Authors Note: This is my first ever Klaine fic, so take it easy on me please. I really don't know what I'm doing but I'm learning! Let me know what you think and how I can improve :3

Kurt doubled over, his chest aching as he suffered from yet another coughing fit. They were getting worse, and for a Broadway star that was never good. He had been sent home earlier in the day under firm orders to get some rest. His understudy Rick had given him a warm hug and a number for Dr Anderson's practice, the best doctor in New York.

At 24 Kurt was one of the most well known Broadway stars out today. He had traveled back and forth from Ohio to New York for several years, waiting for his big break to come. When it did, a year and a half ago, Kurt rented the closest cleanest condo he could get to his acting agency. New York had been a dream come true, with friendly people and a new experience every day it was never boring. Kurt's love life was never serious, his job and art had come first. He had enrolled in a Design school course which would be starting after his next show is finished.

When he finally got his Broadway break Kurt had been in a rerun of Guys and Dolls for the first six months, then a new show called Bang Bang Goodbye which had really gotten a lot of attention, every show was sold out. His latest show, soon to open, was Lost in Gravity, and he had the main role. He couldn't just call in sick a week and a half before it open.

So this left Kurt sipping on cold water, starring at the small white card in his hand. 'Dr Anderson's Practice' was clearly printed on it, an address and phone number below. You would think after a year and a half in New York Kurt would know a doctor, or at least have seen one, but he had been so busy and so healthy he never had the need for one. Kurt sighed, putting his phone to his ear; a small wheezing sound was now coming from within his throat as he breathed, he needed to get in as soon as he possible.

Listening to the dial tone he looked at himself in his bedroom mirror. Tired glasz coloured eyes gazed back at him, more blue then green today. He noted the purple colour under his dull eyes, lack of sleep starting to etch into his features. Kurt scrunched up his nose, noting his skin looking dryer than usual. Kurt was disappointed by his lack of moisturizing routine time he had put in. Running a hand through his brown locks he sighed, the phone finally clicking over to a receptionist.

"Dr. Anderson Practice, how may I help you?" A small high voice came through the earpiece.

"Uh yes, Id like to book an appoint for as soon as possible with the doctor.." Kurt paused to cough again. "I haven't seen him before, but I need to see a doctor as soon as possible please."

There was a small pause; Kurt assumed the lady was searching through appointment times. "We have a cancellation for tomorrow morning at 8.30am, is that okay with you? The next appointment after that is Tuesday at 12.15pm." Kurt pictured the girl, young and bored, flicking her pen back and forth as she waited for a reply.

"I will take tomorrow" his voice came out raspy, the sooner the better. If he left it for another three days he might not be better before the show started.

"Name and contact number? Can you please come in a little early so we can set up a file for you" the lady, Kurt could hear the little clicking noise of a pen.

"Kurt Hummel, 555-388-374" he sipped some more of his water, the icy cold water hitting his tender throat. With that the phone call was done, he would be seeing a doctor in the morning.

Kurt sighed, putting the water down on his bedside table and setting his Iphone up on his dock. Like in the movies by Katy Perry started playing around his room, he slowly stripped down to boxers and a tshirt, curling into his soft queen size bed. The bed sheets were cool against his warm skin, his heavy eyelids closing. Kurt breathed in, the scent of roses filling his nostrils. Within minutes his slipped into a deep sleep, his dreams taking over from reality.