Shattered Illusions Chapter One: Name is Freak?

It was dark and cramped, it was very hard to breathe. On the outside, the telly could be heard playing rather loudly, and the sound of the family laughing and talking were unmistakable. Listen more closely and you could hear the sounds of ragged breathing and small whimpering coming from the cupboard under the stairs.

The cupboard housed a very small eleven year old boy, ever since he was a baby. Other than the boy, the cupboard had a bucket for urinating in, an old tattered blue baby blanket, and some cleaning supplies. Not even a mattress for the boy to sleep on. It had been destroyed when the boy bled on it.

Freak hugged his knees to his chest and concentrated on breathing, it was getting harder. The vent on the door, the only source of air, had been shut hours ago and Freak felt like he was suffocating.

Freak made the mistake of taking a deep breath and accidentally inhaled a bunch of the dust. It tickled his throat and burned his lungs. Harry tried his best not to cough, but it just burst out. Once he started coughing, he couldn't stop it.

"FREAK!" Uncle Vernon shouted. Freak curled in on himself in fear. Freak could hear the sound of Uncle Vernon's heavy feet stomping on the ground, getting closer. Suddenly the door opened and a hand shot in and grabbed him.

Panicked, Freak tried to wiggle free but the grip tightened painfully and yanked him out. The arm pulled him out hard and let go, sending Freak's head bouncing off the wall. He quickly picked himself up, ignoring the throbbing in his head.

"What have I told you about making noise?" Uncle Vernon growled. Freak didn't respond. This was a game that Uncle Vernon often liked to play. He would ask Freak a question and pretend that he wanted an answer, but when Freak would answer, he'd get beat. If he didn't answer he still sometimes got beat.

Freak found out that under no circumstances is he actually supposed to speak. He hadn't spoken in years, except for the occasional plea for mercy. Freak didn't even talk at school because he never went to school. Only Dudley was allowed to go to school. Good boy's and girls were allowed to go to school, not good for nothing, worthless freaks.

"Answer me Freak!" Uncle Vernon demanded. Freak paled, he didn't know what Uncle Vernon wanted! He could never tell. Everything was wrong, anything he did went against the rules. The second most important rule was 'no speaking' but the third one was 'obey Uncle Vernon at all times'. No matter what he did, he was asking for a beating.

"Noise bad." Freak whispered and closed his eyes to prepare for the blow. It came, sending Freaks head into the wall again.

"NO SPEAKING!" Uncle Vernon roared, grabbing the front of Freaks shirt and pulling his up to his face.

"You're worthless Freak. Stupid, filthy, nasty, horrible Freak." Uncle Vernon threw Freak to the floor and kicked him in the side. "The bathroom needs cleaning. Get going." Freak scrambled to his feet and tore upstairs as fast as he could.

When he made it to the bathroom he was panting and faint headed. He was probably just hungry, it had been a week and a half before he had anything other than water. Freak turned to look into the mirror. His black hair was sticking up every where and was greasy beyond belief, his green eyes were dull and lifeless.

Freak turned his face, looking for bruises. None were visible. He could feel the bruises everywhere, but none were visible. His aunt and uncle hated it, told him it was freaky and would hit him more. Freak didn't understand, it's not like it was his fault the bruises were shy.

Freak frowned and opened the cupboard under the sink and started pulling out cleaning supplies. He spent the next hour scrubbing the bathroom clean and when it was finished he put the cleaning supplies away and went back down stairs.

Freak was going to go to his cupboard, but then he saw that the mail had come. When that happened he was required to give it to his uncle so he bent down and picked up the letters. He glanced down at one and he frowned. It was addressed, Harry Potter, cupboard under the stairs.

It didn't make sense, there wasn't a Harry Potter here, and he was the only one that lived in the cupboard under the stairs. Freak shrugged and carried the letters to the living room, where Uncle Vernon was sitting, watching the telly.

Uncle Vernon had taken the letters, and Freak waited to be dismissed. Suddenly sometime hit him in the face and he stumbled back in shock.

"YOU"RE SUCH A FREAK!" Uncle Vernon roared, throwing the letters on the ground. Vernon's fist made contact with Freaks face, sending him to the ground. "You unnatural piece of shit, bringing your freakishness into this house! How dare you!" Uncle Vernon spat, kicking Freak over and over again.

"Go to your cupboard and don't leave!" Vernon growled and stopped kicking Freak. Freak got up as quickly as he could, and that wasn't very quick, and limped his way to the cupboard. He could feel the floor shaking with every step Uncle Vernon took after him.

When he got to the cupboard, Uncle Vernon took Freak by the hair and slapped him across the face, the threw him into the cupboard. Freak sighed with relief, until Uncle Vernon shut the vent, closing off any air supply.

Freak crawled over to where his blanket was and put his face into it and sighed. The blanket was the only thing that brought him comfort. It was given to him by his mum when he was just a baby, and it was the only thing he owned. Freak curled up and dozed off to sleep.

Freak woke up a couple of hours later by his aunt slapping him on the face.

"Get up." She growled. Freak sighed and crawled out of the cupboard and stood expectantly in front of her. "Get up stairs and shower, you're filthy." She snapped. "No hot water or I'll let your uncle deal with you." Freak nodded and ran up the steps.

Once in the bathroom he threw off his tattered, oversized clothes and jumped under the cold water. Freak picked up his bar of soap and started lathering himself up, while eyeing the shampoo. He wished he could use some, it smelled good. But Freak shook his head, he knew he'd get caught if he did, just like if he were to use warm water. He found that out the hard way.

After he was washed from head to toe he got out and was about to put his clothes back on when he noticed a pile of clean clothes. They were over sized like his current clothes, but they didn't have as many holes. He grinned and put them on, then exited the bathroom.

When he reached the last step Aunt Petunia was standing there waiting. "Get back to your cupboard."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Severus was in his lab getting ready to brew. He didn't know what he was going to brew yet, he had many experiments to chose from. After some debate he decided to continue working on the healing potion he had started. So far, he had only done the research part.

The healing potion he was working on, would work a lot faster than the ones currently out. It would make Madam Pomfrey's job a lot easier. So with that, he started pulling out the ingredients and preparing them.

He was just about to start the actual potion when he heard Albus' voice coming from his fireplace. He cursed under his breath but was glad Albus hadn't waited much longer, other wise his potion would have been ruined.

"What is it Albus?" Severus demanded once in front of the fire place.

"I would like to see you in my office, my boy." Then the head was gone. In minutes Severus was in Albus' office, standing in front of the desk.

"Please, have a seat. Lemon drop?"

"No, thank you. What's this about?" Severus asked.

"Ah, right to the point like always I see." Albus said, "It's about Harry Potter."

"What does he have to do with anything?" Severus demanded.

"Well, he hasn't been getting his letters." Albus said, like it was the most obvious thing ever.

"What does that have to do with me?"

"I need you to go deliver-"


"Severus, you're the only one who can." Albus pleaded. "Everyone else is too busy. I was going to send Hagred, but something had come up."

"Why don't you do it yourself?" Severus asked, annoyed.

"I, as headmaster, am far much to busy." Albus said simply. "You must do it."

"Fine, fine." Severus said rubbing his eyes. "When?"

"Well I've been sending them for three days, so I was hoping you could go now." Albus said, his eyes twinkling. Severus was sending his best death glare.


"Oh, and take him to Diagon Alley while you're at it." Dumbledore called after him. Dumbledore could hear Severus' growling down the hall and chuckled.

Severus went to his rooms to change into something more suitable, then went past the ward to apperate to number four. He sneered when he saw the neighborhood. Everything was exactly the same. Even the cars were mostly the same models.

He straightened up his shoulders and marched to the door, and knocked. There was suddenly shouting and a loud crash, like something had broken, then the door opened, showing a small wale.

"Who're you?" The wale asked.

"I'm here for Mr. Potter." Severus said.

"Who?" The wale asked, his face showing confusion.

"Dudders, who is it?" A sickly sweet voice asked from inside, then a woman who he recognized as Petunia come up.

"You!" She shrieked.

"Yes, me." Severus said. "Where's Mr. Potter?" Severus demanded.

"Th-there's nobody here by that name." She said quickly, trying to slam the door. Severus stuck his foot in it and pushed it open. Then pulled out his wand.

"I'll ask one more time, where is Mr. Potter."

Petunia face went pale and she pointed to the cupboard.