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Chapter 7: Revenge Is Best Served Hot


Namine's blood boiled as she stomped down the hallway. The words pecked at her, no, they drilled into her skull like a jackhammer.

He knew nothing. He knew absolutely nothing, and yet he had the audacity to say those things and continue to say those things. Was he that cruel, or just plain stupid?

The skater blew out a loud, frustrated breath, coming to a stop in the middle of the hallway. She sharply turned, pacing the floor furiously.

His words finally pierced through her skull via jackhammer. His statement filled her brain with thick, red hot anger. It injected the prior hatred for the artist like a contaminated, emotional syringe.

Her shoes pounded against the floor roughly, threatening to create a premature, worn down foot trail on the linoleum.

She crossed her arms over her chest. Her nails dug into the sides of her arms. A hiss escaped her lips when her nails dug into the bruised part of her arm.

The blonde's thoughts drifted back briefly to the night before. The cause of the many imperfections on her skin beneath the makeup filtered through her brain, overlapping the anger. She immediately stopped her pacing, and with an unrestrained sigh, sagged against the nearest locker.

"Do you realize that everyone knows you're a fake? You don't even have real friends anymore."

She clenched her teeth, brows furrowing.

It unnerved her. It made her incredibly nervous, the way he easily saw right through her flooded her body with anxiety. If he could see that she was hiding something, how difficult would it be for him to find out what exactly she was hiding?

It shouldn't have bothered her how much his words were affecting her. It really should not have. Or at the very least, she shouldn't have shown it.

The blonde growled, lightly banging her head against the locker.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Really? Did you have to go and just say that?

No friends?

She couldn't really argue with him there, and that pissed her off all over again. The anger seeped back through her pores. She slammed her hands against her hands against the locker, and pushed herself away from it, continuing her heavy pacing.

I'm just a snobby rich girl with no real friends.

Fine. She could admit to that – somewhat. On the other hand, she would never (she would die before anything) admit that to the stupid loser. There was just something about him. The way he carried himself. That aggravating nonchalance he directed towards her that just – just made her want to – to hit something.

Her legs came to a sudden stop. Shock ran through her body when she realized exactly what she had the sudden urge to do.

What was she thinking? The cheerleader never got physical with anything or anyone. Why was it that that infuriatingly annoying idiot made her want to do things that she never would consider doing before?

The cheerleader bowed her head, and sighed harshly through her nose.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Naminé sighed, shaking her head slightly. The urge went away and only one thing was on her mind, really: revenge. And not just on that stupid new kid. Oh no. Revenge on anyone who crossed her. Because this was her territory. Her kingdom. How dare her subjects try to lose themselves in the idea that it was anything other than that? It was time for the Queen to enforce her authority over these idiots.

Where to start first?

The obvious choice would've been that blond dimwit, but Naminé was organized, and liked to calculate her plans of attack. A vague, bitter smile graced her lips at the thought. Organized crimes. Seriously, she was a mobster in another life.

The anger subsided until it was more of a dormant volcano.

"Hey, babe," The sound of her boyfriend's voice startled her out of her plotting. She quickly spun around and found him, trotting towards his rightful place by her side. His hands automatically reached out to tug at her waist, bringing her closer to him (and sneakily slipping his hands lower). She fought the sudden urge to roll her eyes at the behavior. His lips were on hers before she could get in so much as a greeting.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so annoying if he had actually tried to talk to her before making out. Maybe it wouldn't have been nearly as irritating if he hadn't interrupted her plans of revenge. Maybe she wouldn't have minded if he weren't leaning so heavily against her, that she was starting to feel the painful reminder of the night before.

When he pulled away, she resisted trying to insult him. She needed him at the moment, and she didn't need to upset him. An angry Van could sometimes be hard to control.

He breathed out, gazing down at her with those golden eyes that momentarily drove away the annoyance she was feeling. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to be alone? I totally would've ditched class and came earlier."

And the annoyance came back full force. She inwardly cursed a storm at his stupidity, outwardly faking a perfected smile.

"I'm sorry, I got held up." She murmured sweetly. Vanitas smirked. Yeah, that drove him crazy. She wanted to roll her eyes, but kept them focused on the raven haired boy. "Anyway, Van, there's something I need you to do."

He watched her skeptically.

"I don't know, the last time you said something like that I almost got suspended." He answered hesitantly. She wanted to yell at him.

Bad boy! You're not listening!

She let out a low breath, scooting closer to him. Naminé peeked up at him from beneath her lashes, chewing on her lip mock shyly. Her hand reached up to innocently play with the buttons of his letterman.

"I know, I'm so sorry about that," she muttered huskily. Her fingers danced against his chest, curling around the neckline of his tee. He stiffened immediately, when she tugged his face down. Her lips moved against his ear. "But I'll be more than willing to make it up to you later."

His eyes glowed mischievously when she pushed him away with a sultry smile. She laid out the plan as simple as the boy's mind could keep up. He was off without another word, except for that lecherous wink. Bleh, she might regret that later on.

The cheerleader straightened her shoulders, forcing the smirk on her face. The girl's smirk widened when she spotted the coach a few paces away.

Next on the revenge list: fixing that little Kairi problem that was bugging her all week.



Roxas walked down the hall cautiously, as he headed to fourth period. His body was on alert the whole walk. He kept his eyes peeled out for any jocks, specifically for the nutcase's boyfriend. He was pretty sure she told him about the incident that happened. She told him everything that happened to her.

Seriously what a little rat.

An image of the blonde's smirking face entered the artist's mind which was quickly shattered when her angry face entered his mind. Another worried frown marred the boy's face as he remembered their conversation clearly. Why was it that he always managed to say the wrong things at the wrong times to that girl? And those tutoring art sessions? How was he supposed to tutor a monster like her?

It was ridiculous, unethical, just plain stupid for the teacher to ask him of this. Were the teachers that unaware of the rumor mill and gossip flow at this school? Or were they just idiots? Roxas was more than a hundred percent sure that everyone knew Naminé Strife had something against him and that she hated his guts. Even his newly acquired friends were somewhat wary during breaks.

He sighed, shaking his head dejectedly. How did things get this complicated?

"So you're serious?"

"Yeah, I swear I could feel everything over that bra."

Roxas recognized the voice immediately. Quickly, he ducked around the nearest locker, peering timidly around the corner. Vanitas, and his little band of followers laughed raucously, yanking the door to the locker room open.

"Can't believe Naminé would let you get that far. She seems like a prude." Tidus sneered. "Plus, she's got you totally whipped."

Vanitas stopped abruptly, knocking his forearm against the dirty blond boy's chest.

"Who are you calling whipped?" The raven haired boy demanded. Roxas scoffed at the mere stupidity of the conversation.

Does he really need to be insulted twice to realize he's being insulted?

"Nah, man nothing, she's a babe though." Tidus continued. After that comment, Vanitas completely shoved the shorter boy. His initial gleeful expression darkened immediately. A shiver ran through Roxas's spine at the look in his eye.

"Stop checking out my girlfriend." He commanded furiously.

"Dude, chill out." Tidus knocked his arm away. "You're the one that brought it up."

Vanitas backed away, the glare still evident in his expression.

"Yeah, shut up, I know. I brought it up for a reason though…" He trailed off stupidly, scrunching his eyebrows. Roxas fought the urge to laugh. "Oh! That's right, tonight's the night."


"Yeah, totally getting in in."

Roxas face palmed. This was ridiculous.

"No, way! How is that you get to bang the hottest chick in school?"

"I'm Vanitas." He said flatly, as if that were enough of an explanation.

How about the fact that she's your actual girlfriend? Moron.

"But anyway," he continued. "I have to do something first, and I need your guys' help. She told me I have to mess with that dumb new kid some more."

Roxas froze against the locker.

"What's the plan?"

"First, we're going to go in the locker, and.." His voice faded as the locker door closed behind him. Roxas moved from his hiding place hesitantly, eyeing the door with caution.

He was right, so completely right, about Naminé sending her stupid boyfriend after him. What a coward, he thought sullenly. Surprisingly, though, Vanitas didn't seem as angry as Roxas anticipated him to be. Wouldn't a boyfriend be furious if some guy made his girlfriend react that way? A fleeting thought crossed his mind. What if she didn't even tell him?

Then why would she send McStupid after me?

Uh, because she's totally psycho bitch out to get you.

The artist paused outside the boys' locker room doors. Fourth period, P.E class.. This was his most hated period. The teacher, who happened to be the football coach, always conveniently missed whenever Vanitas and his friends kept hitting him with the basketball. And after hearing the conversation with the idiots, he was positive the number of basketball hits would increase tenfold, along with something else equally painful and embarrassing.

Roxas hesitated, before turning around and walking away.

Screw this class.

He walked around aimlessly through the hallways, frequently looking over his shoulder. He got the eerie feeling that someone was following him.

Whenever a teacher stopped him, he simply said it was a free period. And they bought it. It was nice and relaxing. He didn't understand why he never chose to ditch fourth period at the start of his first day. Seriously, sometimes he felt like he was just asking for it –


Oh, he knew where that sound came from.

"Blondie!" Xion exclaimed, moving her camera away from her face. "Didn't expect to see you here."

"I'm ditching." Roxas whispered conspiratorially. The dark haired girl giggled, bringing her camera back to her face and snapping another photo. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Photography. It's an outside class today." She explained.

"Then why are you inside?" Roxas questioned, with a raised brow. The girl shrugged, and continued with the habit of fiddling with the camera lens.

"Looking for my sister." She said simply. "She should've been in the library, but I couldn't find her there."

Roxas nodded as he stared at the girl. Her expression was oddly worried, and it was weird to see that on her face when she was talking about her sister. Usually when Kairi was the topic of her conversations, it was mostly just a list of complaints, insults and more complaints.

"Did you tell her to talk to me?" The artist blurted out. Xion regarded him with an incredulous expression. "Or whatever. I mean, she was being civil yesterday."

"No, I didn't tell her to do anything."

The girl's blue eyes narrowed. He could see the cogs spinning in her mind as she thought about his comment. Obviously he had confused her about her sister. So obviously, that may have been out of character for the redhead. Well that was weird. And suspicious. Perhaps she was plotting something as well.

Roxas thought to himself, momentarily forgetting about Xion. What did the redhead want from him?

"She must like you then." Xion broke him from his thoughts. "Kairi's not really one to befriend my friends. I mean, I've known Sora practically my whole life and she has yet to say more than two words to him."

The blonde frowned as he processed this piece of information. He didn't exactly blame the redhead for not befriending Sora. The boy was pretty unfriendly as it is. He couldn't imagine how the brunet would act in the actual presence of Xion's sister. Well, actually, now that he thought about it, he did have an idea…

"Ah, I know where's she's at now." Xion said all of sudden, grabbing Roxas's wrist and tugging him along.


"-Come on." She interrupted, picking up her pace until the both of them were flat out running. "She's usually on the stage."


Xion stopped in front of the large auditorium doors, before peering through the small window. She let out a tiny sigh.

"Eh, figures!" She muttered to herself. Roxas stared at her, puzzled. He didn't understand the soft, furtive smile that suddenly painted itself on the girl's face.

"Well let's go in then-" the artist began, reaching for the door, but the girl swiftly shoved his hand away.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Xion warned. "Kairi really hates interruptions during her warm ups. We'll wait until she gets to the song."

The boy furrowed his eyebrows as another wave of confusion hit him. Warm ups? Song? What was Xion talking about? As if reading his thoughts, the dark haired girl smiled, gesturing towards the window. Her smile was dripping with smugness. Roxas hesitated, giving the girl a wary look, before peering through the window. And the sight nearly made him gasp.

The auditorium was empty with the exception of one person, who was sitting at the piano on stage. Kairi was playing the piano?

"Okay, let's go in but make it quick so she doesn't notice."

Roxas didn't even have a chance to protest or say a word as Xion pulled the door open and pushed him through. He was close to turning around and snapping at her, but the music that suddenly poured through his ears made him stop short. It was – it was unreal.

His eyes immediately flitted towards the stage, studying the girl playing the piano without any imperfections. Her fingers flitted over the keys in a practiced flow that ironically looked unpracticed. It was spontaneous, as if the redhead, on a spur of the moment, decided to play the first song on the top of her head. And it was unbelievably flawless. Roxas was almost convinced that there was a speaker playing a track and the girl was simply mimicking the notes.

Roxas vaguely was aware of Xion's small hand taking hold of his and tugging him towards the nearest row of seats. His eyes were glued to the stage as she sat him down, making him lean back to keep them hidden.

"She's very talented." Xion whispered, over the soft lulling of the piano keys. The blond found himself nodding dully. "And she hasn't even belted out anything yet."

"She sings?" Roxas asked, as Kairi picked up a different melody with a quicker tempo. Xion opened her mouth but before she could get so much as a word in, the keys on the piano slammed and resounded loudly throughout the large room.

"Xion! Seriously, how many times do I have to tell you to not bug me in here?" The redhead shrieked, having the decency to slam her fist on the keys again. Xion smiled sheepishly. "If you keep sneaking in here, then people are going to follow you and find ou-" Her speech came to a sudden halt when she noticed the artist sinking further into his seat.

The girl's eyes flickered dangerously towards her sister and back towards the blond. Roxas audibly gulped, wishing he could just melt into the cushioned seat. Kairi turned pale white, before grabbing her bag from the top of the piano and dashing through the curtains. Both of them could hear a sudden door slam from behind the stage.

"Well, there she goes." Xion sighed, setting her camera down on her lap. "We've scared the little deer."

"I didn't know she did all of that." Roxas admitted, still trying to come out of the sudden shock he was under.

"She doesn't even realize how talented she is." Xion explained, watching the stage with an unreadable expression. "She's just an idiot sometimes, always thinking everyone is going to hate her if they find out about it."



Lunch came faster than Roxas would have liked. He was still cautious, regardless if he had friends now. His eyes were peeled for that mop of black hair. It had gotten so bad that he flinched when he confused Sora for Vanitas at one point.

Chagrined, he snatched his lunch tray, and darted towards Xion's table. For good measure, he stuffed his hood over his highly noticeable blond hair.

He felt the eyes of his table on him, watching him sympathetically.

"If you want, we can go eat somewhere else." Xion offered kindly. Sora scoffed, stuffing pudding into his mouth. Pence shot him a look, before nodding his head with the girl in agreement. It was touching to see them worried about his well being. For the first time since he moved to this town, he felt like he had finally found some semblance of belonging.

"No, it's cool." He said quickly, lowering his head, when he noticed the jocks enter the cafeteria. "I'm fine."

That was a complete and utter lie. He wasn't fine yesterday, or the day before that, and before that. Nor was he fine now, when he caught Vanitas spot him. He had barely managed to jump from his seat, when he felt someone grab him from behind and drag him out of the cafeteria.

"Okay, boys, to the dumpster," Vanitas called out cheerfully. Roxas kicked, trying to at least go out with a goddamn good fight. The person holding him tightened their grip painfully, making him momentarily lose his breath.

They tugged him towards the exit. Roxas's eyes wildly scanned the room. They landed on Sora and Pence, both looked horrified. His eyes flitted towards Hayner, who looked skeptical, but took his girlfriend's hand and walked away. Kairi came into focus next. Her eyes briefly fell on his, uncertainly, before flickering towards her sister, who was marching towards them.

"Don't you think this is getting a little fucking old?" Xion snarled, angrily. Vanitas turned to look at her, and threw his head back laughing.

"Maybe we should clean out your dirty mouth. How about with the toilet?" He sneered, gesturing for the rest of his goons to grab the girl.

"Let go of her." Kairi's voice soon joined the commotion. The person gripping Roxas loosened considerably, that he had a chance to elbow the person. Roxas ducked and darted towards the exit, but Vanitas caught him around the neck, hauling him back to the argument building up. "Don't you know you're not supposed touch a lady like that?"

"What's the hold up?" Naminé, in all of her blonde bitchy glory, entered the fray. She looked annoyed, but Roxas had a feeling deep down, she was very pleased with the situation. Her blue eyes met his, but it wasn't like any of their other staring contests. It was like he was staring at a wall. No emotion whatsoever.

Kairi rounded on the blonde.

"I thought I told you to leave Xion out of your damn fights." The redhead snarled, jabbing her finger accusingly on the blonde's chest. Naminé's lips pursed dangerously, before flicking the redhead's finger away.

Immediately, Roxas felt his blood turn cold.

"You know, K," Naminé started in a nasty voice. "I'm getting really tired of this fake twin love. You're not really fooling anyone."

"I'm getting really tired of your fake apathy to everything. Who are you?" Kairi snapped furiously.

The blonde narrowed her eyes. Roxas honestly thought she was going to smack the redhead, but instead she smiled at Kairi.

"I think you know exactly who you're dealing with."

Kairi was silent, as was everyone else in that little circle. Roxas looked around, noticing that most of Vanitas's goons had escaped the crossfire of the two cheerleaders, leaving Xion alone. His arm around Roxas's neck tightened, and then he remembered that the main goon was still here, along with his right hand man Riku.

"Come on Vanitas, you still haven't taken out the trash." Naminé stated, shooting Roxas a loathsome glare. He returned it, wholeheartedly. There was really no one he had ever hated more than this ungrateful, selfish, disgusting person. No one.

The raven haired boy chuckled, releasing the artist and tossing him towards Riku. Roxas aimed a kick at the taller boy, but Riku simply dodged it, and held him in an arresting position. He tugged the blond along, following the school's King and Queen outside of the cafeteria.

"No, wait!" Kairi blurted out suddenly, causing Riku and the others to stop in their tracks. Roxas craned his neck around the bulky guy to look at the redhead. The same uncertain expression from before graced her face. She chewed her lip, eyes flickering from Riku to Roxas. "Don't – I mean, haven't you guys messed with him enough?"

Roxas's jaw dropped. He was pretty sure Riku mirrored his absolutely stunned reaction. Random singing star, Kairi defending Roxas? Who kidnapped him and stuffed him in this alternate universe? He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Don't you think you've done enough meddling?" Riku's voice broke the deathly silence.

"Just let him go." Kairi mumbled wearily.

Naminé watched the redhead's every move with rapt attention. It almost seemed predatorily. Roxas's fingers itched instinctively. He traced his index finger against the side of his jeans, drawing out the expression on her face, hoping that he'd remember it by the time he got ho – and why the hell was he thinking of drawing her when she was in the middle of making his life a living hell?

"If – if you let him go, and leave him alone, I'll – I'll um," Kairi hesitated, before flushing and looking away sheepishly. "I'll make out with you." She finished dejectedly.

It was as if she had spoken the magic phrase, or casted a wonderful enchantment over the silver haired boy. As soon as those words were uttered from her mouth, he pushed Roxas away, and eagerly stepped towards the redhead. Roxas stumbled over his feet, finding his balance.

Was this right? Was he being spared?

Kairi wrinkled her nose, looking more uncomfortable by the second.

"What the hell, man? What happened to bros before hoes?" Vanitas spat angrily. Riku ignored him. "Naminé, do something."

Said blonde, looked displeased, but that was it. She did not look angry or furious as she did when Roxas yelled at her earlier. She just seemed merely dissatisfied with the turn of events. It bothered the artist to no end, and he didn't really understand why. He was saved. What did it matter if the blonde bitch wasn't in a rage?

Roxas watched as the blonde moved around Vanitas, and stopped directly in front of Kairi.

"Revel in this as much as you can, K, because after tomorrow you're going to be nothing." Naminé whispered horribly, before sharply turning around and exiting the room, Vanitas in tow.



Naminé Strife was cracking. She was bubbling with unending fury by sixth period. It really didn't help that she could see the object of her anger a few seats ahead, laughing and joking around with Xion. Those losers really thought that they had escaped. No, not for long. She would get them back.

The first person she'd start with, however, was Kairi. Where did that girl think she was coming from during lunch?

Any wave of sympathy or guilt the blonde held towards her best friend flew out the window. She would not feel the slightest inclination of remorse tomorrow. She wasn't even worth Naminé's pity anymore. The blonde was ready to dish out everything at her.

Deep down though, Naminé knew her reasoning was not enough. It never really was. She also knew that after tomorrow, everything would change. And even deeper, below, she knew that she would hate herself even more for what she did.



"Hayner," Naminé started, breaking the silence. "Would you – I mean could you ever forgive me for something unforgivable?"

They both sat, legs dangling over the ramp at an out of town skate park.

The sandy haired boy frowned in confusion. He scratched the back of his gelled head.

"When you put it like that…" He trailed off, chuckling. Upon her silence, he stopped laughing. "Naminé?"

She lifted her head so that she was looking directly at her best friend. His hazel eyes narrowed suspiciously. She could almost see the light bulb going off in his head.

"What did you do?"

"It's going to be all over school tomorrow." Naminé murmured, mostly to herself.

"What is exactly?" He asked sharply.

She didn't respond, opting to stare down at the cement.

"Naminé," Hayner whispered intimately. It made her uncomfortable. "If there's something going on with you, you'd tell me right?"

She stiffened, it was barely noticeable though.

"What makes you think anything is wrong?" She asked, nudging his arm with her elbow. "You worry too much."

He pouted, furrowing his eyebrows thoughtfully.

"I don't know, I mean if it's about Cloud," he stopped abruptly when she shot him a harsh, cold glare. Her posture turned defensive instantly. "Right, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up."

"No, you shouldn't have." She cut in nastily. Suddenly the whole atmosphere dropped into an icy nightmare. The sandy haired boy looked away ashamed, and Naminé felt a twinge of guilt.

She rose from her seat, dusted off her jeans, and flipped her board up. "Come on, it's getting late. I have to get home before Vanitas picks me up. You know how he gets when you're around."

She didn't miss the way his puzzled eyes glinted with smugness. She frowned miserably, and wished she hadn't seen it. She was entirely too aware of how Hayner was always watching her. It was admittedly depressing. He cared too much, that sometimes she just hated herself for it. Hated herself because it was nearly possible – to return his feelings. It was nearly possible to fall in love with him. He was her best friend for as long as she could remember. It would've been perfect. He was the type of boy she would've married and had a bunch of kids with.

The blonde sighed wearily, moving the board underneath her arm.

Things changed. She changed, immensely. It was just entirely too wrong. He was a loser, and she wasn't going to jeopardize anything for something as trivial as a relationship.

The sun was setting as the pair walked, and waited at the train station. She glanced at Hayner, and saw the way he absently played with the wheels of his board. He lifted his eyes to meet hers, his eyes dipped lower, before widening.

"What happened there?" He mumbled, reaching up to touch her cheek. She flinched automatically, as if she were burned. What the hell? It took her moment to realize what he was talking about. She clamped a hand over her cheek anxiously, trying to hide the building up fear.

"Oh, this?"

Think of something, idiot!

"Ah, um, well, oh you know I was out practicing a new trick and I totally ate it." She answered brightly. "The ground…that is."

His eyes narrowed, before he smiled widely.

"No way! You totally should've showed me today." He exclaimed excitedly. Naminé sagged against the bench, relieved that he bought the excuse. Relieved, and slightly hurt. Was she that good at hiding it? Or was everyone just that oblivious? It should've made her happy. It should've made her revel in the safety of her privacy, but, she couldn't help but feel disheartened. The truth of the matter was that this was her deep, dark secret she was going to carry forever, and for the first time, the silly thought of sharing it with someone hit her.

"It's not perfected yet." She grinned sheepishly, feeling like shit.

"Next time."

"Next time." She promised.

If there even was a next time.



Naminé and Hayner arrived at the Strife residence just before the sun had set. She was surprised to see that his car wasn't in the driveway. She was also surprised to see Vanitas's car parked conveniently in his spot. Her mildly content expression melted away.

Her boyfriend marched up towards the pair of them.

"What do you think you're doing?" Vanitas demanded.

"Relax, he's just dropping me off." The blonde mumbled halfheartedly.

"Yeah, after she spent the whole day with me." Hayner said boldly. Naminé whipped her head around to stare at him incredulously. She shot him a look that clearly translated to 'what-the-hell-do-you-think-you're-doing-are-you-crazy?'

The raven haired boy scowled, stomping closer to Hayner threateningly.

"Are you kidding me?" He growled. "Stay away from my girl."

"I'll stay away when she tells me to."

"Hayner, go home." The cheerleader said flatly. His hazel eyes widened in surprise, before she caught the flash of hurt. Vanitas chortled, as Hayner flushed, glaring at the both of us. He gripped his skateboard, threw it on the ground.

"Fine, whatever," he snapped, turning sharply and skating away. She watched him until his figure completely disappeared. Her chest tightened and ached when she couldn't see him anymore.

Naminé sighed. She really didn't want to say goodbye to him on bad terms. After tomorrow, she knew they were going to be on even worse terms.

"What did I tell you about skateboarding?" Vanitas's voice shattered her stare. She tilted her head to look up at her boyfriend who was wearing a bemused smirk. "Babe, you're just not good at it. Plus girls shouldn't even be skateboarding." He even had the decency to pull her board from her arm.

She opened her mouth to say a snarky comment, or defend herself at the very least, but the word died on her throat when he threw her board on the cement. She was silent, watching him with unreserved frustration.

"Let's go to your room." He said offhandedly.


"Come on, don't be like this." He pleaded. "I even went to stupid Walgreens, looking like an idiot just to buy some –"

"You seriously thought I was going to sleep with you?" Naminé demanded incredulously. A giggle escaped her lips that soon turned into full laughter. "You can't possibly be that stupid."

The boy flushed a horrible purple.

"You – you said –"

"I said I would make it up to you. I obviously didn't mean sex." The blonde rolled her eyes. "And if I remember correctly you did not carry out my orders."

She shook her head, the condescending chuckles still emitting from her throat. She bent down to pick her board off the floor.

"And what happened to going to your house? Or did you suddenly decide you were going to completely disregard the plan." She continued. Her boyfriend looked confused. "Look, I think you should go home and reevaluate the entire situation, okay sweetie." She scoffed, turning to leave him gaping after her on the driveway.

She did not once look back as she unlocked the door, and closed it sharply behind her, turning the lock securely.

Naminé let out a deep breath, leaning against the door. Her eyes flitted around the hallway, ears pricked for any sound. It was quiet, empty. No one was home, which was a little relieving but all together depressing. She expected the maid to be here at the very least.

The carefully constructed mask broke away, as she raced up the stairs two at a time. She barged into her room, slamming the door shut. Her feet dragged her to her bed and she flopped on the duvet, burying her face into the sheets.

Her mind was spinning with thoughts of the day, and the feelings, she tried to deny, that were attached to them.

"You don't even have any real friends anymore."

Anger bubbled deep in her chest, when the face of the speaker popped into her head. Frustration and annoyance overwhelmed her. What really topped the cake with that dumb new kid though was how much she still grudgingly wanted his attention, whether it was good or bad. The fact of the matter was that everyone looked at Naminé Strife in awe, except for Roxas goddamn Highwind.

No friends.

Naminé didn't miss the way Kairi looked threatened in the cafeteria. She didn't overlook the way the redhead shivered and cowered. Or the way that Kairi instinctively reached for Xion.

Initially it made her smug. This relentless joy crept through her veins at the sight of Kairi in submission to her, however that sick satisfaction was nothing in comparison to the urge Naminé constantly tried to push away. The urge to actually care as Kairi sometimes showed she did.

The blonde rolled over, and stared at the ceiling with watery eyes. She sniffled.

It didn't matter though. After tomorrow, she wouldn't need to worry about the pathetic feelings regarding friendship.

For now, she would just stay closed everyone off until tomorrow morning.

The sound of the front door slamming closed, and the jiggling of keys made her freeze. She recognized the familiar heavy, slow footsteps. Her heart sunk immediately.

Naminé swallowed thickly, wiping her cheeks. Her eyes darted towards the closed door.

No, she wouldn't make it to morning.



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