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Vesuvian adj \və-ˈsü-vē-ən\

1: of, relating to, or resembling the volcano Vesuvius

2: marked by sudden outbursts has a Vesuvian temper, but quickly controls himself

"You know Kensi, this is kind of a switch for us. Usually you are the one waiting for me to wake up." Deeks said. He paused, as if he was waiting for a response from his partner. And if he was expecting a response, he would have been disappointed, because all he could hear was the beeps of the machine hooked up to Kensi.

Deeks sighed. "This was supposed to be an easy case. How did things go to Hell so fast?"

It was a rhetorical question, he knew how it happened. Kensi had gone in to a building undercover and when she got made, the bad guys held Deeks, Sam and Callen at bay while they beat Kensi up. By the time the guys broke through the defense, Kensi was in bad shape. When they got her to the ER, she was rushed into surgery and was there for almost 4 hours.

Deeks had waited there for the first hour, but stewing there by himself made him lose his mind and he made a snap decision to go to the boat house, where Sam and Callen were interrogating the guys who did this to his partner. What he did was stupid and he winced at what happened when he got there.

Deeks stormed into the Boathouse, startling Callen and Sam, who were discussing about the guys they had in custody.

"Deeks, what's wrong? Is Kensi alright?" Callen asked. Deeks ignored them and stormed into the little room where the leader of the bad guys was sitting. Deeks smashed the door open, forcing the guy to jump.

"What's this about?" he asked.

"So, you like teaming up and beating a woman? A woman, who in any other situation, could kill you with her pinky. A woman who is currently laying on an operating table, fighting for her life." Deeks asked, his voice unwavering and so un- Deeks like, made Callen and Sam to take notice.

"Oh, so that bitch is still alive? Too bad. Though she is one hot piece of ass, even for a cop." The guy sneered at Deeks.

The guy stopped sneering when Deeks grabbed him by the collar and threw him across the room. When the guy landed, Deeks was already on top of him, bringing him to his feet and landing all sorts of punches on him. Deeks was so focus on the guy that he didn't even notice Sam and Callen rush into the room. He only took notice when he felt himself be dragged away.

"Let me go!" Deeks shouted.

"Not gonna happen." Sam said. He flung Deeks onto the couch. When Deeks tried to get back up, Sam only shoved him back down. "Stay down, Deeks. And don't get up off that couch unless you are calm enough to ask proper questions or you go back to be with Kensi. Now make your choice."

Deeks glared at the bigger man. "I'm going back to Kensi."

"That is probably the best decision. And don't leave her side until she wakes up."

"Fine!" And Deeks stormed out of the Boathouse, back to his injured partner.

"In retrospect, that was a very bad idea." Deeks admitted to Kensi. He looked down at his hands, which were starting to scab over from hitting that creep. "But I couldn't help it. The thought of you being in the hospital like this just made me crazy. I wonder if I could plead insanity if I got charged." Deeks wondered out loud. When no one answered, he sighed, taking a hold of Kensi's hand and giving it a slight squeeze. "I was hoping you would wake up and tell me that I couldn't plead insanity, but I probably could get away with pleading stupidity. It sounds like something you would say."

Deeks let out another sigh and laid his head down on the bed. "Please wake up." He barely whispered. "Don't leave me like this."

"What make you think I'm leaving?" a weak voice suddenly said.

Deeks head snapped up and looked at Kensi's face. Her eyes were open and a small smile was on her face. "You're awake!" Deeks exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, but it feels like I should be dead." Kensi replied. Her thumb gently rubbed across his knuckles. When she felt the scabs, she frowned. "What happened?"

"Well…er…it's a rather long story and I'll tell you…" Deeks babbled. While he was babbling, Kensi let out a yawn. "But you really should get some sleep." Deeks stated, capitalizing on the fact his partner was still on pain meds.

"Ok, but only if you promise to tell me when I wake up." Kensi said through another yawn.

Deeks only nodded as he watched his partner drifted off to sleep. When he was sure she was lost into Dream land, he stood up and pressed a gentle kiss onto her forehead. "For you, Princess, I would tell you anything you wanted to hear." And with that, he left the room in search for coffee.

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