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Han embraced Leia and hugged her tightly, picking her off the ground and twirling her around him on the balcony. He was the happiest man in the galaxy. He was stunned she had said yes, and since she did—now he was able to commence the rest of his plan.

"Princess…" Han held out his hand for her, bowing slightly when he set her back down on the floor. She took it with a look of confusion as he led her back inside their apartment. He quickly grabbed a jacket for her and shrugged it onto her shoulders. She noticed two bags were waiting by the door. He picked them up and slung them over his shoulder easily, returning his hand to hers.

"Han? What is this? Where are we going?" she said, with each question she became slightly more demanding as they took the elevator down the dozens of floors to the lobby.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot you hated surprises," he smirked to himself. His mouth was upturned but closed, keeping his little secret for the moment. They made their way to the hangar where Han kept the Falcon and found it nearly ready to go. Chewie was waiting for them, and the engines were warming up. It was dawning on Leia that they were taking a trip, and half of her wanted to jump for joy. The other half – the responsible half, frowned up at Han.

"What baby, he won't be staying with us the whole time!" Han winked at her as he looked at Chewie, guessing that the wookiee's presence was to blame for her hesitation. She blushed a bit, but grabbed his arm to hold him back from walking onto the ship.

"Han…we can't. I can't just leave. I have work to do!" she said softly, although every ounce of her body was just begging her to take a break and just give in. This feeling was what Han had banked on after an entire day of wonderful love-making: that she would be too tired to protest too much.

"Leia, give me a little more credit—don't you think I took care of everything? Now come on, Luke's handling all of that," he said in his best no-nonsense bossy voice and pulled her on board. Chewie gave Leia a hug and patted Han on the back. All had gone according to plan and the wookiee was happy to see that ring on Leia's finger.

"Sit tight sweetheart, we'll be off in a few minutes. Why don't you go ahead and make yourself at home…in our bed," Han smirked and Leia didn't need telling twice. She took her bag and went to Han's cabin. She hadn't been inside the Falcon in so long. It seemed like ages since they first met, since their first spark flew between them. But now she was here, with his ring on her finger, and she had an overwhelming sense of happiness.

She made herself comfortable, slowly stripping off her dress and throwing it onto the floor, she climbed into his bed. She felt the engine start and the entire Falcon rumble. She wondered absently where they were going as she laid back on his pillow. She loved how it smelled of him and she grabbed tightly to the mattress as the Falcon lifted off and entered the atmosphere. After a while they leveled off, and Leia had almost fallen asleep. There was no familiar jump to hyper-space so Leia guessed that wherever they were going, they were going to get there very slowly.

She heard his footsteps outside his cabin and then the door slid open. She was facing away from him, smiling as she pretended to be asleep. She heard him slip off something—his shirt, perhaps when she then heard him unbuckle his belt. A moment later he was under the covers with her, his body pressed against hers and spooning. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

"I know you can't possibly be asleep," he said softly and she sighed happily in confirmation.

"Han, where are we going?" she asked once again and he just laughed.

"You'll like it, I swear," he whispered into her ear before stifling a yawn. She rolled over quickly.

"Oh, look who is tired now!" she teased and he held her closer. Her head rested on his bare chest. Her hand snaked down his abs to the band of his boxer briefs. She dipped one finger under, wrapping one leg around him.

"Hold on your highness…we aren't having sex again until your wedding night. I want to be a gentleman," Han said with all seriousness and Leia retreated her hand at the tone of his voice. She found it a sweet gesture, it's what her parents would have wanted. They would have wanted her virginal at the alter, but Leia knew with Han around, that was never ever going to happen.

She hugged him in appreciation but groaned in frustration at the same time.

"You can wait till tomorrow night, surely," he said with a smile in his voice. He just couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

They arrived on the planet Stassia merely half a day later. It wasn't far from Coruscant and Han had found it the perfect remote place for such an occasion. The small and unassuming planet was humble enough for a quiet wedding between a smuggler and a princess.

Han had found someone to officiate and made sure it would be legally bound on all planets. He had simple bands ready carved from Kashyyk wood. They were Chewie's gift to the couple. She wore a simple white sheath he had packed for her, and he wore his usual blood striped pants and vest. All he needed was her there, and his best friend to give a congratulatory howl as they kissed for the very first time as husband and wife.

The pair spent the afternoon alone on the beach of Stassia, walking along the waters' edge and talking until the sun began to set.

"Why now Han?" Leia looked up at him, "I am so happy, but why now…I never, honestly thought you would ever…"

He put a finger to her lips to shush her and she smiled underneath his touch.

"Why now? I've asked myself every day, 'Why not before?' I've waited far too long and I didn't want to waste another second. Besides, I knew if I planned it, you couldn't refuse," he told her.

"You were right about that," she giggled, then screamed when he suddenly picked her up in his arms and positioned her like a baby. He began walking with her back up the hill towards the Falcon.

"Are you ready for the honeymoon to begin Mrs. Solo?" he asked with a devilish smirk.

By the time he closed the hatch, they were kissing furiously. Her hands were all over him and his snaked down her clingy dress and gave her ass an appreciative squeeze. He was glad Chewie was gone. He had given him enough credit chips to get drunk for half a standard week in the city there and told him to not come back under any circumstances. He had plans that he didn't want being interrupted.

"Let's get this off of you, shall we?" his eyes gleamed with fire as he helped pull her dress off. His shirt was on the floor just as fast and he made quick work of his belt and pants. It was clear they were not going to make it to the bed, but Han had a better idea. He led her by the hand to the cockpit and sat down in the captain's chair, grinning up at her.

"I've always wanted to do this," she whispered. It was barely a sound and she blushed as she admitted it. He still heard her. Han grabbed her hand and brought it to his cock under his briefs, so she could feel how hard and aching for her he already was. She straddled him, grinding on his lap as they kissed.

He cupped her left breasts then ran his finger down; dipping it into the tiny white panties she was wearing, feeling her wetness then bringing his finger back to his mouth and tasting it. He moaned from her sweet taste and then pulled her panties to the side and stuck two fingers inside of her.

Leia moaned into his ear, still moving against him, she was sore in the most delicious way from all of their lovemaking, but she knew tonight would be even better. There was a renewed fire between them both. She didn't think this could get any better with him, but it was. He was primal and focused and it was all on her. She bucked with his fingers inside of her, enjoying him feeling every inch of her. She took his cock out of his briefs and stroked the long, hard length of it. She felt the moisture on the tip and she moved herself so that he was under her entrance.

"Leia I had no idea you would ever be this naughty," Han said breathily.

"Where do you think I learned it from, flyboy?"

He slipped his fingers out of her and with one hand undid her lacy white bra. It fell to the floor of the cock pit and he took a few seconds to admire her creamy, flawless body. He had married this woman. He couldn't believe it. He was too lucky, he thought to himself.

He placed his hands on her hips and then slowly eased her down onto his shaft. She moaned loudly in relief when he entered her, and it was the best feeling in the world. They found their wonderful, fast, delicious rhythm quickly. This time, they kept eye contact through every movement, every thrust, every shift.

Normally, there was never a lack of looking, but tonight, both of them wanted to see everything in each others eyes. Han begged her not to close her beautiful brown eyes when she got wave after wave of pleasure and she forced them to stay open, she forced her head to not roll back so that he could see every magical feeling passing through her body.

He sped up and slowed down, her wetness and his thrusting the only sounds in the cockpit besides their quick breaths and moans. It was tantric, each of them teasing and then letting go, then building it back up.

They were so close together on his captain's chair, their bodies connected, her breasts pushed against his chest, their noses nearly touching as he thrusted into her, simultaneously making love to her and owning her. He spanked her and her body shuddered in pleasure. She was his now. Leia Organa Solo.

They came at the exact same moment. Normally they were always within a few seconds, but this time, it was like a switch flipped in both of them and the both grabbed onto each other hard at the same time. Emotions and wants and desires and satisfactions running through their eyes at the same time. They both saw it all, their past together, tonight, their future.

Leia collapsed onto his heaving body, removing herself from him and curling up in his arms, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

He brushed a piece of hair back off her sweaty foreheard and kiss it.

"I love you Mrs. Solo," he whispered.

"I know."

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