Hey guys like I promised this is the new story called Naruto the true snake lord anyway lets get on with it.

It was the Chunin exam second round and Naruto had just been blown away by the wind that a certain Kusa nin used when he landed he was out cold for about 1 minute and when he awoke he saw a giant snake nearing him (Not the snake Orochimaru sent) He also noticed that another huge snake lie dead on the ground its head bitten off.

"Oh great one snake eats the other and then wants me for dessert" said Naruto not knowing that he had spoken in a language only snakes and other fork tongued creatures could understand and when this snake heard it it immediatly bowed or what looked like bowing and said "So a partial tongue has finally been found after searching for thousands of years I must take you to my father Serpos the snake god." He grabbed Naruto with his mouth and dissapeared in a puff of smoke appearing in a huge jungle full of snakes and in the middle of it was a huge snake at least three times bigger than the snake carrying him which Naruto knew was the size of Manda so for the snake with three heads and its scales looking sharp and that they could cut through anything.

"Father I have found a child who can speak partial tongue in a forest he is the first in thousands of years" said the younger snake.

"So a new lord of snakes has emerged he must be tested first I will check your will then your memories and finally your fear if you can prove to me that you do not fear then you shall have the snake god summoning clan on your side which also includes not just snakes but other reptiles as well like the lizards and dragons and there are many types of lizards and dragons but let us do the tests."

"First test I inject you with a poison so strong its not deadly but it is very painful you will show us your will to survive through the pain but you have to get to the antidote before it becomes so strong you go unconscious the antidote is over on that pedistool over there". After serpos said that he bent down and shrunk to normal snake size and bit Naruto on his wrist and the effects were instantaneous Naruto felt the pain and it was like liquid fire running through his veins all throughout his body.

Naruto was fighting through the pain and was walking to the pedistool holding the antidote and he coughed up black blood a few times but made it in five minutes faster than any of them expected and drank it before colapsing for a few minutes to let it work Serpos looked on pleased that the child had a very strong will and pain tolerance he had actually overdosed and gave triple the amount he was supposed to and the child did it so in his book Naruto had already passed and would not need to do the other tests but he would do them just to see how good this new summoner would be.

"Now I shall check your memories depending on them you will have a certain type of snake as your familiar if you pass that is".

After saying that Serpos put the end of his tail on Naruto's forehead and what he was experiancing looking through Naruto's memories Horrified him and he had to quit cause it made him want to kill all those involved in the beatings rape and assassination attempts but he knew he could not for the boy was to good for his own good he would never lay a hand on a civilian or ninja unless they went traitor that is how powerful naruto's will was as well as keeping his anger and what he found to be the kyubbis yokai in check.

"Well boy you have passed the first two tests with flying colors and to be honest with the life you have gone through I will bee your familiar you have had a very hard life and your will is stronger than the unbreakable adamantium that covers the sacred weapon of the snake god clan which if you pass the next test you shall recieve." "with that being said it is time to test your fear now I shall cast an illusion on you and it will show your worst fear if you can conquer it you pass." with that he cast the genjtutsu on naruto and to his and all the other reptiles in the areas surprise nothing happened Serpos tried again and still nothing happened that is when Naruto spoke. "Serpos-sama I fear nothing I lost all my fears through the hate and beatings I went through and it only made me fearless the only thing I have left to fear is fear itself and that is nothing."

"Wise words from one so young it is a shame that you had to go through all that but now you pass all the tests and we of the snake god clan and all reptiles that speak partial tongue are at your service also I have some gifts for you first we have the snake armor (He man snake armor from the masters of the universe vs. the snake men) I also bestow upon you the serpents bite now this weapon is very special it not only has a sword form but it can split in two as well as become a bo staff a scythe and a spear it has special abilities other than that as well the venom I put in you is one of them and a second is a corosive acid that eats away at the place stabbed and slowly increases in pain and eating away at the skin faster and if the antidote is not served they will die a very slow and painful death also know that the antidote must be given within 24 hours or even though they are still not close to being eaten alive by the acid it will not work in addition to these we give you the mark of the serpent which allows you to control the power of acid release and poison release and not the bastardized poison release some have created but the real thing you also gain the power of the imoogi an ancient race of snakes that if they swallow your chakra will become a Korean style dragon and finally we bestow upon you the strength of a snake now go you must save your teammates I sense they are fighting the one that has my rogue son mandas contract and he is about to beat them."

Naruto nodded and faded from the summons realm and when he returend to the the forest he was fast to go to where his team was and what he saw made his eyes turn into the slits of a snake and his hands flew into a blur going through hand seals when he finished he said Acid release: mist of the sadist" and shot it straight at orochimaru who was not expecting it and started screaming in pain as his skin started to melt off his body he left but not before saying "I will be back and whoever attacked me will pay dearly" he melted into the tree trunk and naruto dropped down.

Everything happened the same until chunin exam prelims what happens next will Naruto face kiba or someone else will orochimaru find out who attacked him and what of the attack on the leaf will it still cost the third his life find out in the next installment of Naruto the true snake lord

OC jutsu Acid release mist of the sadist is a very powerful concentrated acid put into mist form and can be wide spread or a single stream that when it hits turns into a cloud on a single target or if enough chakra is used can spread further it melts the victims skin in a very painful way and also has a nurotoxin in it that can paralyze