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Leia hated meetings. It was unfortunate for her that she had to sit through so many of them lately. It felt like her entire life was one long meeting with some group or organization. This left her little time with Han. They had just moved into to an amazing apartment on Coruscant and here she was, sitting a mere two buildings away, looking out the floor to ceiling windows at her gorgeous and spacious apartment just over a little cloud covering. She sighed and tapped away at her TechPad, trying to make herself look busy as she played games on it instead of focusing on the matter at hand.

She gave a perfunctory nod as someone mentioned her involvement in this plan to work on unification of the galaxy after the collapse of the empire and the fall of the Emperor and Darth Vader. Lando Calrision gave her a swift kick in her shin under the table. She gave him a small eye roll before turning back to her Techpad, yawning. She felt she was only there because she was Princess Leia. Sure, she had fore fronted the movement in the first place, but now, everyone else had taken over.

There was a small vibration on her TechPad and she saw her chat feature was blinking. She opened it and saw Han was trying to enter a chat with her. She accepted him, curious. She knew he would be back from a spice run today but she didn't expect this early. She glanced across to their apartment, wondering if he was home. Their schedules had been so conflicted they hadn't even spent a single night there together since moving in after Endor. She shook her head. Her pussy was tingling at the mere sight of his name and this pissed her off. She hated he had so much power over her. Soon a message popped up on her pad.

Han: Picked you up a sexy outfit today, can't wait for you to try it on so I can rip it off of you.

Leia blushed and held her pad closer to her so Lando and the half asleep diplomat next to her couldn't see. She discretely typed Han back.

Leia: I'm in a meeting Han!

It didn't take him long to send her a reply.

Han: Even better. I bet you the Falcon you are wet just thinking about me.

This made shivers run up her spine. He always knew.

Leia: Hardly. I haven't seen you in so long I've already forgotten what you look like.

Han: But I bet you haven't forgotten what I feel like inside of you.

Leia swallowed hard, giving a brief smile up at everyone before turning back to the pad.

Leia: Oh I think I might have. It's been so long. And it's not like it was anything to remember anyway…

She loved teasing him. She used to hate when he teased her but she learned to give it back just as hard lately.

Han: Princess, I am going to give you a fucking you will never forget.

Leia squirmed in her chair. Her white thong was noticeably soaked now.

Leia: I hope so. Wish it could be right now. This meeting is so boring…

Han: I'm downstairs. It will take me five minutes to be up there and inside of you.

Leia: Han! What part of in the middle of a meeting do you not understand?

Han: I may be a scoundrel but I ain't no idiot honey, now do you want me to lick that sweet pussy of yours or not?

Leia bit her lip. She knew she could easily end this pointless thing right now. But she would be doing a disservice to the movement. But honestly…was she really going to pretend she was a good girl anymore? Almost as if Han knew she was warring with herself he sent this.

Han: For every minute you delay this, it's a minute I torture you and don't give you what you want.

Leia turned her pad off and instantly stood up, clearing her throat. All eyes turned to look up at her.

"I was just contacted by Master Luke, he says it is a matter of urgency and he needs to speak with me alone, in this room. If we could postpone the rest of this meeting until tomorrow, it would be much appreciated," Leia smiled sweetly and everyone began to nod and stand up, gathering their things. No one messed around when it came to Jedi's. Lando gave her a suspicious look but left as well and soon the room was empty. Leia stood there nervously, anticipating Han's arrival.

He strode in with a cocky swagger and a half smile creeping up his face. He pushed through the glass doors and swept her in his arms in an intense kiss.

"Mmm, hello gorgeous," he smiled, pulling away from her, taking her by the waist and setting her up on the edge of the table. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him again. He quickly pulled away and looked at his wrist.

"Now, now…hold on. That took quite a bit longer than I expected really….about five minutes longer…" he smirked. It was clear he hadn't been joking. He pushed her upper body down on the table and slowly slid her dress up around her waist, exposing her long, silky legs and creamy thighs. He looked her over in amusement and awe. His eyes saw the wet patch on her thong and his grin got even whiter.

"I knew you would be wet for me Leia", he slowly traced his hands up her curves and pulled her damp thong down over her legs and past her ankles. He pulled her forward so her ass was almost hanging off the table and he got down and pressed his warm mouth to her clit. He didn't move, just pressed his tongue on her pleasure button and kept it there. It was mere moment before Leia was squirming for him to do anything. He held her off a little bit longer before sliding his tongue into her warm wet center that was more than ready for him. He tasted her juices and soon felt her intoxicating hold over him intensify. Every time he got another taste of her he forgot his selfish needs and focused on her. He licked her expertly, sucking a little bit, flicking her clit with his tongue. He loved her sexy moans filling his ears. He reached up and teased her a bit with his finger, but didn't let it enter her. He pressed on her mound with his hand and continued to lick her dripping pussy.

"Ohhhh Han, please!" she begged. He could hear her hands running up and down the wood table, slamming there, scraping her nails, dying for release. He didn't want to give it to her just yet. He stood up, standing over her, looking down into her beautiful eyes.

"How bad do you want me?" he growled in a low, intense voice. The fire was bright in her eyes.

"I swear Han Solo if you don't fuck me right now I swear I will…"

"I said, how bad do you want me?"

"With every ounce of my being," she whispered, slowly coming down from the edge he brought her to.

"Good," he replied, slowly unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his hard ten inch cock. He pressed the tip of it at her opening, slowly moving it around the outside in her juices. He smiled down at her and then climbed onto the table. He hovered on all fours over her before grabbing her body and pulling her all the way onto the table.

"You have been gone so long…." She whimpered. She was undulating under his body, turned on by being so turned on, and looking up at the sexiest, most rugged guy…and her boyfriend to boot…didn't hurt either.

"Well then I guess we have to make up for lost time," he smirked, still teasing her entrance. He leaned down and kissed down her neck lightly, then nibbled on her ear, distracting her just enough so it was a complete, pleasurable surprise when he slid the whole of his large cock inside of her in one swift thrust. She screamed out in pleasure and clutched him to her, fighting to get his clothes off as he began to thrust powerfully into her tight pussy. He helped her get his vest and shirt off, her soft hands running over his muscular, hard chest. He wanted to just rip her dress off but knew he couldn't get her out of here in shards of clothing so her just kneaded her lovely breasts over the thin white fabric. He then pinned her arms down against the table, showing her he was in charge of her right now. Her bucking hips met his with every thrust and she lifted her ass off of the table so he could go even deeper. She moaned, he sucked her neck, panting.

"Harder!" she gasped out.

"Be careful what you ask for Princess," he said, thrusting into her with more power. She thought she might break in half but the pleasure was worth it. He was hitting her g-spot hard now and it only took her a few thrusts to trigger a powerful orgasm that ripped through her, setting her veins on fire. Her head swirled, she cried out for him as he kept up the pace. He growled, his cock covered in her warm cum. He pressed his body close to hers and shoved himself inside her, rocking in her, feeling every inch of her, holding onto her body as he came inside of her. He bit down on her shoulder lightly as his body involuntarily shook, emptying weeks of cum into her.

He hugged her, on top of her on the table, both of them gasping for air; faces glowing. He kissed her cheek and pulled out of her sweet pink pussy, making her moan a little even from that motion. He quickly got dressed and as she sat up, dreamily, he tossed her her soiled panties. She looked at him and his disheveled hair and realized once wasn't enough…not even close. The look in his eye said the exact same thing.

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