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Fallenangelqueen: "Hm got to the first word and decide. I'd rather not waste my time reading that.
I DO know that rules I have read them and I have never seen someone have their story deleted because of sexual content. Never heard it until now and im pretty sure I don't believe it as far as it goes
whatever I don't give a ** anymore the M-rated version probably sucks ** like the PG-13 one did.

And YES you WERE rude in your A/N an trust me because I've done that before. You want people to pay attention to something important? Be blunt and clear about it don't type some huge three paragrpah stating something nobody really cares about and maybe you shouldve warned people about the website link and how you need an account, because I've already discussed with a few readers on here and they said that ** them off too. You didn't have to go and attack everybody for your mistake of not informing us correctly
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You didn't have to be a freak and flip out, I mean damn you couldve been polite and blunt and just tol me the reason. I hope you realize that I wouldve been fine with a simple explanation instead of well that ** message you sent.


don't respond I'll just delete it I don't waste time on people who can't handle my opinion and spaz out like a ** retard... I hve better things to do"

Okay. Now let me break this down for you guys. First of all, if this viewer KNEW the rules, she'd realize that my comment to her about the rules is 100% true considering the fact that I QUOTED the fucking rules to her in my response. You can't claim to know the rules if you won't even acknowledge what was quoted directly from the site.

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Dib Is Sick Chapter 25: A First Time For Everything

Zim: Sassafrass002

Dib: Me

Beta: Sassafrass002

Warnings: Extreme OOCness

Rating: M (This is only the PG-13 version though. Please see profile for link to M rated version.)

Disclaimer: We do not own Invader Zim, nor any of the characters from it. We do not make any money from the writing of this story.

WARNING! ZADR Smutty scene ahead now, guys! 18+ readers only. If you strongly dislike this kind of content then do not proceed. Do not feel the need to tell us how much you dislike the content of this chapter if you were silly enough to have read it anyway. It will only cause us to laugh at your foolishness.

If you'd really rather not read this particular chapter because of its contents then don't worry. Things will pick up as normal in the following chapter

There is a link in my profile if you'd like to read this over on FurAffinity.

Otherwise, ENJOY!


Shutting his eyes tightly before relaxing again, Zim planted little licks to the side of Dib's face and neck, bringing a hand round to run his fingers slowly down the other's back, antennae twitching in response to the small flick they received, as if anticipating something more.

Feeling Zim tugging just a bit at his towel to get at his chest, Dib groaned. "Mmmm...Ah!" He gasped as he felt one of the Irken's clawed fingers gingerly trace itself around one of his nipples. "Ziiiiim..." he breathed shakily against Zim's antennae, causing them to twitch even more.

Gasping out at the feel of Dib's breath against his antennae, Zim ran his tongue down him and pressed it to his nipple, licking at it as he dragged his hands further down his chest, pushing the towel down to his waist to run his hands up the bare skin of his sides.

Feeling Zim's wet tongue wrap around his hardening nipple, Dib squirmed about a bit. "Mmmmf...Nyaaa..." He enjoyed the sensation of the other's cool hands running up and down his sides, caressing his warm skin. Pressing Zim tightly against him, not wanting the other to stop his work any time soon, he then ran his own hands up the front of Zim's shirt, dragging his nails across his skin gently enough that he didn't leave any marks.

Zim curled up a tiny bit. "Uuhhh." He then pressed his mouth back against Dib's nipple with more force and lightly rubbed his teeth on it as he swirled at it with his tongue, bringing his hands up to rest on Dib's shoulders as he ran his claws gently down his back to then rub his hands on his lower back, lowering them down more as he rubbed against it.

Tensing slightly at the feel of Zim's hands dropping even lower down his body but otherwise not pulling away as the blush on his face grew darker, Dib drew one of Zim's antennae into his mouth to finally bite down on, though not painfully. Gently running his teeth along the length to the tip again, Dib's own body then reacted to each of Zim's squirms and the feeling of him digging his nails just a bit harder into his back.

"Mmmmph." Zim slid a hand up his back again to drag his claws down on it harder, leaving faint red grazes on it but stopping upon realizing he was pressing too hard and gently rubbing his hand against it apologetically. Gasping out loud as Dib ran his teeth along his antennae, he then entwined his legs around the other to force him forward and press against him more.

Gasping and letting out a slightly pained noise at the feel of Zim's claws digging just a bit deeper, Dib moaned against the antennae in his mouth just to feel a jolt of excitement shoot through his body as Zim pulled him closer, his hips pressed to Dib's.

Licking at his neck and shoulders, Zim slid his hands down his sides again and moved them back down to slide down his lower back. Slipping them under the towel slightly, he then lightly bit and sucked at the skin of his neck, legs wrapping more tightly around Dib and forcing their hips together even harder.

Gasping, Dib threw back his head before moaning out loud. "Mmmm...Zim..." He felt Zim's hands gripping his bottom firmly, pushing him into the Irken even more as he brought his own legs around to wrap around Zim.

*Sex scene starts here. See link in profile for full FA version*

A/N: And there you have it for the PG-13 version of Chapter 25. =3 Don't really have much to say about this chapter except that we hope you guys enjoy. X3 Until next time~