It's just these two poems I wrote after re-watching episode 24 of the first season. Don't worry! Responsibilities will be up soon!

Searing and white-hot, this pain is nothing of this Earth

Surely, it is a most unforgettable ache, not as simple as birth

Yes, the burning is such a thing indescribable

So forgive me if you find this unreliable

Satisfied smirking eyes

What are they trying to disguise?

Better yet, what are they trying to tell?

Will sitting in a demon's belly be an equivalent to Hell?

Or is it much worse?

Will other souls be where I'll be?

Twisting and writhing in anguish and agony?

The ripping and tearing grows more violent than before

However, I am silent because I'll not know more

To be consumed by him is a fate I'll have to accept

I have used his services fully and now it is time to pay my debt

I know that I have lived my life full to the brim

I am Ciel Phantomhive, and I decree that my soul now officially belongs to him

The time is finally here

The soul I've worked arduously for, held near and dear

It will be mine

No more will I pine

The feelings I had for the Young Master were genuine, believe me

But there are times when the heart's influences take control, if need be

To say that I was delusional under the threat of starvation

Could not only be the reason behind my motivation

The Earl Phantomhive was in possession of such a rare soul

Innocently white, yet as black as coal

Is this what happens when a child's youth is taken before the appropriate time?

Living aimlessly for days, silent like a mime?

Cultivated to perfection

For this soul not only hunger prevails, but a great affection

I am about to permanently burn away my Master's dread

I mockingly thank the Lord for my daily bread




The aura of my unadulterated rage surrounds my shaking frame

Tears cascade down my face, mourning for whomever I was about to maim

Even though the fault was partially my own, I refuse to forgive

The demon responsible for stealing my Young Master's soul shall not live