Everybody this is NOT a chapter! This is a friendly author message from me to ya'll fans out there^.^

First of all…I would like to APOLOGISE for having not updated in SUCH a long time. REALLY I am SO sorry. I am really grateful to all you ppl out there that favorited my story and has been patiently waiting for a year for me to update…I am full of guilt :'(

The next chapter after this will be about Ikuto story and how his past was like. Please be patient with this because his flashbacks are VERY important to the story. Just hang on a little… and if you are avid readers you may have noticed each of my chapters names' are named after a type of sky or something along that… NO I am not a dull person that does not have new ideas. I did that on PURPOSE because it is the theme of my story "A SKY FULL OF LOVE" so VOILA here you have it and I hope you enjoy the new chapters coming up SLOWLY but surely :D


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