the officer offered to give him his last name."

"What was the officer's last name? Find a starting spot for his name."


Sister Mary handed the little baby off to the doctor. Sister Patricia picked up Jake and held him. He was starting to drift off to sleep.

"Elwood," Sister Patricia said softly.

"Elwood?" Sister Mary repeated.

She nodded approvingly, "yes, Elwood."

Jake yawned and closed his eyes, putting his thumb in his mouth.


The nuns had just put Elwood to bed. Thank the Lord all he had was a cold. Jacob walked up to the new baby's crib once everyone else had gone to bed. He looked through the bars of the crib to a little baby. He was asleep soundly, thumb in his mouth.

The young one yawned and turned toward Jake. He opened up his little eyes and looked into Jake's.

Jake was a bit startled, for the new baby had two different colored eyes. The right eye was a light shade of green while the other was a shade of hazel. Blinking twice, he yawned again.

Jake waved at the small child, and as if they could read minds, baby Elwood smiled.