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the next morning Navaeh awoke to nothing but a long line of silence. she climbed out of her small bed in the corner of the attic, stretched and walked gracefully over to her small box of clothes. 'what to wear today' she wondered aloud and giggled. Navaeh grabbed her favourite tee-shirt and jeans, and walked to the bathroom. Navaeh stopeed dead in her tracks when she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. she stared in wonder at the mark forming on her right shoulder, her mouth agaped in pure amazement. soft intiricirate blue swirls were formed from her right shoulder blade down to the small of her back. then her eyes focused on the forming bruise just below her eye. but that wasn't much of a suprise. her adoptive parents had entered her room late last night, drunk and angry, so they decided to take their anger out on Navaeh, like usual. how she still woke up every morning with hope, not even she knew. with steady hands she reached and poked the bruise, sparks flew across the room, blinding her for a split second. when her eyes finally adjusted to the light she looked to see the bruise was gone. "wow" she whispered to herself, poking the now non-existence bruise that had been there. unless she was imagining things? yes, she was imagining things she said to herself for comfort. she grabbed her bag for school and ran down the stairs hoping no one was home. but when she made it to the bottom step she saw the front door was wide open and froze in her place. she looked down to see a trail of blood from the front door to the kitchen. she followed the trail to her dead adoptive parents, ripped to pieces from limb to limb. blood was everywhere. she couldn't move, couldn't find the will to speak, to scream. she colapsed on to her knees, tears sprung from her eyes. she never wanted them to die.