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A/N: Buttercup and Ace's relationship from Snake's pov. I'd always felt that Buttercup and Snake would do well with each other. Warning, this is an abusive Ace here, so if you prefer reading stories where Ace and Buttercup are happy together, this is not for you.

As always, he watched as Buttercup sneaked out of the house to meet the Gangreen Gang, or more specifically Ace. This was because the poor girl's heart was stolen by Ace, the most glamorous member of the gang. The charismatic one, the boss and leader. And he, Snake, was nothing more than his Yes-man, the one who faithfully carried out his orders, who got roughed up if he spoke out of turn. In fact, Snake recalled, speaking at all for himself was considered out of turn. He contemplated all this as he watched Buttercup slowly but surely falling in love with Ace, as surely as the days passed and turned into weeks, months, and years.

Oh, Snake knew, that Ace didn't love her, he was only playing with her heart.

One cold night, Snake found Buttercup curled up on the floor. Bruises and bite marks on her body, what had she become? Nothing. Just like him, just like all those that came into contact with Ace. Ace himself, apparently, had gone and not likely to come crawling back from the nightclubs till the next day.

Snake crouched and cradled her head gently. "Buttercup'sss?" She was unconscious and abandoned. Snake felt rage. That bastard! Why the fuck did he leave his girlfriend like this? And he felt sorrow.

He was supposed to be Ace's punching bag, just like how he became his father's punching bag before he ran away and joined the gang. And all those nights Ace came back drunk, Snake was also Ace's convenient fuck toy. But Buttercup? She was supposed to be different, Snake thought. With her as Ace's girlfriend, Ace would turn good, stop punching and stop fucking around with Snake's life. But it turns out that Ace was just playing around with her. He was never serious about turning good, just like how he was never serious about anything. So he watched as their fights grew steadily more violent, but this time Buttercup held back her powers. Because she loved Ace.

He sighed. Rising up and going to his room, he took out a ratty old hoodie of his and covered up her body.

"Ace?" Buttercup smiled in her sleep, cuddling up to Snake. That smile, so familiar to Snake back from those days when she was still somebody, a heroine, a Powerpuff Girl. It transformed her for a moment, making Snake wish it came from girl happily sleeping in her own bed, not this beaten-up girl sleeping on the floor, abandoned by her abusive boyfriend. It was too much for Snake, he just couldn't take the injustice of it all. Snake cried for Buttercup, and for himself.

The night was long, and so Snake sat by Buttercup's sleeping body until he himself fell asleep, curled up against her.