Bit of fluff for my alerters on a Monday morning, wrote it before work the other day. Hope you enjoy. =) I'm still around, reading and writing bits here and there. Maybe I'll turn a few into something worth publishing. Reviews encourage me to do so. ^_~

Zendor belongs to WhoMe-2. Inspired by WhoMe-2's latest fic, "I Do, Times Two," where attempts at seduction are made to get one's way, and Chapter 10 of my own "A Feline's Fancy".


The Doctor closed in on Rose, invading her personal space and enfolding her in his arms. "I can get you anything, you know," he whispered, his voice a lover's caress. "Anything in the universe. Anything you want, you only have to name it."

Rose rewarded him with a slow, shining smile. She bit her lower lip in thought for a minute, gazing into his eyes.

"I want a pony."

He frowned in an amused fashion, thinking he misunderstood, or that she was possibly joking. "Anything in the universe, and you want a pony?"

Rose's smile turned into a smug pout as she lifted her arms to wrap around his shoulders and neck. "I want a pony. A..." she consulted the ceiling of the console room. " pony."

The Doctor made a face, his nose inches from hers. "What d'you want a pony for?"

Rose narrowed her eyes as if he were daft and closed one of those inches. "To ride, what else?"

He started to sigh. "Rose, where are you gonna ride a pony?"

Her smile returned as she thought about it. "All over the planets we visit. Across the galaxies, on moons and palaces."

The Doctor just stared at her for a moment. "Think of the running, though. You, galloping along on your pony. Me, running alongside you. That would just look silly!"

"You could get one, too. We could ride together! Or we could ride the same one. Or..."

It was the look in her eye that did it, he was sure. He blamed the look, was sure the image of a pink Rose riding a pink pony was her fault. Both of them pink, both of them bareback.

The Doctor swallowed, a dead giveaway but he couldn't help it. "Um..."

"C'mon, you know you want to." She teased him with her tongue as it poked between her teeth.

Oh, he did. He really, really... "Hold on, didn't you tell me I couldn't have a horse once?" At Rose's blank look, he added, "France, Seventeen Sixty-Four. Or... well, on one side of the time window." He was going to explain further, but he saw the recollection on Rose's face.

Her spell broke with her smile, her look faraway before she returned his gaze. "That was ages ago."

Oh, he had her now, and she knew it. "So?"

"That was a French horse."

The Doctor's expression deepened. "So?"


His eyebrows rose. "Rich, lots of horses. They'd never miss it."

Rose's expression defied her impending defeat. "What if it was a favourite horse?"

"I don't care!"

"Reinette's favorite!"

The Doctor hesitated, but only for a second. "That... no, I don't care! That isn't even the point! That isn't even why you said I couldn't keep it!"

"How do you know?"

He shook his head, his mouth open, wanting to speak but not knowing what to say. Finally, "So it's okay to have a horse, as long as it's not French?"

A touch of mirth returned to Rose's expression. "Yeah, so can I?"

The Doctor fixed her with his most serious expression. "Only if I get a Zendorian war horse."

The mirth evaporated before it had stuck. "Not funny."

"Not meant to be."

Rose pursed her lips as she retreated into deliberation mode. "I know what I want now."

A small, satisfied smile tugged at the corner of the Doctor's mouth. "Do you now?"

One of Rose's arms unfastened itself from behind the Doctor's neck and trailed down his collarbone. She pursed her lips before she spoke. "How about we go rent horses, somewhere faraway from France and Zendor, and ride whatever color ponies they have?"

The small smile stretched a bit further. "That sounds like a plan."

"On a beach?"