Well, here goes another installment of the story. I want to thank everyone who's been so patient with my slow-paced updates. Luckily, my classes are done for the year, and being currently unemployed, I should have lots of time to write. Lol.

Chapter 8: Defiance

Jerry returned home just before daylight and was greeted by a worried Mary and apologetic Ed, although Mary insisted it was Jerry that owed Ed an apology. He said nothing to either of them. Though no longer angry, he didn't feel like addressing what would need to be said at some point. With morning coming shortly, though, it meant he'd be stuck in the house all day with them both. They'd have to talk eventually.

Eventually came a few hours later while Jerry was watching TV, but the talk was not about the subject he thought it would be.

Mary came and stood in front of him, blocking his view of the television, and said, "You've mated."

Silence filled the room except for the TV, which Jerry promptly turned off as he stared at the girl in disbelief. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"I know about Charlie," said Mary.


"So, you've been keeping him prisoner, fucking him, with no intent of killing him like you do the rest," Mary answered. "Ed told me, and apparently there's a lot you're not telling him."

"I am going to kill Ed," Jerry sighed. "Charlie's a cute little kid I get off on hurting. What's so complicated about that?"

"You've kept him all to yourself," said Mary.

"That's nothing new," Jerry said. "You and Talib have never been interested in the suffering of your victims the way I am."

"Ed is, though," Mary said. "And you always tried to encourage me and Talib to partake in such brutality. So why would you refuse to let Ed in on this? Especially with their history?"

"Because Ed, despite preconceptions, doesn't like dick," Jerry answered. "You couldn't tell from the way he's been drooling over you?"

"So the abuse has been completely sexual? Jerry, you may not be the deepest guy I've ever met, but for you it's never been just about sex," said Mary.

"What kind of point are you trying to make?" Jerry asked. "Mary, our kind doesn't 'mate'."

"Our species may not be monogamous by nature," said Mary. "But our tribe-"

"Don't make this about the old ways," said Jerry. "What does that even have to do with any of this? Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"What do you think I'm saying?" Mary asked.

"I know why you want to believe it, Mary," said Jerry. "But the texts were always vague when it came to the prophecy."

"It clearly states two will bring about our prosperity," said Mary.

"You don't have to quote the ancient books to me, Mary. I had their words shoved down my throat since I became a vampire, thanks to Skylar," Jerry snapped.

"Because he knew what was coming," Mary said.

"Well here's a big hole in your argument," said Jerry. "Charlie doesn't have the mark."

"Are you sure?" Mary asked.

"It would have appeared by now if any of that were true," said Jerry.

"Jerry, what's the point of finding the orb if you can't use it on your own?" Mary said.

"Look," Jerry said sternly. He didn't like having to do this to Mary. Unfortunately, she was pushing him places he didn't want to tread. "I haven't 'mated,' Charlie's just a cum dumpster, the ancient texts don't have to be taken word for word, and I'll find a way to use that damn orb when we find it, by myself."

Mary was silent. She knew she'd lost this battle, but the unforgiving look in her eyes told Jerry she wasn't giving up. Jerry would have been disappointed in her if she did.

"Speaking of which," Jerry said. "Why are you really here?"

Mary still didn't say a word.

Jerry sighed, getting up from his seat and leaving the room. He just couldn't be in the same room as someone he couldn't fool. Jerry never intended to go up to Charlie's cell, but somehow he knew that was what he really wanted and what he needed. It had been too long since he last checked on the boy, and even setting eyes upon Charlie again melted Jerry's frustrations away.

Charlie was curled up unconscious on the floor, completely through transformation, his wounds completely healed with only scars left in their wake. Jerry leaned down and studied the sleeping boy, watching as Charlie's eyelids fluttered. Dreaming. Of what?

As Charlie turned over in his sleep, Jerry was met with a surprising sight. He must not have noticed because of all the blood at first, but showing through the dry, red smears covering Charlie's back was...

"No fucking way," Jerry thought. He began licking the dry blood from Charlie's back, still tasty despite being dry and left out for quite a while. That was when he felt Charlie stir and heard... The kid giggled. Probably not yet awake enough to remember where he was. Then Jerry saw that which he'd denied only minutes earlier.

On Charlie's back, between his shoulder blades, was the mark; an eclipse that looked as though it had been burned into his back, identical to the one on Jerry's own.

Then Jerry heard Charlie scream, and out of nowhere the teen swiped him across the face.

"You little fucker!" Jerry shouted, covering his bleeding face.

"Stay away from me!" Charlie snapped, scrambling away from Jerry. The other vampire reached out and grabbed him, effortlessly pulling Charlie close to him. Charlie went rigid and began to tremble as Jerry pulled him up and pushed him against the wall, his face hitting the wall hard. Even as a vampire, Charlie was no match for the stronger, larger man.

Though his vision was slightly obstructed by the blood in his eyes, Jerry could not mistake the scar on Charlie's back for anything else. Jerry started to laugh low in his throat at the absurdity and complete unfairness of it all. This meant... Oh, fuck...

"What am I going to be wrong about next?" Jerry chuckled, running his fingers over Charlie's back, making the boy shudder. Oh, Charlie... Jerry wanted to be mad at his little captive, find an excuse to punish him. However, it was more his situation Jerry was angry about. It wasn't Charlie's fault he was special. Jerry had always known that, and now he knew why.

Jerry's blood dripped down his face and onto Charlie's back. The kid cut him pretty good. Jerry kissed up and down Charlie's neck, blood from Jerry's cut open lip smearing the pallid skin. The teen squirmed and struggled as Jerry's arms came around him securely, pressing their bodies together. Jerry smiled against Charlie's skin as he felt that thrill once more. Willing or not, Charlie was definitely more fun as an active participant.

"Stop it," Charlie all but whined, digging his nails into Jerry's arm.

"Couldn't even if I wanted to," Jerry purred as he rutted against Charlie. As Charlie's nails sank deeper, Jerry moaned. "Keep going, guy. I like that."

"You sick freak," Charlie hissed, struggling even harder. He could feel Jerry growing hard against him and himself getting aroused by the vampire's touches.

"If I'm so sick, then why do you like it?" Jerry asked. He dragged a nail over Charlie's hip, relishing in how the boy shuddered. "Face it, Charlie. You're just as fucked up. You have no idea how much like me you are."

"No!" Charlie shouted, his struggling growing even more frantic before Jerry shoved him into the wall again. Charlie screamed as Jerry bit him. Jerry forced Charlie to the floor and freed himself from the confines of his jeans, entering Charlie roughly. He slowly fucked Charlie, holding the trembling body close as he drank from the boy.

Charlie bit his lip and blood dribbled down his chin as he did everything he could to keep from screaming or crying. He refused to give Jerry the satisfaction of his suffering.

Jerry came with a grunt inside of Charlie. He reached around to grant Charlie his own release, which didn't take long. A whimper escaped Charlie as he came and Jerry pulled out of him. He felt the man's hot breath on his neck as Jerry said, "You know, Charlie, if it were anyone else, they wouldn't be so lucky."

"Lucky?" Charlie thought. He was in hell. What could Jerry do to him that was any worse than what he'd already done?

"I have to go now, Charlie," Jerry said, that mockingly sweet tone sickening the young vampire. "Don't worry. I'll be back later." With that, Jerry stood up and left Charlie to his misery.

Jerry lingered in the hall after locking the door, recomposing himself from the state he'd been left in.

"How am I going to live this down?" Jerry thought.

Already covered in blood, Jerry figured he might as well clear out the dead bodies from the other cells. Wouldn't be long before they started to stink up the place.


"What the hell happened to you?" Ed asked in bewilderment at the sight of Jerry's bleeding face. Mary looked just as surprised over the state Jerry was in.

"Charlie," was all Jerry said as he dragged three dead bodies to the basement door. "Could you two make yourselves useful and help me? These sons of bitches can be buried that much quicker, then."

Not wanting to piss off Jerry, since he already seemed aggravated, Mary and Ed followed him to the basement.

Ed took Mary aside and asked her, "Is it just me or does Jerry seem really pissy lately?"

"He seems to have been that way ever since I got here," said Mary. "Then again, I have been pushing some issues that Jerry isn't willing to discuss, mainly having to do with Charlie."

"You said Charlie might be special," said Ed. "What does that mean?"

"I can hear you two, you know," Jerry said.

The two teenagers turned around to find Jerry glaring at them.

"You're right, though," he said. "Charlie does have the mark."

"What mark?" Ed asked. "Seriously. What's going on here?"

Jerry walked over to them and handed them both shovels, then told Ed, "Once we're through with this, I'll explain everything."