Dawn. It had been another busy night for the caped crusader. Whether it was Poison ivy trying to tangle him up or chasing after the joker for another one of his 'hilarious' stunts or just being chased by the police, the very people he was trying to protect.

It wasn't easy being the batman.

The city was dead , no sign of life, after all, who would go out at night now knowing the Batman was on patrol. The sun was just on the horizon, the sky was a blaze with colour, an array of blue and orange, but still it was dark, dark enough. The only sound in the still waiting dawn was the distinct purr of the Bat-mobile, roaring away from Arkham Asylum.

A true hell on earth. Bruce was just happy to get out of there, he had made too many return journeys tonight, hopefully this would be the last.

the dull building vanished from his mirror and He couldn't wait to submerge himself in the egotistical life of the billionaire again after a hard days work. Sometimes living the double life took its toll on him He would lose himself to this character that he had created. For Gotham… or for himself? He didn't know, and most of the time he didn't want to either.

But the many trips to Arkham had made him familiar to the gossip and the goings on of the inmates and the scoop was that 'The scarecrow' had escaped. There was still no sign of the lanky criminal. Not 'the scarecrow' but Jonathan Crane, Dr Jonathan Crane. Apparently you have to call them there real names, according to Arkham the scarecrow wasn't the most imposing or strongest foe of the batman's, he was psychologically terrifying.

Bruce yawned, he was now on the private stretch of road that lead to the bat cave, which lay hidden among the autumn leaves and trees. It had been a tough night. But he would go back to his nocturnal ways when dusk appeared once more. Making no time for this Bruce Wayne character to make an irresistible thought of home crossed the tired mans mind, But even the most simple of things were too good to be true.

The bat-mobile screeched and strained, turning and braking In its tracks. Something or someone was blocking the entrance to his safe haven.

Scarecrow. He had waited for him. His tired eyes looking up at the halted vehicle. Even through the daunting mask his eyes still shone through. He looked the same, his suit was old and tattered and his lanky frame remained.

Bruce moved from the car, He walked with caution, The Scarecrow didn't usually come looking for the batman, he avoided him mostly. It was ironic how he supposedly feared nothing, but cowered when it came to the bat. He didn't say anything as he got closer, didn't even move. A witticism would be typical right about now or a camp 'hello'.

'Crane!' he stopped and growled only meters apart. It barely had time to leave his lips when the masked villain started running forward straight for Bruce, which was a stupid move on Crane's part, running at a bigger and stronger man trained in martial arts which he experienced first hand. At once he was gasping for air and his feet barely touching the floor.

'Bad move Crane' he said to the man whose neck he was now clasping. He couldn't strike until scarecrow had made a move, so in a way he was glad.

Crane didn't reply but laughed. That was enough to catch the bat off guard. Scarecrow had managed to lift one thin hand up to the bats neck and stab him with a thin needle.

It was a sedative, as Bruce was slowly finding out. He had dropped the lanky man and put his hands to his head trying to fight the powerful drug. Meanwhile the scarecrow was circling, like a predator round its prey, watching and waiting. The sedative was taking over, He couldn't believe how stupid he had been, how he didn't expect it!

He felt himself hit the floor, his eyes frantically blinking desperately trying to stay awake.

Crane, now the one in power, stood proudly above Bruce, taking his opportunity to enjoy this moment.

'Nighty night Batman'

Finally his eyes closed, The scarecrow's sweet words lulling Bruce into a deep and dark sleep.