Title: Painting the Roses Red
Author: vindictive-much
Fandom: Fright Night
Summary: Jerry lost control. Charlie ended up losing everything as a result. Warning: Slash, graphic violence and sexual content including rape and other disturbing content.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, minor het, graphic sexual content, masturbation, rape, blood play, BDSM, power play, graphic violence and torture, minor character death, murder, angst, any other possibly disturbing content.
Author's Note: This fanfiction is currently subject to editing because though it is based on the 2011 version of Fright Night I've currently only seen the original 1985 version and was too eager to wait to post this.
Disclaimer: I do not own Fright Night or any of its characters, nor do I make any money from writing this.


Chapter 1: Resistance

It was never Jerry's intention to have much to do with the boy next door, at least not until he killed him. He would be one of the last, though. If the kid or his mom went missing too soon cops would come around asking questions. Admittedly, though, Jerry was looking forward to the day he could sink his fangs into that smooth, pale skin and taste his blood. Not only that, but do whatever he wanted to the poor, defenceless thing between feedings and even while feeding on him.

Sure, his mom and that girl were hot and excellent targets, but Charlie... That boy had such fight in him. Jerry could sense it. Boys like Charlie always did and it was a favourite past time of Jerry's to break them. It was so damn satisfying to see them give up, knowing he was the one that extinguished the fire in their eyes.

Charlie shouldn't have been anything special, but his scent drove Jerry up the wall. Jerry could smell resistance on the boy. He was holding things back, and Jerry sometimes thought he might know just what those things were. It was a struggle to keep his predatory urges in check when the boy was anywhere near, even just when Charlie walked by his house. If Jerry had any less discipline Charlie would already be dead. Jerry knew, though, that as long as Charlie kept his distance he would have to wait.

Slender limbs bound, legs spread, muscles stretched to their limit. Such vulnerable areas exposed and vulnerable to a madman's whims. Soft, supple flesh marred with bruises and lacerations, life like glistening rubies spilling from the writhing body beneath him. Tortured screams filling the air at the tearing of a delicate opening. The pleasure of such overwhelming tightness...

Jerry growled as he rubbed his aching erection through his jeans. Thoughts of violating Charlie and taking what he wanted from the boy were becoming ever more prevalent. His eyes were on Charlie any moment he could catch a glimpse of his prey. At night when Jerry wasn't killing and feeding he was outside Charlie's window. He couldn't go in, but he could watch everything that went on in that room.

Jerry couldn't explain the thing that burned inside him when he watched Charlie with Amy. It was something different than desire. He felt hatred towards the girl. She was touching Charlie the way Jerry longed to touch him. Jerry sometimes thought of killing her, but he couldn't risk suspicion. Charlie already seemed not to trust him so his girlfriend's disappearance might give the boy enough reason to go sticking his nose where it didn't belong.

The nights Charlie was alone were what enthralled Jerry the most. It was almost like the kid knew he was watching. The way he slowly stripped off his clothes, the purposeful way he teased himself, and then how Charlie positioned himself with his ass in the air as he stroked his cock with one hand and then with the other reached behind himself to slide a finger inside himself, then another. It was all too perfect.

Jerry unzipped his pants, freeing his cock and pumping it with quick strokes, thinking of how roughly Charlie fisted his cock and how quickly he found that little bundle of nerves. Those hips moved frantically as Charlie rocked into his hand and against his fingers. If Jerry weren't unable to enter the house Charlie might not have survived what Jerry would have done to him. Humans were such fragile creatures. Jerry probably would have turned more of them by now but there were those that didn't live through the rape and torture they suffered at his hands.

And if that weren't enough to drive Jerry mad, hearing the boy moan his name definitely would have done it. It was him Charlie was thinking of as he touched himself. Charlie wanted to get fucked by him. This definitely changed things. From the beginning Charlie's eyes lingered too long on Jerry and now it was clear that repressed desire in the boy's scent was for him.

Jerry came with a snarl as he imagined sliding in and out of Charlie's tight opening. He wondered how loud Charlie would scream. Would he cry if Jerry was rough enough with him? The vampire smiled at the thought, flashing the fangs that would soon be in Charlie Brewster's neck. He wouldn't have to hold back much longer. This was going to be too easy.


There you have it. The second chapter should be up shortly.